Saturday, April 27, 2013

Too Much Tragedy

 For over a week now I've been trying to think of something to write.
As our life has been mostly the same, so many others have been shaken so violently these past couple weeks.
 In general I tend to keep this blog light hearted and happy.
For my few readers, I aim to make them smile, to have a fun break.
 But sometimes it does not feel right to be light hearted and happy while so many others are hurting.
 We pray for Boston.
 The West tragedy saddens us tremendously.
 So close to home in so many ways.
 Family and friends whose lives will never be the same.
 MY dad has been a volunteer fire fighter serving our community for as long as I can remember.
He actually went to West to help after the explosion and thankfully he is ok.
 But too many other daughters, sons, wives cannot say the same thing right now.
 We pray for the mourning families.
 We honor and thank the fallen heroes.
 We give to those who have lost homes and all of their belongings.
 We remember to thank God for our many blessings more often.
We hug our families more tightly. 
 May God give comfort and peace to all who are hurting.
 Now a few captions with happy pictures to end on a cheerful note.

Losing something?

First happy bath in the camper!

Playing in my car seat is much more fun than riding in it.

My little helper.

Snuggled for a golf cart ride in the cool breeze.

I'm standing on my own without pulling up on anything!


God Bless America.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Love To Watch You Play

 I love to watch you play on the steps.

In the one pile of sawdust in the room.
 With family at Sunday dinner.

 I love to watch you play in the cool cart at the grocery store
 In the pea gravel by daddy's shop.
 Under daddy's table with his random parts.
 With your two, new top teeth
 On the Cat.
 At our little picnic in the field.
 I love to watch you play at a fish fry.
 At daddy's job site.
At Grammie and Grandpa's house.
 By the stage.
 On piggyback.
 On the path.
 With ice cream cones.
And even with a little grass.