Wednesday, April 18, 2012

B4....Before What?

I had a little reminder today of just how behind I am on my blog posts.  Actually two now that I think of it.  Yes, one was my mom...naturally a fan, but there were TWO requesters.  I have an early morning meeting tomorrow and a full day so will make this quick and post these photos mostly of our lovely yard additions....before they die.  Well, I hope not but I can't make any promises.
We added these first few plants to the front bed.
Plants aren't the only thing that's growing...
Our back flower bed.  It's random but my favorite.
This one,
And this one are on the other side in the back.  Ummm...this one already looks a little different.  And not in a good way ;)
Let's take a break from yardwork and blow some bubbles.
And go fishing.

Go ahead, make fun.
At least I did not have itchy feet like the rest.
If Mr. Welder would have realized just how much a pregnant belly gets in the way of fishing...who knows if we would have ever had kids.  Just kidding, Lily.  He can't wait to take you fishing.
And don't worry Daisy.  We won't leave you out.
Our Calla Lily.  We wanted to get something with Lily's name in it.
Sometimes in the morning it has little drips of dew.
Yes, this is a random post with a strange title, but that is all my brain can put together right now.
Maybe this is better than nothing...or maybe silence would have been preferred.
Not the time to ponder that now.
Time to shower and put my big belly to bed.
Good night.

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Flip Book

  When I took this flip book of pictures, I remembered the steps and how the events all took place.  Now that I have finally gotten around to adding words to the pictures, my memory is hazy, but I will give it a try.  I really need to stay on top of things better.  As I mentioned during one of my more recent posts (if I can call any of my posts recent), I showed you a tank we planned to use to catch rain water.
Since we would use the gutters from the shop, first we had to move the temporary tank.
Having a dad with a backhoe is handy.
After that was out of the way, we had to move the red tank to this back corner of the shop.
Mr. Welder took a ride.
Hooked up the chains.
And then it was time to lift the tank.
It did not have to be lifted too high.

Things were moving right along.

Right there.
Unhooking the chains.
The next step would be turning the tank upright.
Daisy chose the perfect place to sit.
The chains were in place, but this set up was not going to work.
Unhooking the chains again.
Attaching the chain differently, which required rolling the tank a tad.
Angling the tank.
Daisy said, "Just a little bit more."

Time to adjust the chains.
Then discuss which option was the best.  I voted for the safest.
And it was time to lift it up.
Easy does it.
This is about where the chain started slipping, my heart started racing, and it really just looked like it wasn't going to work and it would crash.
I have a wild imagination often but I really did not think the angle and height of all the components were going to make it.
The backhoe was rearing back...and my heart was pounding harder.
And before I could stop my dad from letting the tank crash and the backhoe from flipping, the tank was standing upright.
What a relief.
Off came the chain.
Next the chain was attached lower to turn the tank.
And then the backhoe was moved to the front of the shop to pull the tank closer to the building.
Getting it just right.
Back to the back of the shop to do a final turn to line up the holes with the gutter.
A few days later it was time to paint the tank.
And plant a few climbing bushes.
We have a Fig Ivy here.

And Honey Suckle here.
The next time I came to check out the status, Mr. Welder had one of the down spouts hooked up.  This one catches all the rain from the back half of the roof.
We were excited when it rained and we were catching water.  We played in the rain and got to work on hooking up the front side of the roof.
It was dark and wet when we finished for the night, but this is how it looked the next day.  The spout was to the end of the building but not hooked to the tank.
This spout would run to a different hole.  Mr. Welder used his muscles to take off another lid.
He worked the night away. 
 And this is how it looked the next day.
 Now all the rain that hits the shop will end up in the tank. 
So there you have way more pictures than you could ever want of how the rain tank came to be.