Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Frosty The Snow Wheel

Tuesday was a magical winter wonderland kind of day...
Jason went to work while I stayed home and soaked in all of the "beautifulness" I could. I actually was headed down the road to work when Jason called and said there was a wreck on the bridge and I should probably just stay home, so I called my boss and that is what I did. Daisy was already out of the warm house since I left for work. After about 20 minutes I guess she realized I was home and came to the door and let out a couple barks to let me know her feet were cold. I was finishing up the laundry and planned to go outside and wander so I let her wait in her house so she could tag along.
I went crazy with the camera. Everywhere I looked-it just looked so pretty. I tried to narrow it down, but there are still quite a few.

This first section of pictures are scenes from the house where we live.
Welder and Welding Wife Bikes

A view from my kitchen window. The trees were gorgeous!
The mailman decided to wait out the storm...just kidding. This is my mom and dad's mailman machine jeep they putt around their land in.
Herman did not join in the fun. He decided to keep his feet warm inside his bed. I can't say I blame him. And Daisy was lazy the rest of the day warm in the house on her princess pillow. I know, we have spoiled kiddos.
After Jason got off work, we made a trip to The Weld House. It had warmed up a little since I took the pictures at our house, which you can tell by the amount of snow. It was still snowing though.We brought the kids and took a family photo. Don't be surprised if you see this on our Christmas card this year.
Jason and Daisy had a snowball fight.When Daisy was not winning she decided to hide behind me for protection.
Jason built us a piece of snow art.

Yep, who wants a lame snowman when you can have a fancy snow wheel?!
After all that creative snow art, Jason had a snack to hold him over for the ride back home.

New Photographer

Monday night Jason and dad went to The Weld House while mom and I went to the grocery store. So Jason was the photographer. Thanks for taking pictures, honey! So, they worked on putting up more tin for the game room ceiling.
The angle iron is in place.
And this is how it looked at the end of the night. Moving right along!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Moving Day

Sunday after church we went to the annual Home Show. This picture is for my sister's enjoyment. Jason bothering yet another technical guy about wires. Yes, we were at this booth the longest, but not near as long as we were at Best Buy! Maybe he has it all figured out now :)
Then we visited Jason's parents. They recently did a bunch of work on their house including new carpet, painting, and moving out a bunch of their old furniture, which they offered to us. One piece in particular was blocking the hall to their front door. Though we are not exactly ready to move in furniture, we decided it would be good to get it out of their way!
This big hutch has plans to live on a wall of the pantry. It has lots of potential and I can't wait to fix it up.
Then these little night stands (there are two) were also in the garage waiting for their fate. I could also see great potential with a little love so they were loaded up too. (I had to take advantage of Jason's moving eagerness-hehe!)
And last, this (full of potential) pedestal table was loaded. I am not sure of it's exact location on the map but have a few ideas in mind. Jason's mom was so excited and happy that some of her sentimental pieces would one day live on in our house. She is the sweetest lady and it is so fun to always see her excitement about everything. That alone is worth moving the furniture out of the way a few times.
Then we took a trip to the Weld House to unload our new treasures.
Thanks mom and dad for furnishing our house! Now I really have the motivation to nail down my color choices so I can get to work on the makeovers! We are so happy to have such special furniture for our house.

Maybe We Do Live in a Barn

Saturday after Jason got off work, we went to the Weld House. Dad had a surprise for us. He installed the lights in the garage loft earlier during the week. Yippee! This room is almost finished except a light switch and two plugs. We are leaving it decorated like an igloo.The guys worked on the ceiling in the game room. To start they added a piece of angle iron.The material was brought in the house from the trailer.The tin was slid up to the second floor.Then it was measured and hammered straight. The first sheet of old barn tin was put up.
The girls worked on the kids' bathroom door.
And here is how it looked at the end of the day.
We are really excited about how it is working. It is not a big pain to work with
(says Jason) and it looks great! I can't wait to see it all up there!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Thursday night the guys loaded the trailer with materials for this weekend...stay tuned.

Clean the House

Wednesday after work we went to take a look to see how the insulation was coming along. Two workers were laying in the yard so we automatically knew that was a good sign. Here is a look at the garage loft. The room was completely dark, so the any light was from the flash.
And here are just a few pictures around the house with things all nice and clean opposed to the mess I posted earlier this week. They did a great job of cleaning up!

The ride got there right before we left. Though the mud did not stop the progress like I was afraid earlier this week, it did still show it's wrath. Jason pulls back the tree limb as the truck and trailer make it out of the mud with the help of a few boards. Yep, I knew that mud hole was mean.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Welcome to Our Igloo

And Tuesday, the day finally arrived. The Weld House was sprayed full of insulation.
Little martian men were hard at work. It was all very space like.

The equipment was in two trailers that made it through our mud pile!
The gym
Breaking our necks, looking in awe.

The bathroom
Daisy blended right in with the mess.
The foam comes out of a gun like deal attached to hoses wrapped in a protective case. So one guy sprays it on,
and then another guy cuts off the over hang once it dries almost instantly.
It is really neat to watch the chemicals react...hard to explain so I won't try. Guess you had to be there.
Jason walked around with one of the guys who was touching up. Jason held the light and pointed at a few spots that could use a little extra. You know we like to get our money's worth-ha.
And yes, by the time we finally left, my feet felt like we really were in Alaska.
Wednesday, they will come back and touch up the house, spray the ceiling in the garage, and clean up our cute igloo.