Saturday, February 22, 2014

That Promised Pic And Just a Few More

 That gap in photos I mentioned in the last post...well, of course when I went to look I found all these others I just had to post.  And the next picture makes me think I am still missing some of my favorites but this will probably have to do so we can get back on track.  Mr. Welder has been busy and we have some pretty cool projects in the works that I want to blog about so I need to get Weld House Homes blog up to date soon too.  So many blogs, so little time.
 Lily loves her baby dolls and their special quilt.
 Talking and hanging out with her friends, the moo cows.

 HANGING out with daddy for a nap

 The promised pic!
The first fire I started on my own...well, in the woodburning stove anyways.
I once caught a popcorn bag on fire by microwaving it with a clothespin holding the bag shut.
 Snack time
 Family pic for the home show
 Bath time at Granny's

 Fueling up to dance the night away

 My Grandpa's Birthday

 Pizza Hut Partners

 Sad Report:
Fred decided to cross the road at the wrong time and is no longer with us.
 Kisses for Daddy from his two girls while he is trying to work on his truck.

 Always have a project going on

 PJs Grammie sewed Lily for Christmas

 Driving the Gator all by herself
 Sitting in the rocker instead of on the couch by her cousin like he wanted.
My most recent little project for the house.  Old window we had in the attic that we hung (on the back side of the pantry) and made into a wipe off memo.  When I had my job I was very calendar oriented and looked at it constantly.  Now I never look at it so I thought this would help us stay on track.  I did the days of the week on six panes with Saturday and Sunday sharing a pane.  On the seventh is our To Do List and the eighth has upcoming dates like Dr. appts, Birthday parties, and meetings.
Hope your enjoying your weekend.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Twenty Posts For the Price of One

 We're still over here enjoying life.
New Year's Eve was a fun time.
As you can see, it was a wild party.
Low key and close to home-how we like it :)
Our Little Lily is growing and growing.
She's quite the shopping partner.
Shop till she drops.
And then ready to spend some HEB Bucks and have a cereal treat.
Always the clown and always climbing...maybe she gets that from me!
 I think there is a gap in pics here-I am on Jason's computer and this is what I have access to right now so it will have to do.
I am sure you thought there was a big gap with the lack of pics :)
 Still our animal lover
All shapes and sizes
 If you would have told me at the beginning of winter how many freezing days we would have, I would have thought we would never make it cooped up inside.  Oh, that reminds me of one of those lacking pics.
I built my first (and then many) fires.
Umm...that is an important one.
I may have to do another post when I get my computer back.
 You know how you see a pic on Pinterest and you think, oh, I'll stay up late and make a cute (kind of wrinkly) banner so in the morning we can just snap a quick, easy photo and we'll have Valentine's Day covered. 
Yeah, that never happens.
 Ok, so there were some cute ones that did not include fits or random DVDs on the chalk board tray...but you know when you have one pictured in your mind that shows those big eyes looking at the camera?
You just can't give up.
 So you drag out the beads, the pipe cleaners...
 You move the operation outside and bring out the pink cowboy boots that she is always proud to wear.
 But she is just too dang busy talking on two phones at the same time. 
(We must talk on the phone a lot.  At least once a day, she walks around jabbering on her phone or phones.)
 The baby comes out to play.
 So it was time to give up.
 Have some lunch and then think about making mommy happy.
 After a quick game of peek a boo
 We busted out the cookie.
Next time, I won't wait so long to bring out the good stuff.
 Valentine's Day was filled with lots of treats.
 Pizza for lunch.

 Sticks for Daisy

 Sugars for Donnie

 More gifts at Sunday dinner

 Rocking the pony tail and watching videos of herself are her "things" right now.
 More cookies.
(See a smile on the third picture.)
 More phone talking
 Hanging out with Daddy on the balcony
 Plowing the garden
 Sharing food with Donnie
 Until she decides it's time for him to get off the table so she can have it all to herself.
So, that's just a little peek into what's been going on around here.
I'll try to remember to post a pic of that fire I built since I know you are anxious to see it.
Till then I hope you can find something to keep your mind off it :)
Happy Thursday!