Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sick of Being Sick

An old toy with a new purpose, a tent!  I was washing dishes when I looked over and saw her creation.
 Sickness has been looming around the Weld House this last week. 
 Fever, runny noses, coughing, and drool have been a part of our daily routine.  Lily was sick first, then I got it, and thankfully Mr. Welder has stayed well to take care of us.
This is Lily's first time to be sick so we are thankful that we have not had to deal with it for a good while.
She's been taking longer naps.
Probably since she feels icky or maybe she is a good nap taker now.
Ha, I won't count on it.
I'd rather have her well any day.
Despite her illness, she has still been growing and learning and making us laugh everyday.
Peaches and plums, roasted, pureed, and now waiting in the freezer for a hungry Lily.
 Lily's appetite has diminished greatly.  It seems to be coming back since last night.  That makes me happy.  I love to see her eat!
 She sounds so sad with her bad cough and little whimpers but nothing will stop her from trying to stand up.
 And she did it.
All by herself.
 So proud
 Hanging on tight to the edge.
 And on top of a cold, she's also getting her first tooth!
Chew toys, popsicles, and Orajel are on the menu!
So now we wonder how much of her symptoms have been from teething or from her cold.
Either way, it's been a tough time for the poor, little gal.
 But she's been strong and a good baby.
 We can't wait for her to feel better again!
Longer naps=Mrs. Welder getting more accomplished.
 (After all the extra washing, etc. that comes from boogie rags, night sweats, and gagging spit ups...the glamorous life I lead-ha)
  Yes, after this post, the blog is actually caught up to real time.  It's been a while since I could say that.  And I even posted something on Bee Angels blog too!  Next on the list is an update on Mr. Welder's house project on Weld House Homes.
But I miss my healthy baby greatly and can't wait to have her back to normal. Teething will be something we'll deal with for a while but hopefully this stinky cold will leave the building soon!
We hope you've missed all the sickness that's been floating around!
(Lily normally takes a nap on her carpet in her room.  She wakes up, plays a little, and then crawls to the living room to find me.  I hear here stirring now.  It really is the cutest thing ever.)
About to push "Publish" for the fourth time in a 24 hour period!

The Great Outdoors in the Camper

Dear Lily, I know you aren't old enough to remember your first camping trip but one day you will be old enough to read and look at what I remembered for you.
I want to start by explaining how your mommy and daddy used to go camping growing up and how much fun we always had, which is why we were so excited to take you camping already.
We loaded up, worked on broken down bikes, went on an HEB shopping spree and headed to the lake.

Here is a look at the inside of the camper.  We all slept on the bed in the top, left picture-the bedding was being washed while this picture was taken.  We had lots of covers.  Our camper is older but in good shape considering its age.  We may one day fix it up or we may just leave it as is and spend more time camping...
The first night we spent some time working out the kinks-oh, and seeing if the fish were biting.  After daddy got the heater blowing hot air, we decided to test the smoke alarm to discover it did not have batteries.  We racked our brains trying to think of something to steal batteries from and first used some from daddy's camera.  The alarm beeped so we thought his batteries may be almost dead.  So next, after figuring out a way to get off the back without a screw driver, we borrowed some from one of your toys.  The alarm still beeped so daddy was going to drive into town to get a new one but his truck was acting up.  So we called Grandma and Grandpa.
After you took a little nap, they brought us a new alarm so we could all sleep safely and soundly.  Aunt Johnnie and Uncle Heather were with them and they got to see you crawl (and whine) for the first time since they had just returned from their trip and had not seen you in a while.
After an ok night of sleep, we woke, you played, Daddy did his favorite part of camping-made breakfast outside, and Mommy started to learn the oven, which cooked things a tad unevenly during that first attempt.
Next, we did what you love most and that was stroll and be outside.
As always, I loved watching you explore and learn.
And as always, you loved the great outdoors!
We strolled some more while Daddy tested the waters.
A little chilly but really a beautiful February day.
After a nap with Daddy,
We gathered some firewood,
And played with Daddy.
Precious baby
Precious moments with your Daddy.
After playing in the rocks and dirt,
We went down to the water,
And you played in the big rocks while Daddy fished.
Back up the hill, we decided to test out the seat and bikes Daddy worked so hard on.
You inspected it and concluded that it was somewhat like a car seat but had the potential to be fun.
And off we went.
Quiet at first, taking it all in, but soon you were talking and having a good time.
"Why are we stopping?"
And when you discovered that Daddy was in front of you, you pulled and played with his shirt.
Back at the campsite, you played under your picnic table fort and especially loved the bag that our lawn chair came in.
That evening, your aunt and uncle came to have dinner and brought you a gift from their trip.
A little later, grandma and grandpa came.  We sat by the fire for just a few minutes before you decided it was time to call it a night.  You rested on the bed by Mommy and listened to me talk to your aunt and grandma before nodding off to sleep.
Sleep was little more interrupted than the night before but we were still rested enough to go strolling when we woke.
One more bike ride.

And a little nap.
We played in the truck while Daddy did a little more fishing-it was windy.
We had lunch and packed up to go home-almost did not make it.  Good thing your Daddy knows about engines.  After a few bangs with a hammer, we made it to the part store, left the truck running, picked up Daisy from Grandma and Grandpa's with the truck running (yes, she was not happy to be left behind but will be joining us next time), and made it to our house where Daddy fixed the truck so we'd be ready for our next trip.
Your first family vacation camping trip was a success.  We can't wait for the years of camping we dream of to come.
Love, Mommy

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sweet Pure Love

Love is in the air.
My sister came over before the big Valentine's Day and watched Lily rearrange her room.
"Don't you like it?"
My sister also brought along some craft supplies to put together a little something for Valentine's Day.
It was a really simple, fun craft.
First we stuck scrapbook stickers on our pre-cut log slices.
Then we gave the logs two coats of chalkboard paint.
And then we had an early Valentine celebration since my sister and my bro-in-law would be skiing on the real day.
"Uncle Heather always makes sure I will be stylish no matter the occasion."
"And mommy is always looking for a reason for a photo shoot."
"I am pretty cute, so I really don't blame her."

The day before Valentine's Day, Lily learned to crawl...and has not slowed down since!
Back to the little how-to just in case anyone is wanting to make their own log chalkboard.
After the paint dried, we tore the stickers off, painted the top of a little wooden heart, which was hot glued in place.
For a little extra touch, we wood burned a message on the back and added Lily's hand print.
We wrote our message and had it waiting by the coffee pot for Mr. Welder to find on Valentine's morning.
 He surprised his gals with this lovely flower arrangement.
"Custom with lilies and burlap."
 We grilled steaks that evening with my parents.
 Lily opened her gifts.
 "Pretty cool, but I really like the paper."
 We took our first camping trip in the camper that weekend-pics coming soon.
Lily needed a little snooze from all the fun when we gathered for our family Sunday dinner.
 After cooking with Grandma,
Opening more Valentine's goodies,
 Sitting on this cool couch,
 It was time for Buzz Lightyear to give Lily a drink from the Santa cup to complete her first Valentine's Day celebrations.
Pure love.