Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Miss You...

My heart has been aching to be blogging.  This little old blog does something for me that nothing else does, but it has just been pushed way back on the back burner.  But here I am for some blogging therapy and to let you know what has taken over our lives recently.  Since I can't remember if I already told you, we opened up our little etsy shop.  So most of our free time has been spent buying things to fix up, fixing them up, taking pictures of them, writing descriptions about them, measuring them, and researching shipping.  Yes, that is a lot of work to sell one little thing, but once we get it down, I have hopes it will be an efficient operation.
A few weeks ago, I took the day off and we had a furniture marathon.
We snapped a few before pictures,
Added shelving,
Added trim,
And primed,
Until our yard looked like this...
A few days later, Mr. Welder painted everything.  And a few days after that, I distressed the pieces.
After all the work, it was time to haul furniture around the yard, drag out props, and snap away.
(There were actually snow flurries the day I took this picture.)
(Our very first etsy sale was the tea set you can see on the top shelf.)
This gal was our first etsy furniture sale!
She is on her way to California as we speak.
Please say a prayer for her safe arrival.

So far it's been fun, it's been exciting...and shipping is a tad nerve wracking so I delegated that department to Mr. Welder.  We're still learning, but isn't that what keeps life interesting?
Well I must be off.  I have a folder of photos that are edited and ready to be posted to the shop.  My tape measure and scale are ready. 
Come visit us.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

All of My Secret Stash Photos Reveled

So now that you all know (and have known for a while now-I know I am slacking terribly) here are some things I've kept a secret or haven't shared yet.  Here is the Christmas ornament that was crafted for Mr. Welder.  Before my first ultra sound, my expert sister told me the baby would look like a peanut.  I joked that it would be Mr. Welder's first success at peanut farming :)
  I was quite the party animal this New Year's Eve.
This stuff was actually quite tasty...not regular old grape juice (which isn't bad) but festive.
The gals went on a shopping excursion since some clothing articles were beginning to fit a little snug.
Some items were not so cute,
But after trying on hundreds of pieces,
And a fake belly,
We took all the keepers to the checkout,
And went home with shopping bags to fill the closet.
Mr. Welder added this sign to my parking spot in the garage.
And we both read this book.  I recommend it.  It was a quick, funny read.  Even Mr. Welder read it in couple of days.  I tell myself it's because he cares about what I am experiencing, not because there is a hottie on the front :)
That wraps up the photos I did not post when their time came with prior posts.  Since I had not made the official announcement, I just kept these saved for another day.
Whew...I feel so much better to get that off my chest.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

What's It Gonna Bee? A Girl, A Boy, Twins, or Triplets...

Remember that jump rope game.  Whatever you stopped the rope on is what you were gonna have?  Things are little more scientific after elementary...
As I mentioned, my sister and brother-in-law had a gender reveal party for us. 
Everything was decorated really cute.

Guests were asked to sign in and vote whether they thought it would be a boy or girl.  They also wore clothes casting their votes, but in case you haven't noticed, we like to document things in this family.

My mom wrote us a sweet poem.

And as you can see, some people did not follow the "no gifts" rule.

My sister does ultrasounds, so was actually the photographer of the pics above.  Yes, that is the peanut waving to us in the top, right photo.  Is it weird to already have a favorite photo of our child?  Long fingers like me :)
The parents-to-be and hosts.
For dinner we had grilled burgers.
Daisy couldn't decide if she would have a brother or sister so wore pink and blue.
We know she will be sweet to either.
Just look at all those boys...
And another baby boy...
Tables and chairs were set up in the garage.  Pink and blue tablecloths with question marks provided decor.
Before the big reveal, those who thought it would be a boy took a group photo.
Even the lady on TV voted for a boy.
Then the big pink team posed.
Daddy Welder had is pink shirt on, but a blue one in the car just in case :)
And then we had a small group of those that just could not choose either.  If you know me, you know, I can't make a decision.  Even after I had dream and sign from God (I'm serious), I still just could not decide.
I'm the girl who asks her cousin what kind of salad I want when the waitress asks me...
I know, I'm silly.
My dad thought it would be a girl.  When my mom told him he had to wear pink, he spray painted this cap and my mom added the "girl" sign to cover the logo that showed through.
All the cupcakes were passed out, and it was time to bite in and see the results.
It's a girl!
Happy grandparents!
Two Grandmas
The bear made a quick change of outfit and then broke the "no gifts" rule.
Looks like Daddy is going to have another girl to spoil.
What a fun night we had.
  Thanks to my sister and her hubby for putting it all together and to everyone that came.