Thursday, April 28, 2011


Progress is being made on the upstairs bathroom sink.
It is really cute and this photo's colors are way off, but it gives you an idea for now...and maybe forever unless I can figure out a way to take a good picture in a small dark corner :)

Oh and for a vocabulary lesson from Professor Welder. Dunnage-a loose packing of any bulky material put around cargo for protection.

Dunnage was used for the frame of the cabinet!

I learn something new everyday.

Speaking of learning, Mr. Welder did his first blog post tonight. Click here to check it out.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April Showers...Finally!

Praise the Lord!
We did have some small hail but nothing was damaged.

Including Daisy. She took cover. And Herman went hunting…go figure!

The sky was going crazy. We sat on the front porch and watched the show. Of course, the pictures do not do it justice.

And as this was clearing off, we thought that was the end. But the real storm came later after dark. I know lots of homes in the surrounding area were damaged. I pray they get things back in shape, am thankful the land was given some relief and our home was spared.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Muddy Walls and Waters

It was a good Friday. Off work at noon, lunch with my hubby, quick trip to the grocery store, and home to the Weld House at last. Since it was sunny and I was too lazy the night before to put away my props, I decided to snap a few more pictures of the mudroom lockers. Is it ok to call it a mudroom even though it's not a room? Mudwall sounds strange...and like I'm giving you permission to throw mud at the wall. I think these photos turned out a little better and knew I should have waited for daylight.
It makes me happy to have another project crossed off the list.

One less project makes this look tempting minus some of the guilt.

Well, it did look relaxing...

And it was when we finally got situated.After a nap, I woke up with legs that had fallen asleep.

The trees could be a little further apart. I don't think they care or plan on moving though.

As long as the petting is accessible, Daisy thinks it's situated perfectly.

Then it was time for an adventure.

Daisy ran and ran so when we came upon this, she was thrilled.

After a drink, she plopped down to rest and cool off.

The water was muddy but beautiful.

Days like this are those I never want to forget.

Simply wonderful.

And red berries are the berry on top. Every time we see a tree with red berries, I tell Mr. Welder how I want one. I don't know why. I am not even big on the color red.

Saturday we visited family camping at the lake. Mr. Welder caught a Crappie. I caught nothing but enjoyed hanging out with my little buddy. Oh, and we did end up with a bag of fish. Since we were the only ones going home that night, those that actually caught fish, generously gave us theirs to clean too. I can't wait to eat it. I love Crappie. Of course, I'll have to invite my buddy over to have some too.

Easter was also special. After church, brunch at the Weld House, lazy day home with Mr. Welder, we made another memory at my Granny and Grandpa's place. I think I mentioned on here a while back that the place was selling. Things fell through and though there isn't much left at the house, we had a huge family gathering there. My granny always hid eggs for all us kids. The big kids finally retired from participating in the hunt, but lots of little ones run around these days to gather the eggs. Daisy helped too.

We hope you had a glorious Easter.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fresh & Clean Mud Area

So it's dark out and time to be in the shower as usual...but instead I decided to do a quick photo shoot with bad lighting. That's how I roll...or sleep walk. Is it dangerous to stand on a stool trying to get the perfect angle when you're half asleep?
The locker mudroom area is in service. Shelves and hooks installed and all cleaned up.

After I get my goofy props out of the way, I'll put my real purse, bag, and sack of books for Grandma in our newest storage area. Much better than on the stool or island.

I'm addicted to storage. Especially storage as cute as this.

One more post on Weld House Wares before I shut this down. Mom made two really cute pillows that I want.

Mudroom Lockers

When I got home from work, this surprise was waiting! Our mudroom locker area is coming along. After I finished stripping the paint from the locker doors, Mr. Welder removed them and used barn wood to build a new storage area. The original sizes of the lockers were a little deep and the cedar chest (that my Grandpa built years ago) has a flip up lid that we were trying to utilize. Like most projects, I want this, this, and this...and Mr. Welder figures out how to make this, this, and this happen :) Plus a cute, tin roof.
I only took a few closeups since the rest of the room was a wreck with tools and stuff like that.

Mr. Welder is in the process of installing shelving and I found some wooden hook-like after the insides are in place and the junk is cleaned up, I'll share some more.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Peanut Farmer Afterall...

