Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jason! Happy Birthday, House!

Saturday was Jason's 31st Birthday and the house's one year Birthday-the slab was poured one year ago! Mom made us cookies to celebrate.Then it was back to work. Jason and dad worked on the back wall.
Yes, that is a cat-very helpful one, I might add ;)
Mom and I worked on this door some more...we are actually seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! We worked on one more project that I will talk about at a later date. We are experimenting.
This is the newest member of our family and house building crew. His name is Herman and he really has adapted well and fit right in as soon as we brought him home on Thursday. He is very nosey, but sweet!
I touched up the balcony handrail with a brush. There were a few places that were close to the columns or house that the guys did not spray.
Jason and dad put of the studs for the toliet room. Though we have not picked out our potty...I hope it is more comfortable than this pipe!
Happy One Year, Weld House!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Date Night

Tuesday night the Welding Family had a date night...dinner, ice cream...and what else does every date night need? The book store!
The Welder read and studied and lost track of time. When they got home, he was snoring as soon as his head hit the pillow. The Welding Wife...she has a little more trouble turning her brain off. When she did finally drift off to dreams filled her head until morning! It's just too bad she had to wake up and lose all that progress :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Mr. Welder, Solemnly Swear...

Monday night Jason and dad went to weld in a super tall column to sturdy up our wimpy otherwise (ha!) house. I made a deal with him-if I went to the grocery store and got all the things for his Birthday celebration we are having Friday-then he and dad must take pictures of their work at the Weld House. I guess the oath worked...these are just some of the photos my two favorite men brought back!
I will tell you what I gathered from Jason's comments when he came home...I think I understand what went on. Here Jason is cutting a piece of square tubing. The piece was a little shy of reaching the span.
Taa is the finished, sturdy product.
Dad worked on adding a plate and anchor inside the kids' bathroom wall. This gave Jason a place to weld the tubing to the floor.
There are no pictures of the guys getting this big mamor jamor (not sure how to spell that fun Junior High word...) up into position. I guess I understand...they both had their hands full and safety first! They used the lift, a chain, and manpower to get it in place. Here Jason is welding the top.
And now the bottom. I asked Jason why it was wet. He said they put water to cool it off after he welded.
And that's the pole that holds our house together :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Out of the Closet

In order for the plumbing to fit in the wall between the laundry room and kids' bathroom, we used wider wood. Here dad and Jason are cutting holes for the plumbing to fit.The bathroom is the room to the left and the laundry room is to the right.
Next on the list were the kids' closets.
Kind of hard to see but here are the two kids' rooms with closets.
Jason finishing up the corner of the second closet.
Mom and I scrapped and scrapped this door. You may remember the orangey door I started working on last weekend...this is the same one, layers later. We did some experimenting with paint stripper and have plans for more science projects in the future.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brain Waves

"Just so you know...I probably won't get very much done tonight...I am just going to sit here and think about a bunch of stuff."-The Welder
If you only knew how many times we moved these boards around. Just when we thought there were no more options of how to situate the kids' closets, Jason figured out the best option yet. We are happy to have one more thing decided!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Excuse Me, I Think I Have Your Chair...

