Thursday, September 30, 2010

Culler, One Who Culls

Instead of skipping their Wednesday night volunteer commitment, the Welders actually went to pitch in for a change. But then back to flooring it was. If I am thinking right, these few runs are the longest. They start in the gym and travel down the hall.
The hall that leads to the trap door, which will be secured-don't worry.
So what does a cleaner/"culler" actually do? Since that is my job, I will hurry and tell you. The guys are getting so fast at nailing it down that I can hardly keep up. (Mom, come back!) Since we are using old, crusty flooring that has been in a dusty wood shop for almost a year, first I clean along the edges where the pieces slide together. Old stain, caulk, and dirt sometimes fills the crease which will not allow it to sit flush.
Sometimes the crust falls out with an easy scrape, and sometimes it's more stubborn. Next, I use a brush to knock off the loose crust and dust.
If a board is too bad-has way too many staples to pull or is split (like the one on the left), I cull it, which is just a fancy way to say put it to the side. This stack of culled pieces used to be bigger. At first I thought we may try to leave the floor looking old-leave it as is. But after further discussions we are going to have it refinished. This means I no longer try to scrape off the paint, etc. (You may have noticed the colors getting crazier than they were at first.) So this definitely sped up my process and made the painted pieces of wood not so annoying.
After I get a stack about like this, I try to make it up the stairs without dropping them.
Then dad measures and gets pieces for the next run grouped.
Then he lines them up for Mr. Welder who nails them in place.
And this is the end result on Wednesday.
Already to the HVAC closet.
And this picture inside the gym is my favorite since it looks like we've come a long way...because we have!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Run Out the Door

Tuesday evening brought much excitement as the flooring began to run out the gym door into the game room.
I did not realize this is how it would work. I just thought we would finish the gym and then move to the next room. It makes sense now that I know :)
Mr. Welder finally had a reason to use his birthday present. It is called a joiner and here he is using it to cut off the bottoms of the trim to allow the flooring to slip underneath.
And here is how it looked at the end of the night.
If I know what I'm talking about, the next run will go down the hallway between the hut and the office. And as you can see, the corner and door trim has all been joined (cut off) so we can move right along. Oh and since I only took a picture of one side, the landing, office, and big A-frame door trim are also joined. Moving right along.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Floor It!

Monday evening the gals got back to cleaning boards and the guys got back to nailing them in place.
Piece by piece
We made it to the door! Here Jason is sawing the jamb so the flooring can slide underneath.
And here is where we left off.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Dancing with the Stars

Sunday, the girls went to church to thank the Lord for for all things good while the guys thanked God at The Weld House while flooring...and who said men were not good at multi-tasking?! This is how it looked when we arrived with lunch.
Mr. Welder tweaking the floor jack yet some more.
With the progress, the girls were motivated to get back to preparing the flooring.
Not only were the pieces skinny (a fact we knew all along), the guys also discovered that they were not all the same width. That meant each piece had to be measured since the pieces for each row needed to be the same width to avoid having large gaps.
Once it was discovered, they added the extra (but quick) step and got their rhythm down.
Mr. Welder would hit the black button on the right side of the gun with the rubber mallet, which shot the nails in at an angle.
And here is how it looked at the end of the day. Just like every project, it starts slow, but once you get going, it gets faster and faster until before you know it, the project is complete.
Yep, big enough to dance on :)

Bust the Bundles

Do you remember almost a year ago when the Welders celebrated their third anniversary? Click here to be refreshed of that BIG day. Well, like many of their acquisitions, a year later, they visit them again. Saturday, it was time for the stack of wood flooring to quit acting as a shelf. Installation time had finally arrived.
Well, almost. First, dad moved this pile of dirt leftover from the septic tank project.
The girls busted the bundles.
And started carrying it up to the second floor where it would be installed.
A before shot of the gym. The weird orange thing is a special nailer used for flooring.
The girls scraped and cleaned the flooring but the guys actually had one more project to complete. They trimmed the game room ceiling. Old metal ridge roll was added on these two angles.
And wooden trim was added down the two center peaks.
After the gals had quite a stack of wood flooring waiting to be installed, it was somewhat hard to be motivated to keep doing the monotonous task. They took a break and cleaned up some of the junk lying around in the yard. By the end, the picnic table was ready for a picnic and the garage loft had a nice stack of supplies for future wood working projects.
Soon it was the moment we've been waiting for. The guys started to nail down the flooring.
Just look at those skinny pieces.
Yes, that is two rows. The guys worked with and decided the floor jack (a deal used to pull the pieces tightly together) needed a little tweaking and with bolts from dad's shed. It was time for dinner so we called it a night but had a plan in place for the next day.

Friday, September 24, 2010

I Lust for Less Dust

To start, here is the missing picture from Wednesday's progress. The door that was trimmed to complete this wall.
Thursday evening, Mr. Welder got back to trimming and started in the gym. He added cedar trim in the two corners where the sheetrock meets the tin and metal trim (that matches and you can hardly see in real life and even harder in the picture) on both sides where the HVAC closet meets the tin wall.
Then it was time to tie up the loose ends in the office. Metal trim was added to both sides where the peak meets the wall. Notice in this picture-you can kind of see the A/C vent and how the cover did not quite fit the hole. Not very pretty.
Much better.
The Welding Wife got the gym ready for flooring! The equipment was moved to one side and the dust is gone! Feels good to have at least one room less disgusting.
Mr. Welder finished off this wall in the art room where the insulation was visible.
Three boards and finished.
And last project for the evening. The knob was added to the dummy door on the island. Another busy night to get us in good shape for a productive weekend!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let's Meet-Up in the Game Room

Wednesday evening the Welders started trimming on the opposite side of the game room.
Mr. Welder is quite the monkey crawling all over the hut.
To the top
Fixing where the corners meet
Last wall
Last piece to make all the trim met up
Next, this door was trimmed. First, Jason added a piece of metal trim. I thought I got a good picture of the end results, but my camera's batteries were low and it seems that it actually did not take.
Last, Jason added a piece of trim to the top of the balcony door. He decided to wait on the two sides pieces since it will be easier after the wood floor is in place.