Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Your Weekly Update

 Lately, it seems I've been having a weekly update.  I aim for more, but I guess that isn't too shabby.  The party at Spice Village was a huge success and a lot of fun.
I still have stuff for you to buy in case you were wondering...
 The honeycomb square was sampled by many and even purchased by a few.
Doesn't it make a lovely spread?
 After the honeycomb was devoured, we walked around to check things out.
Even when Mr. Welder doesn't have his fair share of free beer and wine, you'll still find him examining the handiwork. 
 One exciting thing we did this week that I have no pictures to accompany is go to the Baylor vs. OU football game.  How about those bears?!
We're normally those people that almost never see the end of the game, so we can miss the traffic.  This game was too exciting-though we did jet out of the stadium to get ready to catch the bus after the winning touchdown and 8 seconds remained on the clock.  We did loop around to witness the score board flashing "Baylor wins!" and the crowds running onto the field.
It was great.
 Sunday, we fished and caught our fair share of sticks.
 And white bass
 Well, they caught their fair share.  I caught one.  It was cold and I was a nerd and did not bring my hoodie, so I did not participate as much.
 I did take some wild life pictures for you though.

 We made one more trip to our favorite spot...and Dad caught this Hybrid Striper.
 And Jason caught this good size White Bass.
 And I took a picture of our favorite spot.
After retrieving another tangled lure, we called it a day.
We left with 20 keepers-not bad.
Good thing I helped.
Doesn't 20 sound better than 19?
You're welcome for the help, guys.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Random Ramblings

 To catch you up on what's been going on for the Welders...since I am sure you've just been dying to know, here is a random post.  Last weekend, we volunteered at the Restore half off sale.  I once again figured out the camera timer to show off our matching shirts.
 Then we had an early Thanksgiving celebration with Mr. Welder's side of the family.  The pretty gal in black and her hubby in green are expecting to meet their first born around the real Thanksgiving, so we ate turkey and dressing early...darn.  Grammie (Mr. Welder's mom) wanted a family photo.  We tried.  We started here by the fence and just couldn't quite get everyone together.
 The golf cart seemed to get the boys' (that "boys" includes Mr. Welder) attention so we decided to try that.  So we have one hiding behind the steering wheel, Grandma behind Mr. Welder, and mommy-to-be behind the pole...and the wind being our friend.
 After knocking the camera over as I ran to position and getting a picture of the crate I used as a tripod...hey, mom there's a Christmas idea for me-I could use one of those small bendy ones...we got this pic.  Well, it will do the job of remembering the day.  Sorry, Grammie.
 You know, the best pictures just aren't posed.  Maybe this one will make up for it a little.
 This week, Mr. Welder went shopping and bought something new for our gym.
 While he worked on putting it together, Daisy and I did some paperwork.
 And since he still wasn't finished, I worked on finishing a couple projects for Bee Angels.
 These are almost finished...they still need a string looped through to hang as an ornament or tie on a gift.  And in case you haven't heard, Spice Village is having a special evening of holiday shopping on Thursday, November 17-yes, that is probably tomorrow if you are reading this today, or today if you're reading this today-ha.  The store will close at 5:00 and reopen from 6:00-8:00.  The first 50 customers thru the door will receive gift bags.  We'll have food, drinks, door prizes (including a 1K diamond ring and $550 photo session!!), games, live entertainment and a fun photo opportunity (that Mr. Welder helped construct.)  I'll be in the food section giving out samples of one of my newer items, the Savannah Bee Company Honey Comb Square.  My plan is to take a picture of the lovely platter on which it will be featured.  I'll share if I don't forget...mom, help me remember.  Have you ever tried to communicate with your mom through a blog?  Probably not the best idea since my mom isn't fond of reading...and probably just looks at the pictures and makes up her own story.
The gym is officially OUR gym. I now have something to use in there too!  Now I just have to make the time.  I had a brief 15 minute workout last night.  It felt great...after I caught my breath!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shower Power

