Monday, October 31, 2011

Dusting Off the To-Do List

I'm behind on posting but we've found the to-do list and have been moving forward with it.
The pantry was never trimmed around the ceiling.
But it is now.
Mr. Welder also trimmed around our telephone pole and beam.  That should complete the trimming.
Our upstairs bath now has a medicine cabinet and a toilet paper holder.
I wanted something different in here-something rustic so Mr. Welder built this.
I love it.
Yes, the corner is chipped-I have the piece somewhere but can't remember where.  Either way, this is a special piece and I like it as is...
I don't think I ever showed you the trash can I got for this room.  It's an old minnow bucket.
And because you're probably wondering how a medicine cabinet can be special, here's a peek inside.  That's my Grandpa.  The exposed sides were also this lovely blue, but Mr. Welder painted those to help it fit in the room.  I'm actually surprised it wasn't John Deere green or yellow, like most of my Grandpa's belongings.
He had this in his workshop...and I still need to clean it.  Yikes.
My new camera is due to arrive today.
 It is the exact same one I had before. 
 Though I am mad at Canon  for saying my old camera was corroded (it never got wet so I think they are lying...), I really liked my camera so when it was going to cost more to fix it than get a new one, I just ordered another to move on with it.  So I guess they got their way...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Picking the Perfect Pumpkin

We took a trip to the pumpkin patch weekend before last.
We went along with my sister and her hubby.
As you know, I am cheap, but something comes over me when I visit the nursery or am around stuff like this.
Or this...It's probably a strange urge but I want one of every type of plant at the nursery and a bucket of mini pumpkins and a basket of gourds from the pumpkin patch.
But we have hungry mouths (two of them pictured) to feed, so I resisted and Jason and I just got a pumpkin to share. 
We picked up Daisy on the way to my sister's house.
You know, I needed help carving our pumpkin.
I learned a trick while taking this picture.  At first, I kept trying to get her to sit by the pumpkin and kept chasing her around with it.  As you can imagine as I am running around like a nut with a pumpkin, I did not get a good shot.  But then when I just left her alone for a while, I took the pumpkin and set it by her and she just let me snap away.  I guess she finally realized what I wanted.
Ewww!  Pumpkins are icky inside.
Daisy decided pumpkin was a good snack.
If you haven't carved a pumpkin this year, I highly recommend doing so.
It's fun.

After we thawed the chunk of soup for a nice dinner...
We had the lighting of the Jack o' Lanterns.
Our pumpkin already molded and was thrown in the garden.  I saved some seeds. Next year, I dream of having our own little pumpkin patch.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Beautifying the Backyard

We've been doing a little work in our backyard so I thought I'd show it to you.
We (as in Mr. Welder) made this bed narrower than we originally had it.
Most everything we planted in the spring is no longer with us except the purple stuff and the shrub in the back on the left.  My uncle gave us the Crape Myrtle.  I like those.
My mom started us more shrubs like the lone survivor, which are the other green twigs you see.
And in the other back corner we went with Texas Sage since everyone else we know has had luck with it.  Plus it is known to get tall and bushy, and Mr. Welder thinks that will keep him from having to paint the electrical pole and boxes that stick out like a sore thumb.  I think a nice coat of stone white paint would do the trick much quicker than waiting for a bush to grow, but since I have other things needing my attention lately, we'll just see if it makes it to the top of the list before the bush reaches the top of the box.
Mr. Welder also put in another bed on the other side.  We planted more starter shrubs from my mom and another Texas Sage.
We also added a few new things on the porch.
The plant on the green stand is an ornamental pepper plant.  It has little purple peppers.  The yellow mums looked pretty bad when I got them and even worse now.  The light purple/pink ones did perk back up.  I'll probably replace the yellow ones.
These mums I bought full price instead of trying to shop the clearance rack.
I don't know why I thought I could bring those others back to life.
Hasn't the cooler, fall temperatures been nice this week?
Daisy is not a fan of any type of cool/cold weather.
Do you see her trying to warm up in the sun?
The shop is mostly finished too.  I kind of just left you hanging on that project.  The rock was finished, the doors are up in this picture but are installed.  And we have lights under the awning.
And lights inside.  Maybe this weekend we'll start working on the front yard.  A dirty house, stacks of laundry, and a couple craft projects are also on my "unprioritized" list.  I'll let you know what ends up being accomplished :)
What are your weekend plans?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Little Cowboy on the Way

