Friday, August 29, 2014

Mommy's Melted Heart

These two can do it better than anyone.
 "Ice Ceam!, Ice Ceam!"
 Wild and Messy.
Her Hair, Her, and Him
 Big Grins
 And Giggles

 Spotted Dalmatian Hoodies in August.
(Yes, I am still behind in posting but skipped ahead-these pics were taken yesterday!)
 Curious Exploring

 Mommy's heart is melted.
And I'm not even wearing a jacket.
Happy Birthday to my hubby.
I love you.
I love watching you be a daddy.
I keep replaying your and Lily's dance last night in my head.
And the feeling of seeing you two get out of the truck to meet me for ice cream.
I hope you have an awesome day.
Your gals love you very much.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

May Some Things Always Be the Same

Most of these pics are from around my birthday.
That was in May.
Some things never change though...
You never know what Lily will be doing when you notice she wakes from her nap.
Leftover chip from lunch on the table: I'll have it!
Pretty bows sometimes
But usually messy hair and shoes of all kinds
Animals are always loved.
Lily got this kitten for my birthday :)
Snack time in the pantry.

Bath time with the kitty.
Always such a good care giver.
I know I like to spritz a little air freshener after I dry off.
And wrap up to stay warm
Always a good day to lick on potpourri at my aunt and uncle's house.
Breakfast food
And hangs...
And two random pics to end my random post.
You may remember the video we posted a while back of the power plant implosion.
Well, this is the second tower.
And that is where Mr. Welder witnessed it this time!