Friday, May 28, 2010

Old and Slacking

Wednesday, the Welding Wife turned another year older. To celebrate, we took the day off from our real jobs. We had a fun day visiting the zoo, eating a lot, and shopping for house materials for this weekend...I know, we are addicted!Don't you all go to the zoo to look for inspiration for your houses?
These little meer cats were cute as a boot. They were very playful and liked to show off.
Jason was tempted to get his hoe, but then noticed the glass. Ugh~there was a wide selection of snakes and I think I've officially decided that Copperheads are not that bad. It could be WAY worse!
The elephant's booty...
And Jason's favorite attraction-the Black Bass. I was like really-we're at the zoo and you are most interested in looking at the bass. Ha.
For my birthday, mom and dad gave me the faucet for the shower that matches the water pump faucet we have for the sink in the kids' bathroom. Good thing the sheetrock did not happen since we will have to change out the "universal" connector deal that was already installed in the wall. Speaking of sheetrock, I know I mentioned it happening in the near future-as in, maybe this week. So if you haven't figured it out yet, plans change. Minimal action has gone on at the Weld House this week. We've had several brainstorming sessions (which is way harder than manual labor!), and the plan has grown, changed, and will still change-it's all part of the process. At the beginning of this post, I said we went shopping for house materials. Well, the trailer is still empty, but a new project has been added to our to-do list for the long Memorial Day weekend. Stay tuned to see what we have up our sleeves.
Later Gators! Have a safe, happy Memorial Day!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Clean Dream

Sunday, plumbing and electrical work was continued to get ready for sheet rock. I know...I'm ready for some exciting action too!
I did have a dream (though not during this nap) about the shower doors Jason plans to build. Hope they turn out as cool as in my dream! What a perfect, breezy day for a short, but relaxing nap. We were on time for early church, so I definitely think I deserved it!
Dad is adding a trim piece that gives the sheetrock a flat place to stop at (our weird ceilings sometimes require a little adapting) while Jason did some pipe insulating.
The camera was having issues, it was dusty, but not this dusty. Jason gave the hearth a sweep before mom and I vacuumed and scrubbed it.
Jason's initial thought was to bring in the pressure washer and blast the whole thing. You see, that's the thing about Jason and cleaning. One thing gets cleaned but overall you might end up with a bigger mess. But heck, I am just happy he thought of cleaning.

A Little Rust Never Hurt Anybody

Saturday Daisy hung out in the pantry...she can sense where the food will be at.
While I was having a "girls only" lunch, Jason worked on little projects to prepare for the sheet rock. Another one of those non-blog picture moments. When I arrived, it was time to pressure wash a few pieces of barn wood.
Then cut them.
A wooden beam was put into place.
And barn wood was nailed into place.And then it was time to admire his work.
The "stair box" ceiling turned out great. I have to give all credit to Jason. This project design was all his and I love his idea of using the beam down the middle.
Later Daisy switched to the closet. I think our vacuum cleaner might end up living here. Maybe that's a sign that Daisy is going to help with the house cleaning.
Hip Hip Hooray! By the end of the day Saturday, all doors were ready to be painted, stained or cleaned! My mom and I were able to quit our stripping jobs and went all out and celebrated by having old wine old that the tops were a tad rusty. Ha-kind of gross, but I must have wiped it off good enough since I am still alive :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Grotesque Gutter

Tuesday evening, Jason did some shredding. I did some sweeping. Our corn did some standing around.I am the first to admit that I can sometimes be a brat. So long ago when our gutter was installed, I "brattily" told Jason to go ahead and get the gutter, but I was not going to be the one to clean it out. I am really not sure what I thought would take care of the two fierce waterfalls that cascade down the steep peak, but I was anti-gutter. Well, I am also a sucker since that is what I spent my night doing. Cleaning nasty Post Oak seeds galore! Achoo! The boss will put her foot down next time. It will definitely be his turn ;)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stormy Spring Cleaning

Monday night was pick-up time. We loaded the piles of scrap metal that have accumulated inside and out of the house. We will take it to be recycled. What a difference a little cleaning makes!

