Friday, July 30, 2010

Unsolved Mystery

Thursday evening to keep our minds off waiting for the plumber, we worked on non-plumbing areas. Here Jason and dad are cutting plywood for the HVAC closet floor.
Dad cleaning the closet.
Jason and I worked on finishing the trim in the second kid's room. First, we completed the closet door.
The floor! Now the A/C unit has a chair.
After the kid's closet door was finished, I sanded the edges so they are not sharp. Jason was working on the trim around the ceiling, or so I thought. After I turned the noisy sander off, I found the guys in some serious plumbing talk. It was 8:15 and still no word from the plumber. Since he said he would be there around 5:00 or 6:00, the guys couldn't take it any longer. Different options were discussed, but in the end, it was decided to give the plumber a little longer before taking it in their own hands. The plumber did call shortly after and say he was still at the other job. He is now scheduled to come Friday afternoon. If this does not happen, I'm afraid my sweet, calm husband may morph into something not so nice. Thinking and worrying about this since Tuesday may start to wear on his mood. Just please keep saying those prayers. Is it silly to pray about plumbing? I pray about sillier stuff...maybe just pray for our sanity :)
Knowing that the plumbing mystery would not be solved that night, we finished up the trim in the kid's bedroom. One more room ready for flooring!
And dad hooked up the heater in the master bathroom just in case a cool front blows through.
It works! Ugh...hurry and turn that thing off.
Before adjourning, we checked out the HVAC closet upstairs that also has a new floor thanks to dad. A productive night, nonetheless.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

When it Rains, It Pours

So I thought I'd let you all in on what's really been going on. Sometimes it may seem like we always know what we're doing and that we're all that-ha-just kidding about that part. Most of the time, we are blessed with productive days, but not always. Tuesday, Jason and I were working on trim in the den. I went to check on mom and dad working on the faucet in the kids' bathroom. So the badness started here when dad figured out that the valve was not set deep enough, which meant that the faucet handle stuck out way farther than it should resulting in our cute water pump not looking so cute. There are a couple of ways this can be fixed, but the only really right way is to cut a hole in the sheetrock wall in the laundry room. Frustrating? Yes, but not a huge deal since I had considered putting a bead board wainscoat on that wall anyways. So cut a hole-move the valve, cover the hole with sheetrock and then wainscoat and no one would know if I wasn't so honest with you blog readers. I wish I could say the badness ended there, but as we continued on with the plumbing talk, we also discovered that we could potentially have a much larger problem. You see, the reason we think there could be a problem is that when you turn on the water in the master bathtub, you should only have water coming out of the cold side since we do not have the hot water heater hooked up yet. So what this most likely means is that the pipes were connected incorrectly somewhere along the line. You're probably thinking, so just hook them up correctly. If only it were that easy. The problem is that we have no idea where it is. Best case scenario, it is something we are not thinking of-we are not plumbers-that is why we hired them because we did not know how to do it. So maybe the answer is something simple-we hope so! Second best case scenario, we guess correctly and go straight to where the mix up is and get it fixed. Worst case scenario, we have to cut holes in all the places where the pipes stub out trying to find it with way more many holes than I want to think about. Thankfully most of these areas are where cabinets will be so if the wall repair is not perfect, it will be covered up anyways, but still. At first we were naturally devastated thinking the worst. It hurt our hearts to think of going around tearing up all of our hard work-taking steps back-not forward when things were moving along so well. After I've had time to think about it more, we are just going to fix it and move on. Really, what are a few hours or even days when you've been working on this house for two years? At first, Jason wanted to keep this a secret or maybe he just did not want to talk about it until it was fixed. I'm like that sometime. It was like he blamed himself for choosing the plumber who did this to us! But hey, even the best plumber in the world, has a bad day. I mean, no matter where the problem ends up lying (we had one plumber rough it in before the slab was poured and then another who stubbed it out, and recently my dad has been installing the faucets), I know no one did this on purpose. It is just one of those things that happens. It's called a mistake and we all make them. I am so proud of Jason for taking this house building on and working so hard and figuring so many thing out. I will mention this: There is one step that was left out that may have avoided this-I mainly mention this in case it can save anyone out there grief one day. The guys who stubbed it out did a pressure test, which is where they hook up the pipes to water and make sure there are no leaks. There is another test we have recently learned-where you test to make sure the hot and cold are not connected somewhere- something nice to know before the wall coverings are up. And at first, I thought, ugh, we are not plumbers and do not know this stuff. That is why we hired someone! I remember the night they were finishing up. It was a Saturday night, freezing cold, so yes, I am sure they were trying to get finished and leave and took their chance by skipping the test. So demand this test if you are having plumbing installed! Especially if the roughing in and stubbing out were done by two different people. I am far from being an expert, but it sounds like the perfect way to check each other's work. The plumber is supposed to meet us Thursday night to figure this out. Please pray for us that this is a quick fix with minimal backward steps. Regardless it is going to be fine and I am thankful we figured it out when we did so we can get this behind us. And to lighten up the mood of this dreadful post, I thought I would share how the day after the bad news went. So, we woke up the next morning feeling sad. Jason and I normally car pool but he drove hoping the plumber would be able to meet him during the day and figure this mess out. On my way to eat lunch with Jason, it was raining and I hit a big puddle. A little further down the road my "Check engine soon" light started flashing and my car was jerking around like when all the sheets get to one side in the washing machine. I was almost there, so I just held my breath and jerked into the parking lot. After we ate, Jason looked at it and saw where water got into this part. He could not get it completely dried out so told me to take his truck in case it did anything else-nice husband. So I had to run an errand for work, which was besides Sherwin Williams where we needed to get some paint mixed, so I dropped off my order, and got back in the truck. I cranked, heard the radio start up, and then nothing. The truck was dead-completely dead. I called Jason and he thought I was being facetious. But soon he was on his way in my spastic car trying to come rescue his queen in the rain storm. In the meantime, I'm waiting, burning up since I can't have the windows down, when I get this bright idea that for once, I will not be cheap or worry about the emissions from running the truck unnecessarily, and turn on the A/C. Ha. Man, I'm so smart sometime.

