Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy Campers

 A few weekends ago, we embarked on Lily's third camping trip.
Site 28 was not ours, but we do have that site reserved for a future trip.
 Cool winds blew in as we arrived and a few sprinkles.
While Daddy leveled the trailer, Lily and I explored.
We discovered a dripping faucet that blasted water when I tried to turn it off.
Mr. Welder came to the rescue with his pliers and wire.
Lily wondered why we were stopping the fun.
 Getting Lily to nap and sleep was a challenge, but once we got her there she slept peacefully and woke up happy.
 Naps on a pallet and bedtime in her play pen.
 She was a happy girl and had lots of fun with her cousin,
the pets,
 And family.

 The playground was lots of fun.
 And so were Peyton's shoes.
(Ummm, do you notice something strange about this pic?!)
 Great Uncle Bobby even got to hold Lily.
He's only been trying since she was born.
He reported that he held her for a total of 8 minutes.
 Lily thought camping was fun and offered her credit cards to buy some of the things on our "Camping List"  "Rug, table cloth, party lights..."

 And she's out.
 Saturday evening brought visitors.
 And more cool breezes and blue skies...and rain at home!
The weather was really perfect for July.
 Fun times

We had so much, we've already reserved a spot for our next trip.
Lily helped with the laundry if we promised to take her again soon.