Friday, August 24, 2012

Dear Lily

 Dear Lily,
I had such a fun weekend with you.
  (Yes, I am behind in writing you my little note since it's already Friday again.)
  I loved your and Daddy's idea of hitting some garage sales on Friday morning.
  While eating breakfast and thinking of  you peacefully sleeping in the bassinet, I thought and hated to wake you up.  When I walked in the room my feelings quickly disappeared when I saw your bright eyes. I knew you were excited and ready to go.
 You (and Daddy hauling around the heavy car seat) were perfect garage sale partners.
 We found a truck load of goodies and you took a nap after all your treasure hunting.
 Saturday morning, you and Daddy (and Daisy and Herman) woke me up to have coffee and watch the beautiful rain.
 We looked and listened to the pitter patter.
 A 3.5 inch rain replenished the yard, flower beds, and Daisy's hole.
 And the cool air felt so refreshing and was a nice relief from the heat.
 It was so relaxing that we decided to hang out and write in your journal before carrying on with the rest of the day.
 After working and cleaning up some of our garage sale finds, it was time to get ready for the next event.
 All ready to go in your handmade outfit from your aunt. 
 This time we tried the bow on your head instead of shirt where you tried to eat it.
 But you had other plans and thought it made a nice necklace.
 We made our way down the street to a fish fry.  While Daddy cooked, Grandma and I pushed you around in the stroller.
It started to drizzle again so we made our way inside for a tasty meal. 
 Sunday morning before church, we chilled in our recliners and talked about our plans for the rest of the day.
 We had a nice visit with Grammie
 and Grandpa.
 And ended the weekend with playtime with your cousin, a musical bug, tire,
And snack.
Thank you for the perfect weekend, Lily (and Daddy).
I love being your Mommy (and wife).

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Child of God

 Here I am all dressed up in a gown that has been in my family for years and years.  I was about to become a member of God's family so I wanted to wear something extra special.
 Speaking of special, here I am in a hat that my Grammie wore on her Baptismal day.  She wore it with a matching sweater that you will notice later in the post.  It was a little hot for a sweater and my Grammie must have not wiggled as much as me to keep a hat like this on!  They are beautiful and were crocheted by my Great Grandmother.
 Here I am looking at a picture of my mommy on her Baptismal day.  I think we look alike.
 But I am probably a little cuter.
 I also put on my bracelet that my aunt and uncle gave me for the special day.
 After a hug from daddy,
 Mommy somehow managed to get me in my car seat with all that dress.
 We made it to church in no time.
 Here is the fount where it would all happen.
 The banners are extra special since my mommy and Grandma helped make them a few years ago.
 And this banner was special too since it had my name on it!
 My aunt and uncle are my Godparents.
 Here I am holding the sweater I mentioned.
Mommy and Daddy were so proud of how well behaved I was.
I love bath time and it kind of reminded me of the washing the hair part-but with extra special words that were said to make me a child of God.
 I am so excited to be a part of God's family.
 Speaking of family-my earthly family was all there for the special occasion.
My parents and their parents.
 My Great Grandmother-the one that crocheted the sweater and hat.
 My Daddy's side of the family
 And Mommy's side.
 Just a little proof that my daddy is the reason we can never just take one picture.  I'm even looking and I'm just a baby!
 But it's really ok.  I'm Daddy's little girl.
 After the service, we had a party to celebrate at our house.  I put on my tutu and played and played.
 Until it was time for a nap.
 When I woke up, my cousin helped pass over all my gifts.
 I could not believe how many nice things I got.
 It was all so overwhelming that I decided to take another nap.
 Then hang out with Grandpa.
 I ended the night by taking a cruise with my family.
 The next day, I got back to being my usual naked self and sat in my recliner and started reading some of the books I got.
Daddy was having a work meeting in the den so Mommy and I read to keep quiet and my mind off of my hiccups.
 Can you believe we read 55 pages?!?!
 I asked Mommy to double check to see if we really read that much...
 She said we really did.
 So of course that made me drowsy just thinking of it, so took a nap with Daddy who was also tired from his meeting.
He had to wake up for his next meeting with Mommy, but I decided to take another snooze.  I remember when I was in mommy's tummy and she took notes at meetings.  She took notes at this meeting too but it seems like the topic was a little different.  Something about etsy and furniture and other items.  My mommy's always trying to think of ways to make a little extra money so she feels like she can stay home and play with me longer :)