You may remember last year when Mr. Welder planted peanuts all over the place. Every time I looked, he was in a different area sowing more peanuts in the dirt. At that time, I thought I had a true peanut farmer. That was until, not a single plant came up. This year he totally redeemed himself and has two rows of lovely plants. Now we'll just have to see if we actually end up with any peanuts before I can declare him a true Peanut Farmer.
Here is how our garden is looking. If it would only rain! I don't think we've had even an inch since we planted. We have used the sprinkler to help some, but there is no substitute for a good rain. Praying that the small percentages in the forecast will send some rain our way.

And in case you were wondering what project we worked on after sweating over our soup, the locker mudroom area! After more discussion of the different options of putting the pieces together, we got the boards cut...more progress should be revealed soon.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Gibberish

Remember that gibberish I posted at the end of my last post about partying? Well, I'm glad I partied :) I've always wanted to party, thought it sounded like fun, but just never took the time to do it. When I had an email in my inbox that mentioned this particular party after I just posted about our master bedroom corner, it was perfect timing and too easy to not party. I'll blame it on peer pressure. My jaw hit the floor when I visited the host (who is a real designer!) of the party's blog to pass some time and discovered this...

I thought you might want to check it out. I couldn't believe it! Is that too cool, or what?!

Oh, and one of my puny flowers is blooming too.

And I finally had an evening of crafting last night. I'm sure I saw something in blogland somewhere that inspired this project. I just used what I had that was easy to find...since all of my crafting supplies are still waiting for shelves to be organized...hum hum...Mr. Welder. Speaking of organizing, these jars would be perfect for storing beads, buttons, that kind of thing. You may also remember I used one stuffed with candles to decorate in our master bedroom. (My mom made that number...maybe that is where the idea came from...) These were really easy and fun to make. I recommend making some if you're looking for a project. And if you'd rather just dish out a little of your hard earned cash and avoid having to clean up little fuzzies from cutting burlap, these babies are now waiting to be yours at Bee Angels so go on by and give me an excuse to make some more.

Mr. Welder is on his way home from spreading dirt around the slab of our Weld House Homes project. I better get busy making dinner since he promised we'd work on a project tonight. It's kind of hot out but I'm making soup because I love soup!

I can't wait to show him how we're famous ;)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Standing in the Corner is Fun

How have you all been liking these super windy days? Friday we were having our weekly BBQ when we heard a cracking noise. It seemed like it had calmed down but I guess this limb just couldn't take it anymore. Daisy had fun snooping before it was chopped for firewood. This picture is random but funny. We mowed and I guess Mr. Welder snapped this picture. I'm sure he just wanted to show off his John Deere...not his old lady wife. Remember this guy I bought at Restore way back? Well I finally got around to doing something with it.
And remember how I showed you this embarrassing corner shot of the master bedroom? Well, I hung out in the corner this weekend. I painted the door...which was kind of hard since we stripped ALL of the layers of paint from it thinking we might stain it.

The lighting seemed just right for someone who just holds her breath and snaps away so I snapped and snapped tons of photos to share. And this is only some of them! They seem a tad blurrier after being uploaded to blogger. Now I'll just zip my lips and let you look without me talking...

See, I can be quiet. I don't think I ever showed you this chest at the end of the bed we scored at an estate sale across the street a month or two ago.

Originally I was going to paint the frame around the big, rectangle mirror (the new one, in the corner) a light gray (same as the wall color) or lighter gray (like the door and vanity) and of course rough it up a little. But, I also liked it the original color (even though it's kind of goldy...but not too much) and knew once I got out the paint brush it would be almost impossible to ever go back so decided to live with it for a while knowing that I could always paint it later. I forgot to take a close up shot (you can kind of see it in the 7th pic from the last), but the original frame color coordinates with the door knob plate, which I thought was nice... Any thoughts or suggestions?

Oh and if you're wondering, I bought the mirror at a garage sale having no clue where I'd hang it. I mainly bought it because the nice couple persuaded me into thinking I needed it...and I'm glad they did. Especially since they took $25 instead of the marked $ know, since I didn't know what I was going to do with it anyways :)

Oh, and I never do this...probably because I am not sure how but I'm going to try to enter this to a linky party. We'll see what happens...

Ok, I couldn't figure out the button deal but maybe this will work.