Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Night to Remember

 I am having one of those moments that I don't have very often these days.
A moment where I feel like I kind of know what I am doing.
I know it won't last so I thought I would document it so I can come back as a reminder.
We had a full day today.
Lily and Grandma vacuumed while I finally caught up Bee Angels (Click here to check out something that is not caught up...) paperwork from March.
 Another reminder:
Just look at that belly when I have doubts that Lily is getting enough to eat.
 Vacuuming is hard work.
 After dinner where Lily cried with Mr. Welder who worked his magic to get Lily to take a cat nap while we finished eating and cleaning up the kitchen, we took a stroll in the stroller (after Lily was strapped in all safe.)
 When Lily was like this,
 I decided to sit on the front porch and read this.
 Mr. Welder picked us up on the golf cart and we went for an evening fish, which was a tad better than our first fishing attempt.  (Another post for another day.)

 Then while Mr. Welder worked on this,
Lily peed on the rug. 
Lily took a bath.
She almost always loves her bath but screams when it's time to get out.
Not tonight.
She was happy and I even had time to run, trip over one of her toys, and get the camera.
Then happy Lily sat in her monkey seat, held her elephant blanket, and listened to the shower. 
 I even almost had time to shave both legs before she cried told me to get out.
Next it was time to rock, sing to, and fight a screaming, tired Lily.
Not tonight.
She cried just a little.  I started to sing. 
She had less than a minutes worth of a snack. 
Popped off and laid her head on my chest and was asleep.
I rocked her just because she was too sweet not to.
And now she is in the bassinet sleeping long enough for me to write this post.
So I'll just enjoy this moment of feeling on top of the world instead of wondering if Lily was just avoiding my singing of Rock-a-bye Baby.
Good Night.

When the House and Garden Were Still Green

Here's another old post to bring you up to date. 
This Spring we decided to use some of the bricks we had piled in one corner of the yard for a floor in the greenhouse.  After a quick lesson, Mr. Welder trusted me to drive the tractor to load bricks. 
I know, you're probably shocked that this country girl needed a lesson, but I normally do things the hard way, like use a wheelbarrow.
First, we laid all the bricks in place.
Then we filled in all the cracks with sand.
This is a stone I made (with my dad's help) for Mr. Welder's Valentine gift a few years ago.  It was probably our second or third Valentine's day.  I picked him up from work, blindfolded him, and drove him all around eventually ending up at the piece of land we had just bought, where we live now.  There was a little shack (that we later moved) and on the back was a little lean-to where the night before mom and I set up a table and she dropped off a cooler of food for our romantic picnic :)
This stone was hidden under the tree in our front yard where the daffodils grow.
The next project required some digging by Mr. Welder.
And plumbing.
And installation of this pump.
The rain water tank is now hooked up to the pump, which gives us water here on the greenhouse's outside wall and
here inside at the sink.
Speaking of inside the greenhouse.
This is where Herman likes to hangout.
Or did like to hangout before it was 100 degrees.
Our garden is now mostly burnt up.
We enjoyed it while it lasted.
I love the different seasons because they each offer something new and different than the last.
  I have to admit that I could probably be happy if crisp falls and new, green springs never ended, but after a cold, dreary winter (when cuddling by the wood stove and sipping hot chocolate) or the hot summer (when beer tastes the best) transition into spring and fall, it makes me appreciate those seasons and love them even more.  Spring and fall are relief after a hot summer or cold winter.
As I look out the window at the browning, crunchy grass, I look at it as our chance to start over and enjoy all those things again.  I like having something to look forward to.  And there is always something to look forward to.
And though all the fresh veggies were delicious, it's nice to have a break from all the extra work it requires :)
This summer, we've really been blessed with beautiful rains.
Last summer, was harsh.
I can definitely deal with this year.
This little guy probably ate a few things.
But he's cute, and we had more than we could eat anyways.
Our new peach tree provided a small crop.
These were the sweetest, most delicious peaches I have ever eaten.
And I am not just saying that.
We had two pears.  One is no longer with us.  It was low on the tree and my nephew thought it looked tasty :)
We still have one that is getting bigger.
Here is our strawberry crop.
These were also very sweet and tasty.
We decided the strawberry plants would be better in a different location than where we almost mow over them every time.  Since they are supposed to live and come back year round, we built this box to move them to the garden and keep them from being plowed.
Mr. Welder brought in more dirt.
And planted the two surviving plants.
Then decided to dig up a few blackberry bushes to add.
These bushes were here when we got the place.
Those kind do best.
Those two strawberries were yum and the cedar box decorated with berry plants were lovely...
not so much now, but we tried :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Friday Night Fun

 What do the Welders do for Friday night fun these days?
Baby Welder gets restless.
Mr. Welder
 Gets Baby Welder and hops on the golf cart.
Baby Welder conks out.
 Mrs. Welder jumps on board.
And of course Daisy comes along too.
 Mr. Welder tells Baby Welder to hold on tight.
 Because it's time to go off-roading.

 Herman greets us when we return.
 Hops on
 For a visit to our neighbor.
 After checking out his new tractor
And sitting idle for too long, Baby Welder wakes signaling it's time to go home for dinner.
If only we could figure out a way to eat on the magical golf cart maybe we'd be able to eat together again :)
Until then, Mr. Welder will just enjoy his wife being enthusiastic about adding a golf cart sleep machine to the collection.
Happy Weekend!