Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lily's Lounge

This post covers a range of weeks.  I thought you might want to see how Lily's room is coming along.  Of course, we refreshed a few pieces of furniture.
Mr. Welder painted everything and I distressed.
If you haven't noticed, that is how we get these projects accomplished most of the time.
My mom has been a huge part of the Lily's Room Team.
This lamp used to live in my nursery as a baby.
Mr. Welder claims he also had this same lamp.
It also received a makeover.
I love how it turned out.
Here is a belly shot for you.  At least my cousin makes me look better.
And yes, I am bigger these days.
And Mr. Welder's hair is smaller.
We had an evening of furniture arranging.
And talk to Lily time.
While on Spring Break, my mom found some missing elements for Lily's room.  Things are still coming together, but here is how things are looking today.

 The shoe is from my nursery too.
 Mom sewed the pillow.  A sweet friend I know through work gave us the piggy plant.
 The madeover dresser came from my Granny and Grandpa's house.  Eventually I plan to make it into a changing table too.
 Mom made the diaper stacker.
And she also sewed the crib skirt.
And the crib was mine (and Aunt Heather's) too.
That is where we are at so far.  I hope Lily likes it :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

No Permission Slip Required

 Do you ever go on field trips around your place?  We do.
After the heavy rains a few days ago, there was much to explore.
The rose bushes are happy.
 Looks like Valentine's Day.
 We walked across the street to check the lake levels.  This part of the lake was completely dry.  Now boats can come on over, and we can hear waves splashing the shore from our yard.  Granny and Grandpa's red barn in the distance.
 Back to our place.
 Herman welcomed us in the ditch.
 I love wildflowers.
 And Mr. Welder loves mowing them down.
 I will visit this post during the hot, summer months.
 Daisy loves the convenient water dishes spread about.
 Not so pretty...yet.  This is a tank we are going to use to catch rain water.  Too bad we got it the day we got over 5 inches of rain and did not have it ready to go.
 Are those peaches?!
 And a strawberry?!
Grandma bought Lily this plant.  Isn't it pretty? 
Field trips are fun.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Think Pink

Who knew having a baby was going to require me to make so many decisions?!
I've been to Target, Burlington, and Toys R Us numerous times trying to decide where to register.  Good thing my decision making cousin, opinionated sister and supportive mom are going with me this weekend to figure out what it is Lily and I really need.
Though I am sure my dad loves this kind of Friday night fun,
I'm just not sure how many more trips like this the guys will make.
(My dad looks good in pink.)
At least these two look like they still have it in them.  Good thing, since I know I could not do it alone!
Just to clarify, the guys were actually very patient and good sports.
Mr. Welder got a new toy and welded this heavy duty stand for it.  It's a lathe and it makes table legs...or candle sticks-all kinds of things.  I am anxious to see what kind of masterpieces he comes up with.
Another out-of-date greenhouse picture for you.
(It's not that I want to say "My tomato plant is bigger than your tomato plant," but this is when my lagging behind drives me crazy.  They don't even look like this anymore.)
No, the plants do not have tomatoes yet, but they are quite a bit bigger than in the photos, and we've even planted some in the garden.  Think of us if we get a freeze this month.  We'll be out trying to cover it all :)
The greenhouse now has a path to the shop.  I need to take some finished product pics for ya.
The fruit trees are thriving.
I really wanted to cut this branch and decorate the house with it, but I think that might keep it from producing fruit, so I left it alone.
Even if we never get fruit, I sure do like the flower show.
I went to Canton a few weeks ago and got a few things.  The 'B' was for us, but the jars and pitcher were for the etsy shop.  I took their photos but I think I might keep them for a while.  Now if I only had a branch of pink flowers sticking out of the pitcher...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Random Post Posted

  I have just fallen behind on posting and can't seem to catch up.  And writing this reminds me that I never finished updating our etsy shop after the last post either.  I started and worked hard but the time just hasn't been there to complete it.  But I am not going to let it get to me.  I am ready to take a shower and call it a night but maybe getting this random post posted will make me feel a sense of accomplishment.  On Valentine's Day we planted two pears trees that Grandma and Grandpa (or whatever they will be called) gave Lily for the occasion.  Yes, we have chosen a name (Lily Marie) and yes, she is already spoiled. 
Now we have a row of four fruit trees that now have beautiful flowers and leaves sprouting...another photo for another day.
This is me recording what we planted where, in case I need to know one day.
The tags are still attached right now but if you heard this howling wind like I do, you would want a backup plan too.
Our little fruit tree orchard.
The daffodils are blooming.
And the strawberry bushes have flowers.
And this is a bobcat we saw when we got home one night.
Yes, things like this make me a tad nervous.
We've been doing some nesting and rearranging to get ready for Lily.  A sweet friend I met through this little old blog, gave us hand-me-downs from her daughter.  Those boxes are stuffed full of cute, little outfits that are now hanging on cute, little hangers in Lily's closet. 
Mr. Welder built shelves in the gym closet to store my overflowing art supplies.
And he completed some electrical work for his drafting table lights.
We've been doing some furniture assembly, moving, and painting for Lily's room.  Lily's Grandma has been working on bedding and other decor that we will share eventually.  For now, here is a picture of her bed that my sister and I used when were babies.
We also celebrated Valentine's Day at our church's banquet again this year.
The goody bags had candy cigarettes in them...well, some did.  Mine did not-guess they knew I was expecting ;)
They definitely added to the entertainment.
Not that our table would ever lack interest.
We enjoyed the evening.
And our cigarettes...that made it into most of the photos.
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great rest of the week.