After passing the place up, Jason finally makes it to save me. Here he is standing in the rain. I thought he was under an awning when I took this, but he wasn't. So the rain finally let up, he tightened the wire or cable or whatever on the battery and I was on my way.

And the best part, I wore my "bubble shoes" on this nice, rainy day to top it all off. So I'm thinking we must have all of our bad luck out of the way by now, but just in case say a prayer that we figure out the plumbing with ease. Oh, and now you know why we were plumb tired the other day too :)

Trim-porary Service

The Welders made their appearance at their Wednesday volunteer commitment that they have not been very committed to these days before going to the Weld House, so got a later than usual start. After they checked out the disconnected temporary electric pole, they loaded up the cedar shavings from the planed boards for a friendly neighbor.
Since the temporary pole had the special high voltage plug for the air compressor, dad hooked it up inside the garage. The rain can't slow us down now!
To get back to trimming, cedar boards were cut at a special angle.
This angle would help hide where the ceiling meets the wall better than a straight cut.
First, we completed the den wall.
And then we moved to the kitchen.
To finish up, another custom made piece of trim was added where the tin wall meets the sheetrock.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Holiday Housewarming

First things first, the Welding Wife used some power tools to finish up some "Have yourself a Shabby little Christmas" trees for her shop :)
Then it was back to trimming the den wall. We cut a rib from a leftover piece of tin to fill in the gap.
Dad installed the remaining outside plugs.
Here we are attaching the tin.
And then we reattached the cedar boards. I forgot to take a picture of the finished wall. We left earlier last night than usual. I think we were just plumb tired...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Change of Cedar-y

