Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Sweet

 The party is over.
It was a grand time.
I'll be back to share party pics soon.
 We've been enjoying playing with all the new toys...
 And chowing down on Granny and Grandpa's garden fresh corn.
 "Oh, I love you even more when you give me two!"
 Pure sweetness
 Definitely some of my favorite pics of all time.
 Worth the mess!
Hope your summer is sweet.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

It's Fun Being One!

 I just knew you were going to sleep in this morning after two late nights so I stayed up after I got picmonkey to work and formatted these few pics.
I'll just say I wasn't quite ready to get our day started when you woke before 5:30.
You're napping now and I should be getting things ready for your party so I'll make this quick.
We had such a fun day on your birthday.
Daddy had to run an errand for work unexpectedly so we went along since he promised a treat from Wendy's. 
After a good afternoon nap, we went out to see what Daddy got you for your birthday.
You liked it!
Well at least for five minutes.
 Then it was time to get into things a little dirtier.
 Playing in the shop (you loved all the clean (well, clean for a shop) floors that were waiting for your birthday celebration), playing on the front porch.
 And helping Daddy get the washer pits ready was the best and dirtiest.
 You talked and talked and told Daisy about the fun day you were having.
 Thanks for letting us hang out with you.
And here you are getting all clean and ready for bed...hours later :)
You are our pride and joy.
We love you.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy First Birthday to My Best Little Friend

 I can't believe it's already been a year!
 It seems like just yesterday I was trying to fall asleep in the hospital bed.
Still pumped from giving birth, overwhelmed with gratitude about how smoothly it all went, joyful and scared about what was to come.
 Oh how I love being your mom.
 You make each and every day interesting.
 We've been busy, busy getting ready for your birthday celebration that will take place tomorrow.
 You must be excited.
You stayed up until midnight last night-guess you wanted to be awake first thing on your big day.
And you finally gave up a few minutes ago tonight.
 We had such a fun day and if I did not blow up picmonkey I would show just a few of my favorite pics.  Not sure how it goes from working one minute to telling me I need flash-whatever that is-the next. 
 These older photos are pretty cute though and I think they will do.
 And you know I could use the extra sleep after the wild parties we've been having.
 Seasoning a million pieces of chicken can also do a person in...
 I can't wait for tomorrow.
I hope you have so much fun surrounded by your family and friends.

 Yes, I am still here.
Just thought I would shut up for a minute.
I just thought we were ready to go to church a few Sundays ago.

 You're growing into such a good helper.


 You are so loved and lovable.

This is what daddy brought back when I asked him for help with the flower arrangements for the tables.
Good thing this project is completed.
You have things to do and places to go and sitting in this chair is not the thing or place :)
Maybe tomorrow picmonkey will be back to normal and I can do a quick post of your bday like I planned.  My brain is tired right now anyways but I wanted to post something on your big day.
I love you very much Lily and hope your first birthday was fun.
Good night, peanut.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Skinny Blogging

 So I just looked down and noticed my PJ top wasn't just on inside out.
It was also backwards.
Must have been a good day :)
I've been thinking about the blog more and think I am going to try to cut back on the number of photos since that is the most time consuming part.
That is going to be hard since I am in love with my little Lily and others I feature on this blog and the pictures are all so cute!
But I am hopeful this may help me not feel so behind all the time.
This is a hobby.
It should not feel like the endless task that I can't keep up, right?
It is kind of one of those things.  I am a documenter.  I like being able to go back and reminisce (doesn't look like I spelled that correctly but spell check doesn't say it's wrong...it does say documenter is wrong so I guess I just made that word up.)  But sometimes I have to choose between making the moments I'd like to blog about or actually sitting here and blogging.  If only my memory were better, blogging might not be so important to me.
And for those of you who like to check in every once in a while-I'm thinking you may actually appreciate a slimmed down version.
This post is very tiny.
I don't plan to go this tiny.
But this tiny did get me to do something so who knows...
From my list of pictures I had waiting to be edited, I randomly clicked on these.
Kind of crazy that Lily actually wore this same outfit today-more than a month later.
Here we are waiting on the front porch for Daddy to come home from work.
Yea! (Hand clapping)
Here comes his truck.
And he's here!
And he's here now too.
Out of the shower, ready to hang out a little before bedtime.
I think this skinny blogging is going to work out nicely.
Good night.