 The Weld House witnessed its second baby shower this weekend. 
 We planned our decorations along the nursery's decor, which is really cute by the way.  I saw pictures.  I know, you probably want to see them too.
 Well, I don't think the nursery will have its own stork...My Granny gave me this stork a little while ago.  She used to have this in her bedroom.  (I wonder what decorations my grandkids are going to think are strange one of these days...probably all of them.)  I think it looked cute for the shower but it lives in the storage closet now that it's over.  We thought about drilling a hole in its beak and letting it carry a baby...maybe next baby shower.
 My mom put together the dot streamers that we hung from the fan.
 And she also made the bunting and corsage like she did for the last shower.  I found the lime and black cloth at the thrift store right after I knew I was one of the shower hostesses.  It was meant to be.
 The sign-in table. 
 We won the lime bucket (with goodies inside) at a raffle at our family reunion.  We played the clothespin game, so it came in handy.
 I baked cupcakes again and we made the dot toppers.  I found different patterned stamps in the dollar section at Michael's along with colored stamp pads.  We glued the dots back to back around a toothpick.  Mom had the beaded cake stands from my cousin's baby shower.
 And here's the pretty mommy-to-be getting ready for the big day.
I won't lie-I was nervous about touching her belly, but it did turn out to be a cute picture, so I guess I'm glad I listened to the Sarge.  That's my friend on the left.  We called her Sarge in high school, and when the Sarge tells you to do something, you obey. Hehe.
Well, I believe it was another success and I'm happy the family is another step closer to being ready for their new arrival.
So after a wedding shower the following day, I think that wraps up showers for a while.
That means we're finished with the cupcakes and punch and can move towards the turkey and dressing.
My stomach growled just typing that sentence.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Shrubs, Stumps, Sweaters and Squash

 Earlier this week, Mr. Welder and I made plans for more landscaping. 
 Look, at this stump deal that he brought home for me.
 So we had a plan and Mr. Welder tried to think of a way to include every tractor in that plan.  At the end of the night, things were looking dug up and not very pretty.  I commented that maybe we should not have started this project until after the baby shower we're having at our house this weekend.
 So when I came home to this a few days later, I was very happy.
 I love the rock border.
 We dug and got everything put in the ground in no time.  I did four plants while Mr. Welder handled the rest.
 Daisy supervised with approval.
 Until she noticed me crouching, which in her mind is the petting position.
 Mr. Welder was also in charge of leveling the dirt.
 I was happy with the results, and then remembered the stump.
 It made its journey to the front.
 And it was getting dark, but here is how it looked.
 With a freezing weather forecast, we wandered over to check the small vegetable garden.  We have some nice squash plants and it looks like watermelon, which must have sprouted from throwing our scraps out.
 The green bean plants have flowers.
 But these squash were what I really had my eye on.  It is amazing how much faster squash grow in the Spring than Fall.  They are almost big enough to pull but could use a little more time.
 So we got ready for the freeze and drug out the tarp and covered the plants and crossed our fingers.
Daisy got ready for the freeze too.  She is very cold nature and this is her first sweater that her Grandma found on clearance for her.  It's a tad snug.  Do any of you have large dogs that wear sweaters?  I think she would like one-she really did not mind this one-but I was worried it would cut off her circulation in the night. 
Daisy was worried I was going to put her on a diet :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Frightful Fish Fry

 Since we were hosting the frightful fish fry at our house, I used that as my excuse to put off cleaning for a few weeks.
 And to prove how slow I am, when Mr. Welder asked if he should call an exterminator because it seemed we had problems with spiders, I really thought he was going to pick up the phone.
 And these creepies witnessed the whole conversation.
 Outside the pantry, we set up a butcher shop.
 Rats visited the cupboard.
 A mini graveyard in the kitchen window
 Decorated dining area
 Choose your dish.
 This skeleton looks innocent but attacked me when I went to the bathroom in the middle of the night.
 Entertainment for the guests' bathroom breaks
 Witches casting spells in the woods
 Devils roaming the land
 Yes, this pretty much sums up our kids.
 It was about 3:30 when we had everything decorated and I realized we never took the fish out to thaw.  I doubted our guests would be distracted that much by the decor, so scurried around and used the hot water trick.  Yes, my brain is always this sharp.
 As always, Daisy was on her best behavior for the party.
 We threw this together very last minute, so there were less costumes than usual.  We kind of understood and only called those in normal clothes lame a few times.
 Really, we were just happy everyone could make it.
 When night time fell, the spookiness was just too much to bear.
 Part of the crowd watched scary movies, part played games, and some took a snooze.
 Overall, it was a crashing time.  Yes, the witch fell off the bottom step and got caught in the web.
Since we forgot to vote on the best costume, we crowned this pair before calling it a night.