Monday evening we started the evening by tying up some loose ends. Jason added the seats (that's the word I was forgetting) to the master bathtub faucet to fix the constant running problem. I attempted to add the weather proof covers to the balcony plugs. Jason took over while I looked on daydreaming. The weather was perfect last night. It was rainy and cool-it felt like Fall. So my daydream went something like this. A pot of soup on the stove in kitchen. A cute bistro table surrounded by plants on the balcony. The Welders kicking back having their dinner enjoying the cool air and each other's company. A warm, relaxing shower before laying in bed reading a book (from the book shelves lining the walls in the office) with lights out at 10:00 for a long night's rest. Then it was time to wake up and get back to work :)
We finished attaching the trim in the office with the brand new pop riveter. Worked like a charm.
The cloudy sky and work light provided my camera the opportunity for a better picture than I could get of this room before.
For a change of scenery we worked on the trim in the kitchen/den. The big plug that the air compressor plugs into, is outside on the temporary electric pole. The nail gun we've been using to trim, hooks up to the air compressor. Since it was raining we were not able to use this handy tool so we worked on this trim since it is being attached to metal and the battery powered drill is the tool of choice.
We started in the kitchen and worked our way up.
A lot of figuring took place at the peak in order for the two cedar boards to match up just right. The uneven edge of the hearth also took some customization.
We decided to install metal trim in the peak where the two sides of the ceiling meet. Here is Jason's reminder to order it.
Though the hour was late, we decided to move all the junk in the way and buckle down and finish the other side of the hearth.
It ended up needing more work than we expected, so we left it looking like this. I know you are thinking, "Why did you just not cut one last board and finish it?" Well, you know we are picky. And this is something that probably only we would notice, but the ceiling tin was cut just a tad too short, which left a small gap. We have an extra piece of tin that we will cut a rib from to fill in the gap and hide this imperfection. That was just a little too much to do at the 11:00 hour. Though it was somewhat disappointing to leave our project incomplete, I know we will be way happier with the end result when we get back to it on Tuesday.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Honk, Honk, Here Comes Daisy

Don't tell Daisy I posted this picture-bless her heart. Sunday while her daddy was cleaning up a section of the Weld House Lumber Yard, she was helping sniff out varmints, when something must have stung or bit her. I was working in the house, and she came up like nothing was the matter, but I had to tell her that her nose was on the puffy side. I don't think Daisy had a clue, but we kept our eye on her to make sure it did not get any worse. Monday morning, thank goodness, she was back to normal.
Jason almost stepped on one of these Copperheads (number 2 and 3 this year). The first one was already dead, so maybe that is part of the story of Daisy's big honker. And the second one was hit by the tractor but then finished off with a shovel. Sorry, but we have a Daisy Mae to worry about.
After lunch, we started back on the kid's bedroom trim. We used scraps from the cedar door frames by cutting them in half with the table saw.
Then they were planed.
And attached.
Another room completely trimmed.
Mom worked on cleaning this door, which will connect the kitchen to the garage.
Dad added two plugs on our balcony.
I am not sure why this was not thought of until way later, but at least it was before we had the wall coverings installed in the game room.
Mom and dad finished installing the lights in the kitchen/den.
They looked great and really lit up the room even with the ceiling being so tall. They also passed the test when we visited later that evening when it was dark outside.
And here is a picture of our final project of the weekend, kid's bedroom/hall door number two. This room still has a closet door to be trimmed and the ceiling trim before being completed like kid number one bedroom. I knew Jason should have stayed in the house finishing up projects instead of snake hunting. Boys will be boys.

Rub a Dub Dub, My Dad Hooked Up the Tub

After lunch and some sofa lounging, it was time to get back to work. We started where we left off and continued trimming.First we completed the window in the green kid's room.Sanding down the sharp edges.Finished!On to kid's window number two.
Mom and dad worked on more electrical.
And then some plumbing.After assisting dad, mom cleaned the sheetrock mess from the tub.
Jason took off his shoes and tested the tub floor before deciding to add extra bracing underneath.
After both windows were trimmed, we moved to the closet door.
And then the hallway door.
This calm, beautiful picture is somewhat misleading. Due to an important part of the faucet missing (dang, I can't remember what it's called-shoe or chair?), we had a surprise burst of water along with the chaos of getting the water shut off. The problem was diagnosed by the end of the day, but we still had to keep the water off since no matter how you turned the handle, the water kept coming. See what happens when you buy things brand new. Normally when something like this happens, it's my fault for buying something used. I am proud to say that our luck this time was not due to me being cheap or trying to save the world, one recycled item at a time.
If mom would not have done such a good job of cleaning the tub or if I would not have been so disgustingly dirty, I doubt I could have resisted jumping in.