Weld House Homes

After moving into the Weld House in 2010, our lives had a void. Having built our home from the ground up and loving every minute and step of the way, it was only natural to have a desire to help other families do the same. We love reusing, recycling and giving things a second life. Anytime we can incorporate these ideas into homes or projects, we get overly excited.

We chose the name Weld House Homes, not because all of our projects are steel frame homes. Of course, they can be, but we chose the name since The Weld House, Our Weld House, is where it all started. The Weld House is where lessons were learned and was the crazy adventure that eventually led us to starting this business. It was the place where we discovered one of our greatest loves.  Besides building homes, we're also looking forward to remodeling projects, custom-built items, and basically any type of endeavor that enhances the place you call home.  We'd be honored to make your home our labor of love.

Thank you for keeping Weld House Homes in mind for your next project.
We truly appreciate it!

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