Wednesday the Welding Wife took a trip to the Restore during her lunch break. After showing these two photos to her husband, he liked, so she went back to purchase. Any plans in particular for these two jewels? I thought the wooden chair in the top picture might be fun for Jason's fishing room, which will be somewhere upstairs. It is a little lower to the ground than a normal chair and I can see it sprucing up a woodsy room. The back has a strip of Velcro that I assume the previous owner used to attach a cushion. I think I will definitely do a cushion for the seat but might get rid of the Velcro and let the back of the chair show off. Price of this chair...$5.
Now the rocker...this thing is even comfy. I had my doubts but was pleasantly surprised when I took a test. It makes me think of Bohemian or Scandinavian...I really know nothing about style or what either of those words mean when talking about style, but those are just the two words that come to mind when I see this so thought I would ramble about it for a minute. When I showed Jason the picture, I was a little worried the colors might not be what we have in mind...ha whatever those colors may be. "That chair could work lots of places," the Welder said. I liked it at first sight, so you did not have to persuade me! Oh and the cost of this prize? $15!
So the nice guy at Restore (the workers are always so nice and helpful) turned and twisted and rotated until he miraculously fit both chairs into my small car!
And this would be my seat for the way home since the Welders car pooled today :) Oh and to make this ride home even more interesting...when I started my car at lunch the A/C made a horrible knocking sound. The Welder (who is also a "really good mechanic") took a look. He thinks a mouse may have gotten caught in the fan but will have to take part of the car apart when we get home to check it out. I imagine two Welders holding two chairs (to keep them from crashing through the wind shield) and two noses. Life doesn't get any better than this!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Break at the Lake

Monday we took a break and the boat out to the lake. I had a relaxing time reading a book while Jason fished. He caught these two white bass at the same time! Now that's impressive :) And you want to know the best part? He caught enough keepers (well...he kept enough keepers-at first he threw them all back- after using my handy Martha Stewart magazine measuring tips-a dollar bill is about six inches and a credit card about 3.5...I really do need to keep a measuring tape in my purse!) for a grilled fish meal for favorite! What a relaxing, enjoyable time.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Wall to Wall

Saturday we started the day by completing the trim around the balcony. I took the above picture to show how crazy the trim is cut to fit.
A lovely finished look.
Here is a before picture of a door I worked on...all day! Still not ready to take an after photo but I am beginning to see the real potential.
Jason and dad did more wall work.
Back corner: Master Bath and closet
Next section (left to right): Master Bed, and the room with plumbing will be split in half, laundry room farthest and extra bath closet to the photographer
The hallway
Last wall for the day
The kids' (or guest...only time will tell) rooms are to the left of the hall with a window in each room. What a productive weekend. I am beginning to understand the layout of our house now and can probably give a way better tour!

Traveling Trailer

Thursday night, Jason hooked up new lights to our trailer in preparation for our Friday shopping trip.
Jason learned about a salvage warehouse, so we took off from our real jobs, and took the trailer on a shopping trip. I will just say, our main destination was not what we had in mind. The first sign was this exact light (above) I got at the Restore...for $25! Plus this one did not have its twin for the matching pair.
The place was neat and had lots to look at...just was quite a bit out of our price range.
We did find this (surprisingly lower priced than the rest) light-$65-to hang between the two garage doors. We were a little afraid we would find a better deal somewhere else, but think we were also scared we would go home at the end of the day empty handed. Even after several miles of driving and numerous stops, we still would have chosen this particular one, so I would say it was meant to be!
While driving all of those miles...we passed this pest control truck. My dad always calls Daisy an anteater...I see no resemblance except for the fur color?!? Daisy is much prettier.
We started in Dallas, then to Plano & Garland. We ended up in Fort Worth and that is where we finally found the main item on our wish list, doors! We bought this pocket door to possibly use in our closet.
After the miles of driving and finding our way, we were very happy to purchase a selection of interior doors.
This was Jason's job on Saturday...holding the light up. Just kidding, I will post Saturday's productivity shortly...but don't you think the light looks great?!? Guess we should have rolled the doors down to get the real effect...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Graffiti Vandals

Tuesday Jason primed and dad painted the flat iron that will be the form for the balcony floor concrete. I caught these vandals in the act!
All hidden with a piece of trim!
Here is a sneak peek from my Restore shopping trip. Yes, this thing (lantern?) is quite big. It definitely caught my eye and when I saw the $5 price tag, I had to have it. I am not sure if it could ever be rigged up to be a light (or where it would actually go), but I can also imagine it sitting on the rock hearth beside our pot belly stove and lighting it up with candles every once in a while. And if all else fails, it may end up in my garage sale or back to the Restore where it can continue its journey. I wonder what purpose it served in its previous life. Post your guess!