 This past weekend, we hosted a baby shower for Mr. Welder's little sister.  I haven't been a part of many showers, but when I am, I always look for economical (Ok, cheap-ya'll know me by now) ways to decorate, invite guests, all the stuff that goes into throwing the party.  That way, you have more funds to put towards the gift.  That's the point of a shower, right?  First, I went shopping at just the right time.  Michael's was clearing out it's summer picnic napkins and plates, which worked perfectly for a little cowboy baby shower.  As you know, our house is country/rustic, which definitely helped.  (Next month, we're having a shower for my friend.  Hers will be more modern with patterns and shapes...crossing my fingers we can make it work!)
 My sister-in-law, who was another hostess, sent me an example of a cute invitation she found online for a cowboy baby shower, which I used as inspiration (some call it copying).  She also had the idea to use a photo and adapt it in Picnik.  I used a photo of our front door.  I'm pretty sure most of you are friends, but just in case the creepies are here, I blocked out our address and contact information...If you want to try using Picnik for your next invitations, here are a few hints for you.  Skip to the next photo if you could care less.  I cropped the picture of our door to where you could just see the wooden slates, changed the color to Sepia, and added the words, and symbols (which are in the "stickers" section of Picnik.)  Another hint, before you start adding words or anything, in the "crop" section, there is a drop down menu that says "no constraints."  Change that to 4x6 or whatever size you are going to print your invitations.  I did not do that the first time and had to start over in order to not have any of the wording cut off when it was printed.  It was really easy, fun, and economical to do invitations this way.  Picnik is very user-friendly, but if you have any questions about it, I'd be happy to try to help.
We (as in my mom) picked Sunflowers from the ditch, which were perfect.
She had a big bunch of them spotted all week, and the day she went to get them, they were mowed!
I really appreciate her hunting for another bunch.
We served lemonade with floating lemon slices.  I also froze a tray of lemonade ice cubes to help chill it without watering it down.  Everyone raved about the lemonade and drank several cups...probably because punch cups are so dang small. 
My cake stand has a purple edge so I knew that would not work.  I've seen online where people use stumps-ha that sounds funny, but I can't think of another word right now.  Earlier in the week, I asked Mr. Welder if he could cut me three stands in varying heights out of some of our firewood. He said he the day of the shower, the chain saw breaks...ugh.  So I pouted for a minute and then remembered this stump that was laying against one of our trees.  Sometimes it helps to be the nutty lady always taking pictures of memo boards, pillows, and picture frames in the yard.  You just become so familiar with the land.
So mom washed the stump, laid a hanky on it, and we stacked the cupcakes with paper horses on toothpicks around on and around it.
Gifts were stacked on the fireplace and the mom-to-be opened them from my hippie rocking chair acting country for the day.
Mom put together this blue jean and burlap bunting for another country touch.
She also crafted this blue jean, bandanna, and burlap corsage.  Basically I just take on parties, projects, gift shops...and my mom makes all my dreams a reality.
Here's the lovely mom-to-be.  This horse bag and stuffed horse were hers when she was a child.  Her mom gave it to her along with these cute burp cloths that she crafted from a towel.  She also sewed her a really cute quilt.
She got lots of gifts.  Isn't it exciting to help someone get ready for the arrival of their little one?!
All in all, I'd say it was a simple, successful shower.
And we can't wait to meet our newest nephew.

Monday, October 17, 2011

I Miss You Camera...

  Life has been fast and furious since our return.  Or maybe life is the same, but I am still in slow motion and that's the problem.  I'm still working on getting pictures from the water camera and the video camera but here are what we have from the camera that I miss dearly.  Mom let me borrow hers this weekend so I do feel better than I did when I first started this post.
Waiting to leave the Galveston port. 
We just had our first meal of many.
I learned that my husband of five years can eat more than anyone I've ever known.  I've always eaten more than anyone I've ever known, but now he wins.
Room service after a day of eating.
Proof that it sometimes helps to have a crafty wife.  Need a strap to keep your new hat from blowing off the ship?  Just look in my backpack to find a variety of yarns and scissors...which I am glad made it though security.  Forgot those were in there.
The weather was perfect for relaxing.
And for eating half a pizza for a before-dinner snack.

Always reminds me of when mom used to put those blue tablets in our toilets.
We had dinner in the dining room everynight.
It was all delicious and I loved the soups.

Fun Day at Sea called for a bucket of Coronas.  You save $2 that way.  It was still way out of my price range for a beer but on vacation you have to let loose a little :)
Most people would say BOO about rain on vacation...we had the perfect spot to watch the brief shower.  We were happy to remember what rain looked like...and were blessed to come home to a refreshed land.  Thank you Jesus.
A cruise post isn't complete without a towel friend.  I needed proof to my sister that I wore her crazy tall heels.  I changed after dinner before I broke my neck.  Cute but crazy.
Our first stop was Montego Bay, Jamaica.
We took a van to the beach and rented snorkeling gear.
We did not end up with a picture of our "wedding hands" on our wedding day.  Before the trip, I decided we'd take a picture of our hands in Jamaica since that is where we honeymooned.
The snorkeling was good...leaving bags on the beach unattended wasn't.  I decided to sit by our stuff and take pictures of his monkey mouth.
Don't ask.
I'd blame this funky lady for breaking the camera...
But this was the last picture...guess I'll have to blame Mr. Welder.  He's used to that anyways :)
He's used to a lot of things after being married to me for five years.
I love where we've been, where we are at, and where we will go.