Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Year's Resolution

 If I made resolutions, it would probably be to be a better blogger.  That would entail posting Christmas pics before some random January ones.  And probably sharing something from Thanksgiving before then too.  But since I am not one for setting goals I probably won't achieve, here are those random January pics.  
January...most likely my least favorite month of the year.
It makes you want to stay in and make a fire.
 Only with clean firewood, of course!
 Or sometimes cuddling up with a nice bowl of soup helps fight the winter blues.
 If those two ideas fail to make you feel happy, doing something creative can sometimes do the trick.
 And sometimes (even in January) God gives you a gift of a beautiful day.
 And trying out something new, like driving on your new sidewalk,
 Definitely makes you happy.
 And when your driving has slipped below par, just point and magically you will be back on track.
 For a minute anyways.

 Maybe Lily's resolution should have been to learn to drive :)
 Or to never give up.
 And to keep on smiling.
 And to live on the wild side.

 To take time for the little things.

 To learn to accept defeat...
 And to figure out a better way.
 And of course, to ALWAYS
 Enjoy the
 She may not have steering down quite yet.  But this gal can pedal!
 So it's cold again, but until brighter days when we work in the greenhouse and garden...
 The guineas (yes, we have ten of them) will live there.
And Daddy and Lily will dream of cruising the lake until then.