Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Fourth!

The Welding Wife and family will be taking a vacation and break next week. I do not plan to look at a computer or blog for an entire week :) If the heat does not stop us, we will probably have house progress during that time, and I will report back in July. We hope you have a safe, happy fourth!

Clean Up

Last night we planned to work on the other side of the front door but got side tracked. Instead we did a little picking up around the place.
If I were you, I would have been talking about us behind our backs :) But now you can't any longer-well, not about this one particular issue at least. We have been hauling this sheet metal back and forth for months now. I am sure if you search the pictures of this blog you will see them under iron, railing, trim boxes, etc. They just always came along for the ride. Well, last night we finally unloaded them. Yippee!
It was even better when dad came by and took my job :) while mom and I did other house planning.
Before leaving, we discussed the options for cementing the balcony porch. I think we have it figured out and we will be able to use some of the material laying around collecting rust as we speak.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Door Plans

Most of the boards for the front door were cut, but we needed to rip one to fit the small gap.Here Jason is doing a test on a scrap. We wanted to make sure the decorative nails would cover the screws (that hold the wood to the door) if he counter-sunk them. It is going to work! We (or at least I) had a fun night discussing and planning how we want to complete this door. We need a few more decorative nails, but I think we have the plan in place.
Here Jason is applying a construction adhesive. After we got the rest of the boards in place, Jason used his favorite NP1 to seal the perimeter of the back side. We also took advantage of the windless night and touched up the spray camera battery was low and would only work after a that is why there are not as many pictures...I will keep you in suspense a little longer since these pictures are not very telling about the looks of the door. Before calling it a night, Jason did a little snake his protective snake hunting gear.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sunny Days...Sweepin the Clouds (of Dust) Away...

The rockers finished around lunch time yesterday. Jason called me after he left the (rocked) Weld House and was very impressed with their work and service. They even cleaned off the patios! The picture above is the bottom of our back door. They filled in the gap with rocks-love it!
I thought you might like to see our house with a clean front porch :)
And the balcony with a clean porch and no you can see, we do still have a lot to clean up but just having the porches clean made me feel much better.
After Jason sprayed for ants he worked on the is a sneak peek.
He got a lot accomplished and maybe we will get to work on it more tonight...I wonder if the anticipation is killing you guys as much as it is me!
I worked on sweeping out the house and also washed the front windows. The black screens were white from all of the rock dust!

I am sure it was a waste of time and it will be dirty when we go out there next time, but I slept better last night at least ;)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Welding Wife's Daily Column

Yesterday the columns and the remainder of the house were rocked.

The front windows will have cedar shutters and one of these days we will also have a finished front door :)

Looks like the rockers tested out the party balcony :)

Before leaving, Jason went around with tape and made notes on things he wants fixed before they take off today. He met them this morning and they told him they would be finished doing touch ups around 11:30 today.
Looks like White Sands in our house.
Jason is quite the inspector. I am glad I get to just walk around and pick up trash while he takes a close look. An example of the things he looked for- the rock under the trim was a tad too big, which pushed up the trim making it unlevel in one spot. Jason asked them to put a smaller rock so water will run off the trim correctly.
Mr. Inspector
We are very pleased with the rock work. Now I can't wait to get all of this mess cleaned up! It drives me bonkers!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tedious Trim

Saturday the guys worked on trimming the balcony.
I worked on spray painting the decorative nails for the front door. I primed them and then painted them flat black...and that was about the extent of the front door progress :)

More balcony trim

Cutting the trim for the corners of the balcony-this was a very tricky piece that took plenty planning but came out looking perfect.

After going to Heather's to help her decorate with the new stuff she bought, I finally thought of a job for me. I used a razor blade to remove the stain that got on the windows when I painted the door. I was a little nervous this would be a pain but it actually came off easily.
Sunday, between Father's Day activities, Jason cut out the railing posts that were closest to the columns.
Now they are ready to be rocked. I can't wait to see how these turn out.

Rock Garden

After work on Friday, we went to see the rock progress before going out to dinner.
Here is what it looked like.

Looking good! They are out there working again today and could possibly finish today and come back for touch-ups tomorrow!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Lots of Rock...

After staring at the rock progress...

We snake proofed the place :)

Jason read that snakes do not like moth balls, so we scattered them around the place for a nice aroma :)

Then Jason worked on the door!

He got the pieces cut....

And they fit...but that was the end of the progress for today. Sometimes it is just nice to enjoy giving tours instead of working hard everyday :) I am holding my breath that after this weekend I will finally know what the front door looks like!