Monday, May 17, 2010

"Not Your Typical Blog Photos"

Sunday, while the girls were throwing a baby shower, the guys completed several projects to prepare the Weld House for sheet rock in the near future. I gave Jason the camera so he could show me what they did when I saw him later. On the way home that evening (dad, Jason and me in the truck), I told Jason I scanned through the pictures but would need some explaining since it was hard to tell what some of things were. For example, when I first saw the picture above, I thought master bathtub. I now can tell that is way off, but to my defense, the pictures are quite a bit smaller when viewing on my camera. So Jason told me, he would explain when we got home, and then my dad chimes in and says, "You will not want to use the pictures for anything like a blog or whatever that thing is you do." Ha. That's funny. My dad said blog. So here are just a few of the pictures. The top picture shows how they added a floor in the HVAC closets. The one pictured is the closet in the gym.
Here they added boards to make this skinny area beside the kids' bathtub into a wall.
Here they added electrical stuff for a light that will be between the art room and bathroom upstairs. They added more electrical in the closet underneath the stairs and boards all over the place where they were needed to attach sheet rock. Lots of little details to continue to work towards sheet rock, a project we plan to hire out.

Copperhead Retreat Complete

Saturday we journeyed out to the Weld House after Jason got off work. First, I took a look at the progress that was made on Thursday night since I worked late and was not there to see all the action. Jason and dad finished putting up the sheet metal on this wall in the gym.
Then I made my way outside to take a look at the project for the day, putting up the sheet metal on the balcony ceiling. This is the last sheet metal project outside! We put this off until we had the cement floor poured. Having the cement floor enabled the guys to use the scaffolding, which was way safer and easier opposed to super tall ladders on an uneven floor.
They worked and worked.

I was surprised when dad came and told me I better get out there with my camera if I wanted to get a picture of the last piece. For two reasons I was surprised, that they were already finished and that my dad actually was encouraging me to take a picture-I guess he finally learned it's easier to tell us the first time then having to do a reenactment to get us to shut up!
Boy, did it turn out nice. No more bubble wrap insulation decorations!I have a feeling when we have time to relax one of these days, this balcony will be used. Hopefully it will be a nice place to hang out away from the Copperheads that roam the grounds!
Another one of these photos for our collection. I believe it is coming to an end-two more doors that need minimal work if I am remembering correctly. These photos will be rare collectors' items soon!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Curb Appeal

Wednesday it was back to mixing cement.Jason added more of those slope thingies and then filled it all in with cement.
See...I had to use this picture since I cracked the little form deal for the curb when I stood on it to get a "great" shot. It was definitely not worth the scolding :)
At least it was just a tiny little part and Jason filled it all in with cement to where it did not matter anyways. Whew!
Another step closer to the final product.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Golden Arch

Monday Jason had the day off from his real job. So it was fun to go to The Weld House and see so much progress on the master shower! I was really impressed.
He even remembered that the shampoo bottles need a home :)
And a lovely ceiling! This now puts something on my to-do list. I am in charge of giving it a clear coat of varnish. Anything besides working on doors sounds fun to me!
By the end of the evening the rest of the plywood was installed. We plan to rock the front and the side. We are still looking at options for the inside.
And the cleaning lady spiffied up the place before calling it a night.
Sweet Dreams.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Stray Dog

Monday morning we looked out our window and saw this stray dog! She told us she was hungry, and since we could not find Daisy anywhere, we fed her her breakfast.

(She really thinks she has us fooled into thinking she just stays all sweet and curled up in her house all night!)

The Room of Many Angles

Saturday worked resumed. The guys worked on putting gray sheet metal up for the office ceiling.
To the right.
To the Left.
To the front.
To the back....where my husband was dangling.
All up and ready for trim!
The girls worked on sanding and doing finish-up work on the doors. At the end of the day we only had a few doors that still need a little more work before they are ready to be either stained or painted...and then hung!
Door factory on the front porch.

After a scavenger hunt, the guys found enough light stone tin leftovers for the end wall in the gym.
A few sheets were installed before we called it a (very productive!) day.