Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stair-ing Mr. Faucet

Wednesday we started the evening by doing a little bit of cleaning. Sometimes you just have to stop and make room for more progress.
Mrs. Welder spent the rest of her night with the stairs. We decided to do the same process we did when staining the cabinets.
The other three worked on the kitchen faucet.
And then the flooring in the stair closet.
We forgot to bring the parts for the drain but water now comes out of the faucet so at least we are half way there. And yes, this faucet is on the large (but cute) side. So if you happen to walk by my window while I'm washing dishes, you may have to tap so I can step to the side and see you. If any of you are sink shopping soon, you may want to keep in mind how many holes it has. Our sink only has one and this really narrowed the faucet choices. We choose this one since obviously it fit one hole, but it also has a sprayer and can swivel. It also was practically the only one that did not look sleek and modern. Happy we found you, Mr. Faucet.
Mrs. Welder made it about half way down before it was time to head back home.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Wednesday the Welders visited Restore. They had no luck finding the trim they sought but found this prize. I have no idea what it is, but surely it will look cute somewhere since decorating is tapping on the Weld House door ;)

Laundry by Lamp Light

Tuesday the upstairs floors were finished, and we could not be happier with the results. I can't wait to get up there and clean. We are supposed to wait about five days before bringing in ladders and stuff to allow it to fully cure.
Dad finished the plugs and switch in the kitchen backsplash. I was excited to see the lighting of the lamp. I was wondering if the fixture would produce enough light above the sink since it had the metal and socket under the bulb. It will definitely allow for a good clean dish inspection. Pringles anyone?
The bottom of the stair closet door was sawed to fit and put back in place.
Mr. Welder continued trimming. The kids bathroom was completed and looks so great and finished!
Trim was also added along the bottom of the master bathtub.
Mrs. Welder worked on sanding and cleaning up messy sheetrock from the stairs.
I think Daisy was trying to tell me I was making too much dust. She must have forgotten Halloween is approaching and should not turn her back on creepy Daddy Long Legs!The guys went back to flooring in the laundry room.
Last piece.
Another room closer.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Monday we arrived at the Weld House and took a look at the upstairs floor. The flooring pros are not completely finished (I say that due to the fact that they still have their trailer there) but boy did the floors look so pretty. We decided to skip the staining step and leave the natural wood with a clear coat and I love it. You can really see the grain of the wood, the different shades, and where all the pieces meet. I am not sure how they could have anything left to do to make it look any better, but the time, effort, and money that produced this end result was well worth it.
One floor of floors in good shape and then it was back to the first floor. We discovered that we are a tad short on the amount of flooring we have to finish the first floor like we wished. After some worrying, calling, thinking outside of the box, and more calling, we discovered the discontinued flooring is still available in the quantity we need. It's funny how you can talk to one person and then a different person at the same company and get two totally different answers. I am not sure what made Mr. Welder call back, but I am glad he did. Personally, I was never worried, I knew Mr. Welder would figure something out because he always does. If everything goes like the second salesperson said, we will be able to pick up the extra 10 or so boxes on Friday.
Dad installed the master bathroom toilet.
Mr. Welder installed the base board in the toilet closet in the meantime.
Daisy and I were really busy.
Mr. Welder finally thought of something I could work on. He wanted me to take this door off the hinges since the bottom would have to be cut off to fit over the flooring. Once I figured out I had the drill rotating the wrong way (and after poking two holes in the door while burning out on the screw heads...good thing it's rustic) the door was no longer attached to the hinges.
Mom and I still could not get it out of the frame due to the flooring and part of the hinge being in the way, and the little backer strip deal not allowing the door to tilt backwards, so I still had to get Mr. Welder's assistance ;) But the door is out of the way and can be adjusted.
Another potty!
Mom and dad worked on the plugs in the kitchen backsplash. I grabbed one box of the wrong color so they could not finish since I need to exchange them (dang can I do anything right!), but the three they were able to do look great. Dad chiseled the rock to allow the covers to fit perfectly. It took quite a bit of extra time but it was worth me anyways ;)
Mr. Welder continued to trim out the floor with baseboards. He finished the master bathroom except for around the shower and tub since we need to buy something special for those areas. Looks so nice and finished.
Before proceeding some repair work had to be completed on the saw. I was going to try to explain this but I will spare you. You're welcome.
And then it was back in operation.
He started the trim in the kid's bathroom before calling it a night.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Just a Little Bit Floor

Sunday evening we decided to do a little more flooring. The guys finished the closet in the kids bedroom.
The gals got ready to start the laundry room.
Closet, finished.
Moving on to the laundry room.
We called it a night when we made it to the door.
Since the hall and this doorway both run out into the den/kitchen area, we will measure to see if it just happens to come out perfect where the two areas would meet. If not, most likely we will put a threshold in the laundry room.


First things first. On Saturday, Mr. Welder drilled a hole to add more glue to a section of the countertop that wasn't just right. He is picky and cannot relax until everything is just so. Things I would never notice without him constantly messing with it until it passes his test.
The flooring pros were also hard at work upstairs.
They are doing a great job and we have been really impressed. The little things really go a long way with us. They clean up their trash, lock up, communicate, and treat our home like it's their own.
Friday, dad snuck over and finished up the kid bathroom vanity.
The guys cut off the bottom of the bathroom door to make it fit with the flooring now in place. Daisy chewed a stick,
and I took pictures of this creepy crawly.
The door was hung.
And the girls celebrated a comfy, private place that they have longed for, for a long time.
The gals aimed to keep the wood supply handy and to have the black rubber mat laid out one step ahead of the guys. The guys started where they left off in the master bathroom and continued out the door into the closet.
The gals prepared the back kid bedroom.
After it was cleaned, we laid out the rubber mat.
Mrs. Welder did a little touch up in the extra bathroom. Mr. Welder gets a little crazy while trimming sometimes. I think he does it to give me something to do ;)
This is how the upstairs floor looked at the end of the day.
We finished up the closet. First we went this way towards the back of the house.
And then we came this way towards the laundry room.
Closet, finished.
Master bathroom also finished.
Mom worked on the rubber mat in the laundry room.
While we worked in the kid bedroom.
Laundry room ready for floor.
And kid bedroom finished except for the closet.
Sorry, this is gross, but I know if I leave it out Mr. Welder will ask where it is since he likes to show off snakes and injuries. He smashed his pinkie with a hammer.
Cheers to a productive day.