Sunday, November 29, 2009

Plywood Bridges

Friday, Jason worked at the Weld House while the Welding Wife went Christmas shopping. He tied up a few loose ends like framing around the living room windows and above the master bedroom door-just a few things that were not completed. He also shredded the yard. Saturday, he worked on the garage loft floor. Here we are loading the plywood on the scissor lift.
Then, Jason slid them across and made a plywood bridge to the far wall.Here he is securing it to the purlin.
The Welding Wife sanded (roughed up) the kids' bathroom vanity.
More sanding before I gave it a coat of polishing wax, added the new hardware and put on the doors. Mom took a break from sanding the master bedroom door to help scrape the hinges that were originally on the piece. They were painted cream and then black, but after we scrapped off the old paint, they were the perfect color.

Jason examining his work at the end of the day. I think he finished 12 pieces of plywood.
Sunday, we stopped by for about an hour. We switched out the piece of plywood on the top of the vanity. We decided to do it a little differently so it needed a thinner piece. Now the galvalume top fits nicely over the plywood, and it is ready to be secured after we get braces to hold the corners in place while they dry.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Welding Wife Full of Thanks

I truly have so, so much to be thankful. A terrific, supportive family, fun friends, the cutest pets, a strong faith, two roofs over my head-one to live in and one to work under, a car with lots of character (dents) that gets me to where I need to go, a full tummy, and mostly my husband. I am thankful to have such an amazing man as my best friend and other half in life. Thanks for all you do to make my world wonderful. Like this pretty surprise you had waiting for me the other night when I got home from the grocery store. The Welders wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.
May you have a meaningful holiday, taking joy in the simple things, and noticing the things we sometimes accidentally take for granted.

Monday, November 23, 2009

In the Spotlight

Sunday the guys did more electrical work. From what I gather, Jason installs the boxes and dad comes right behind with the wire. Very efficient!That's a sneak of me...

And a close up. I got the kids' bathroom vanity painted dark, dark brown. Now I am waiting for it to dry really good so I can sand the edges and make it look old-well, I think it is old, but the paint makes it look new! I can't wait to see it with the galvalume top, new cabinet pulls, sink, and faucet!
Mom worked on the master bedroom door. We decided to give this door a good sanding with no paint stripper involved. It will be repainted (not stained) so our goal is to get rid of the chipping paint but not ALL of the paint.
Mom also cleaned the covers for the garage lights. Jason installed new bulbs and I just stood in the spotlight!

Walk the Plank

Saturday more electrical progress was made. Above, Jason is attaching a board to a can light so it will be ready to install on the ceiling.
Dad, the great, did a lot of wire stuff :) He also worked at the Weld House on Friday, so we were pleasantly surprised to see more "wire stuff" everywhere. Thanks, dad.Yep, that is Jason up there. He is installing the can lights in the game room.
Mom and I worked on getting the kids' bathroom vanity ready to paint. A little more stripping, sanding, vacuuming...
And washing. Too wet to paint today but we are getting there!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Silent Night...

Thursday the guys did some electrical work. The garage lights are all connected and working. Well, they all need a few more bulbs, but that should be an easy fix.
The Welding Wife sanded a little on the vanity for the kids' bathroom until the guys told her to hush. She got the front of the doors and drawer finished but will work on the rest this weekend...outside!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shed Some Garage Light on the Subject

Sunday, the guys worked on wiring the garage. I finished (well, it's ready to be stained, painted, or whatever we decide) the HVAC door finally!
Mom worked on scraping paint off the kids' bathroom vanity.
The Welder, welded.
We installed the light between the garage doors. I should have taken a picture with the garage doors down-it looks pretty!
Mom and I drove over to Pete's house to get six lights he gave us for the garage. Thanks, Pete and Pancho for protecting the truck!
Then Jason and dad hung them.
Mom and I did more scraping on the bathroom vanity.
Jason plugged in one of the lights, and it worked!

Black Friday at Restore

Saturday we found a place to park and pushed our way (not really, I am more polite than that) to numerous bargains at Restore's half off sale. Jason had to work so mom joined me. Jason meet me after he got off and we picked through my selections and loaded them up on the trailer.
Here is what our trailer looked like. We also had smaller items in the back of the truck. We purchased one fan, several door knobs, cabinet pulls, faucets, the white cabinet above that is for the sink in the laundry room (We bought a sink/top brand new at the half off sale last year thinking we would use it in the kids' bathroom-but we ended up going a different route-this cabinet is the perfect size for the top, built well, and will look great after a paint job and new hardware), double doors for the gym and another door that we refer to as our secret door...even though it will not really be secretive...will just have to hear more about that later.
Mom and Jason unloaded the gym doors. These are really nice wooden doors with windows...and they are heavy so I was not the helper. As you can see in the picture, mom has way bigger muscles than me.
Mom and I cleaned up this window. We plan to put it in the upstairs game room in the wall that overlooks the kitchen. The upstairs area is going to be closed off for heating/cooling purposes, but we thought adding some old windows would be a way to kind of connect it. Mom had a great thought that I can't wait to use (hopefully next Christmas!) To put a Christmas tree in the game room in front of this window to see from downstairs. I think that will be so cute!
Jason installed the door knob in the balcony door. Yippee! I will finally not hurt my hand trying to open this door.
Before leaving to go home, relax, and BBQ, Jason worked on the kids' bathroom cabinet door and scraped the paint off the front of the drawer while mom did some sweeping.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wacko Welding Wife

