Friday, May 29, 2009


Not really...after this boring week, our weekend progress should knock your socks off! After acquiring the lovely blue machine (below) and then diagnosing what all would need to be done to fix it, we were not left with much time to work on the house. We did go get the trailer since our green tin came in and is ready to pick up today. This will allow us to finish out the end wall and dry the house in! So hopefully, we will have an exciting weekend to talk about next week. Thanks for your patience :)
By the way, before work this morning, I found out that this lovely machine (I thought was going to be repaired and taken back to it's owner) is magically ours now. Thought I would go ahead and advertise in case you are in the market. Not sure when it will be ready to go, but I am sure it will be worth the wait. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Let's Rock Out

Last night did not go according to visible accomplishments were made. Jason met a guy to talk about rocking the house and before you know the night was gone. (And they say women like to talk!) We plan to at least meet with three rockers (Ha! Barbie and the Rockers...for the ladies) before making our decision. So we have one meeting out of the way, and Jason also learned the answer to a few questions about getting the house ready to rock. Hopefully tonight we will get something not be surprised if we don't though. Jason thought he needed just one more project going so is picking up some four-wheeler, Mule, Gator...(I don't know) that needs repairs. Guess it can go beside the other one sitting in our garage now :) Having a handy husband is not always so handy.
And if you were that is not the rock we have decided. We have what we like in mind but have not decided for sure. This was just a random rock building on the right side of the street I zoomed in on (through my open back passenger side car window) while waiting at a red light in the left hand lane, on a three lane, one way street. The danger I put myself in to keep you guys entertained! Hopefully I will have something a little more exciting tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Moving Service

It was about time for my birthday gift...Jason and dad cleaned out a few items we left while Daisy supervised.Rigged up the tractor with extended forks Shoveled around the posts to loosen the dirt
Still no movement so they shoveled around the tin too

Used boards to jump and pry

And up it started to come

Jason and I helped guide dad around obstacles.

After discussing where to place it, we found a perfect setting with only one tree in the way. I am not sure what kind of tree it is but Jason was able to rip it up like the Hulk. Jason pushes limbs out of the way
We dangled the shed over where we wanted it to end up. Then dad marked where the holes needed to be dug.
Jason broke his shovel while digging around the tin and then broke his post hole digger while digging these holes...I joked that now that we had a tool shed, we had no tools!
We also dug a trench for the tin to rest in.
Daisy thought the trench was for her since it was a perfect fit.It was time to set it in place.
A little leveling and filling in
Daisy was quite pleased with her new club house. She was so excited to invite Bud, Sally, Lola, and Cracker over to play.
To keep the guys motivated and moving, mom began digging up the separate back section of the shed.
It came right up.

It was a little tricky getting it past all of the trees.

What a cool Birthday gift! To end the day, we had grilled steaks and a buffet of garden fresh veggies. It was so delicious! We could not have dreamed up a better weekend.

Trimming and Cleaning

Next, rock trim was put on the front of the house. Peeling off the plastic
Securing it in place

While the guys worked on the trim (and unloaded a freezer for Granny and Grandpa) mom and I cleaned out the little shed you can see to the left of the back of the house. When Jason asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I told him I wanted this shed moved to the back of the property for a potting shed. Since the big day was days away and no gift in hand, he thought this sounded like a fabulous idea.
Mom did some bug killing.
Then we hauled bricks, stepping stones, and rocks to the our "supply section" along the back fence...The wheel barrow was sooo heavy and hard to push over the lumpy land. I was beginning to wonder what I had gotten myself into and thought maybe I should have had a different Birthday wish!

Extra Day of Productivity

Monday was a holiday, so we had one more day to work. Jason noticed one of the Live Oaks we planted about three years ago, where we live now, was not looking so great. All the others have grown, but this one that was planted on the tank dam was scrawny. He scoped it out and pulled up on it and it came right out. He decided we would plant it at the Weld House and see if it does any better. I hope so since we do not have any Live Oaks here and I like a variety :)

While I painted the seond coat on the balcony door, Jason worked on the front door some more.
He gave it a coat of hammered spray paint.
And he also added a few pieces of iron above the door...if Godzilla can't swing on it without it will get more welding work added!

Less Drip and Wind

After a downpour on Saturday (right after we ate), we noticed a small drip between the porch and house. That is the only leak we had! Above dad is fixing the one tiny leak.
Next, windows were installed. The one above is our bedroom window.

Then the four across the front of the house were installed.

Mom and I were in charge of cleaning off all the stickers and dirt.

Paint, Sand, Repeat...

Sunday morning I started by painting the outside of the balcony door (first coat).
Next, mom and I sanded the inside of the balcony door. Then, I painted it again (second coat). I painted the seond coat on the outside on Monday currently, each side has been painted, sanded, and painted again.

Front Door Frame

To start the day off on Sunday, Jason and dad worked on building a frame for the top part of the front door. Here they are using the ladder to bend the flat iron into an arch shape. They used a pallet to finish the arch.
Next, they welded it in place.
To complete the job, they sheeted the wall around it.

One more step closer to seeing what this door is going to look like!