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It Runs in the Family

I have always wanted to sell stuff. During the summer I would beg my mom to let us sell Kool-Aid at the end of our driveway.  We did once and had one truck with 2 men stop out on our country road. Another time, I had a trailer of garage sale items my mom would pull down to the end of our road occasionally.  I had a few more than two customers visit my trailer of goods.  Most of the people were stopping to ask for directions to the Branch Davidian Compound...but if they bought something, I did not care why they stopped! In grade school, I got in trouble for trying to sell friendship bracelets out of a Caboodle during recess. Then I had my art room in my dad’s old boat shed, where I crafted and priced my items daily.  I will never forget my confirmation day when we had family over for lunch afterwards and my aunts visited my shop and bought items for their homes.  It was awesome and my best endeavor yet.  I even branched out and offered special orders. It's always been in

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