The Story of Mr. & Mrs. Welder

The Welders story starts years ago.  Both attended the same small, country elementary, junior high, and high schools.  Being four years older, Mr. and Mrs. Welder did not actually grow up as childhood buddies, though I can still remember the hot robot at the school play (or maybe this memory actually evolves from picture albums) and the day the big kids taught us little kids how to square dance (no picture of this one, so definitely in my mind).  Mr. Welder graduated the year before Mrs. Welder started high school but was buddies (even roommates in an impressive dwelling) with Mrs. Welder's older cousins.   It truly is funny and amazing how God works in your life. We saw each other here and there.  Mr. Welder attended family functions (with those older cousins) and eventually became an honorary member who always had a gift (usually a can of peanuts) under Mrs. Welder's Granny's Christmas tree. Mrs. Welder remembers always putting forth a little more effort in her appearance on days when she thought Mr. Welder might show up.  There was definitely always something there between them two, but either he had a girlfriend or she had a boyfriend, which kind of just kept the flirting at that.  While off at college, Mrs. Welder had an extra credit assignment.  Her assignment was to interview a salesperson for her marketing class.  Mrs. Welder's mom mentioned that Mr. Welder might just be a good candidate.  (Yes, now Mrs. Welder realizes mom had ulterior motives.) Mom called him and that opened the door that formed a great first, Mrs. Welder still had a boyfriend!  Mrs. Welder made an A in her marketing class, and Mr. and Mrs. Welders' friendship grew and the boyfriend eventually fled the scene. The door was open so Mr. Welder did what any gentleman would do.  He went on a date with another girl to a Christmas party.  Ha. That is funny, but it's true. He'd already asked his date before Mrs. Welder's boyfriend fled, so that was the right thing to do.  But that was their last date and Mrs. Welder's been his only date since. They dated for 4 months before Mr. Welder proposed (another story for another day) and they were married 6 months later on October 7, 2006 and have been living their fairytale ever since.

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