Thursday, March 5, 2015

October is Over

 And has been for months!
Here are the rest of the pics I will share from October.
 A little art project to give to family and friends.


 Our Almost Annual Halloween party

 The Haunted Forest Hunt

 My sister's 30th birthday was on Halloween.

 Carnival Games


 A Fun Filled Evening
 On Halloween night we trick or treated at a few places.

 Fall decor everywhere.

 We added front flowerbeds in October.
Don't they look great?
Ha.  This is the before pic but not sure I ever took an after but I will share eventually.
 Gardening is hard work.

 A fun night out to support a good cause.

 Lily waiting for Ganny and Papa to pick her up to see her first school play.
She loved it!
And we'll end this post with this masterpiece.
After bath time, Lily went through of phase of decorating the potty.
I see some definite potential. 
The little square of TP on top was always that special touch.