So, I have been thinking about the drabness of our blog lately. We are just kind of at that stage (again) where it's just not that pretty...stud boards, wires, welding. Plus when we work after the work day, it is dark and so the photos are really dark. So I am going to throw a tantrum for a minute...
That didn't do much, so I think I will do something else. I am thinking of several themes that could add some pretty to The Weld House blog. Maybe I will do some, all, or none. I would love to have some comments with's easy-I think I even took off the deal where you have to sign in and all of that-so just click on post a comment and tell me what you think...say hi, let me know who is out there snooping in our house-hehe. If you do, I promise to add some pretty for the ladies and some....maybe Jason can think of something for the guys. So here are a few random thoughts for you to comment about.
-Building a house, trying to save money, trying to not spend much money on non-house items...what are ways we keep life fun, bright, and happy? (I will do an example of that post today...see below)
-Where do the Welders live now...most of our readers know us I think, though some of the comments we have received, I have no idea...but would it be interesting to see our living quarters now and how we have fishing poles lining our extra bedroom?
-Cooking/recipes...pretty straight forward-I bet Kimberly votes for this one :)
-Craft projects-I love crafts, but unfortunately, been a little too busy to do many lately...but hey if the people want it, I will just have to fit it in! (I do have one somewhat crafty project...almost complete that you will see soon because it is house related afterall...)
-Posts with random pictures I have saved for inspiration for our house-is that interesting?
-Or maybe you have a better idea of something that will add the extra spice to our blog-suggestions are welcome!
-Or maybe you answer, you like the way it is and do not want the Welding Wife's extra junk in the way...
So, don't make me beg. At least just post a comment to let me know you are out there and just say hi. (Dang, I must be feeling lonely today...) And thanks to those of you who have already posted-it is encouraging and let's me know I am not just doing this to entertain myself, even though it does do that!
So for the example...
Ways the Welders Wow-Up Life on the Cheap
Sure, there are things I would love to redo at the house we are currently living...but it seems kind of pointless. I would rather save money that I would spend on a new comforter for our bed, for a comforter when we move to the new house. (Believe me, I can't wait to leave this old, coffee stained one behind...) But you can't live life deprived and just waiting and waiting for the day you finally live in that new house. I truly believe in being happy with the here and now. I do not believe that when we move to our new house life will finally be is great now! And a little creativity goes a long way. One way I like to keep things fresh and new is by bringing in a few flowers. (See the PRETTY picture above, please.) I actually clipped these from our yard at work. I was leaving and noticed a ton of yellow roses peeking over the fence and decided two would never be missed. I like to use different containers that we already have to display them in (Jason is really good at this too-he is very sweet and brings in flowers quite often and is a skilled flower arranger...) So for free, that is just one way, we keep our current house more interesting and lovely.
So I better end this REALLY long post...and give you time to comment.

Wobbly Trash to Sturdy Treasure

Tuesday night Jason worked on the cabinet I bought at Canton that we plan to use for the kids' bathroom vanity. As you can see, it was not in great shape, but as you may not be able to definitely has lots of potential.It had several issues, but I knew Jason could handle it! Lots of gaps and a slight lean...A horrendous top! First, Jason cut a piece of new plywood he would use to replace the not-so-pretty top.
Then, he added nails to sturdy the bottom.
The next step was dismantling the top.The look on Jason's face says it all while he chisels away the rotting particle board...or so we thought...It turned out that it was actually paneling nailed face down to some very cool looking old tongue and groove wood.
Though the cute wood was a pleasant surprise, it would eventually be covered by the galvalume (way more water proof than wood) top I posted about last week. Jason removed it with care, so maybe we will be able to use it somewhere else later.
And a slight boo least it has been a while since the last. Injuries used to be way more common around the Weld House. Thank goodness, that changed!
More sturdying it up...needed lots of this!
Sawing and evening the legs...maybe now a soap dish will be a possibility.
Putting on the new top.
A little work on the drawer...I'm telling you, I think every single inch of this thing needed a little TLC!
Taa Daa! So much better already. Jason did not have the proper equipment with us to fix the little gap in the little door on the left (you can kind of see it at the top, right side), so after that is complete, I will take off the door pulls and hinges and paint her up (before we install the galvalume top, etc.) The cream paint on it now is quite thick. I am debating if I should just try to paint over it or strip it first. I know which option sounds more enjoyable...but at the same time want to do it right. I am thinking this might be a project for this weekend (surely it is time for a break from door scraping) unless Jason needs help with whatever he decides to work on next. Dad might be going to the deer lease so that often means I get to take his place...or at least lend another set of hands. (And yes mom, that is me in the background...finally sanding the HVAC door!)
Before adjourning for the night, Herman had to have a look around in the new sturdy cabinet that he is now not afraid will crash in on him!