Monday, June 3, 2013

To Blog or Not To Blog...

 What to talk about this blog post has been circling  my mind as I edited and uploaded old photos.
Photos that start with the second half of mother's day.
Photos that I thought I would post almost immediately after the first half of mother's day and here we are almost a month later.
 None of my thoughts ever came together nicely.
 Here is what I think about blogging.
 I used to think about it all the time.
I wrote blog posts in my head as I lived and did daily tasks.
 I took pictures constantly.
And have not quit.
 And these days it feels like most of the time I never get around to writing my story before the moment has passed.
And when I finally get around to blogging, my mind is blank-or maybe not blank-but jumbled.
 Blogging has been a great outlet for me.
 I yearn to get back in my blogging groove.
 And maybe it will happen but maybe it won't.
 If it does, you (my few readers) will know.
 And if it doesn't, you will also know...or you won't because you already lost interest and no longer visit.
So enough about that.
 How about a quick list of what Lily is doing now.
 Now, as in not when these pics were taken.
And not now, as she is sleeping in her crib.
 But now, as in at this stage of her life.
Just some of the things that I may wonder about a few years from now or heck next week.
 She still mostly crawls/bear crawls but is getting really good at walking.
 She loves Granny and frozen yogurt.
 She has learned how to shriek and squeal and likes to show that skill during church and at restaurants.
 She is a little better but most things still go to the mouth.
 Lily loves to "pick" all my flowers...and eat them.
And is still most happy outdoors.
 More times than not, she sleeps through the night in her own bed.
We had a stage where she slept with us-right around when she was nine months.
It worked until she started waking up every couple hours.
After tiresome nights and our doctors visit where he confirmed my fear that we had ruined her-ha, we did let her cry when she woke up in the night.
She only cried for a few nights and after the first night it was considerably less and now we hardly ever hear a peep.
And when we do, we sometimes let her cry a little and we sometimes get her and she sometimes goes back to her bed and sometimes stays with us.
 Lily loves Daisy and misses Herman who disappeared a couple weeks ago...oh, and I don't think I mentioned on here that Dandy has a new home with another family that has a little girl.
I think Daisy is lonely.
 Lily is a good napper these days.  She usually takes one in the morning around 10:00 and the afternoon around 2:00.  These normally last around 1.5-2 hours.
I am not super strict on being on schedule, but having this little routine in my head  helps our day go more smoothly it seems.
So why have I not been blogging more??
(My next post I plan to show one reason.)
 Of course, if you've followed our blog for any time, you know we always have a project.
And Lily loves being our little helper.
The shop makeover is moving along.
 The flower beds have been getting attention as well.
 Lily loves to surprise daddy when he comes back from getting the fertilizer.
Their new game is Lily running in the walker and Jason jumping out and scaring her.
 Lily loves to dig.
She plays in my ponytail holders while I get ready.
She plays in her walker when I shower in the morning-that keeps her from crawling in with me-and she keeps herself entertained by pulling my shoes off the racks, clothes off the hangers and emptying my chest of scarves, mittens, and hats.
She likes to take the clothes out of the basket and dryer and lean into them and bite them and laugh.
She also does the biting thing to any pillow she comes across (bumbo in the living room and our bed pillows I stack beside our bed when it's not made) and when I go get her from her crib.
 I'm still nursing but I also supplement with cow's milk, which Lily loves.
And I love the extra convenience it has offered :)
 Lily says "bye bye" and waves.
We like to play on the front porch and wave bye bye to the few cars that pass by.
 Most days after lunch we play outside.
We usually take a little stroll before going in for milk and an afternoon nap.
We've been enjoying berries from our bushes.
Lily gets very happy when I include her in the sampling.
 Lily has been enjoying the rain we've been getting.
She does not even mind that she hasn't needed to use the drip irrigation her daddy installed.
And here I am to the last picture for this post.
I feel happy I took the time to jot some of this down.
Though my blogging makes me feel like a slacker lately, I know one day I'll be glad I did at least what I did.
Good night.