Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Conversation Piece

Sunday was a busy day with church, decorating the church for Christmas and another Thanksgiving celebration, but organizing and Weld House work was snuck in at every opportunity. At the end of the night, though my husband was already snoring, and it was way past my bedtime, I ran around and took some progress shots for you guys since I realized I actually had some progress to show :) I present the master closet. We plan to add a shelf or two here or there, but I LOVE it! Don't you think my $5 chair is a nice touch?
Mr. Welder (and dad) knew what he was doing when he left extra space under my shirts for extra shoes ;)
Before church, I came across this tree my sister-in-law gave us with gift cards tied on it for Christmas a few years ago. And the tray table was a gift from mom a Christmas or two ago as well. She got a good deal on it at Hobby Lobby and surprisingly it looks like was bought for this spot.
The ornaments were bought on a vacation we took the summer before last to Fredericksburg. They are tin, mini kitchen items, like a sifter, colander, whisk, cookie cutters. Mom bought them for me since I was too cheap and they were too cute. This post may be making me look really spoiled...
And here is that bench that was in the background in an earlier post. You are not seeing things, that is green paint on the end, which makes this bench even more special. This bench used to sit on the side of the shed (which is actually where my dad's bedroom was growing up-he came from a family of 10 kids so they had to stuff them everywhere) at my Granny and Grandpa's house. There were two of these benches side by side and they were always full of grandkids and/or buckets of rain water. Though they used to hold up several kids each, Mr. Welder added a little support. And the green paint-well, my Grandpa loved John Deere tractors. He had a tractor collection and several other items painted with John Deere green and yellow paint. I am sure the green marking is left over from one of his many spray painting projects.
And you know those neighbors I mentioned frequently? They brought over this lovely basket of peppers. Makes me crave fajitas.
And lastly, here are a couple pics of progress made on the extra bathroom. New rug peeking from the corner and the towel rack, which is basically a piece of barnwood with...I think it's those things that are on electric fences? That is what my mom said anyways. She bought it at an auction that we have at one of our family reunions and whatever those things are, I think it was the perfect touch.
And you've seen a similar picture to this but now we have the towel hook and a tad more decor in the medicine cabinet. Little by little, the Weld House is becoming the Weld Home.

Still Having LOADS of Fun

Saturday the weather and wind was just right, so we lit the big pile of trash on fire.
We decided to do some cleaning up in the lumber yard and got rid of any rotten or damaged wood when we were surprised by this guy. At least it wasn't a Copperhead and according to Mr. Welder this guy will eat those other guys. Good snake.
Next, the guys got to work on sheeting the rest of the garage walls. As you can kind of see, dad brought the last load of stuff in the red truck.
The gals worked in the closet, cleaning and getting it ready for clothes.
We tested and arranged various pieces of furniture to make use of more space. In the end, it almost looks like the closet was specifically built for those pieces.
We left the Weld House to start that purge I promised earlier.
It may not look like it, but I did get rid of about 1/3 of my shoes, 1/2 of my clothes, and 3/4 of my accessories.
We did not make it back to the Weld House until after dark, and the guys had made lots of progress in the garage. The front wall was sheeted.
And the end wall had a good start.
Mom and I (and dad pitched in between assisting Mr. Welder-he is a multi-tasker) unloaded all the clothes.
After getting Mr. Welder's truck empty and the closet in a little better shape, we decided to unload dad's truck before calling it quits and having dinner.

Black Friday

On Black Friday, the gals went shopping ALL day. We know it is silly, but it is kind of a tradition and how many other nights when you can't sleep, can you wake up and hit the mall? I can't remember the last time I couldn't sleep, but it was fun and we had a car load by the end of the day.
When we arrived at the Weld House, Mr. Welder was getting ready to go help my cousin get in his house. The door knob was messed up. And in case you had any doubts about my husband being a nerd, I think this clears it up. Never a dull moment...
And then the exciting moment we've (well, mainly I've) been waiting for, closet progress! It looked beautiful :)
They ran out of pole socket deals, so we picked some up during our shopping spree and they finished it up that evening.
Cutting the poles to length.
And even a pole in the stair closet to hang all those coats!
In my sleepy stupor, a few purchases were tested.
Oh, and Mr. Welder who thought going shopping in the middle of the night was just plain nuts, woke up at 2:20 when I did and joined in on the nuttiness and purchased a TV. I have to admit that it was nice not having that noisy thing while it lasted, but I do like being able to watch the weather again. Oh, and we are on the lookout for an armoire to replace the one to the left of Daisy since this TV does not fit in the slot and I am not thrilled about having a TV on my vanity that will eventually receive a makeover as well. Just another item on the never ending to-do list.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thankful Welders

How was your Thanksgiving? We had a great day visiting lots of family and eating lots of yummy food. Before the festivities, Mr. Welder removed our front porch ornament-the scissor lift. He got it all charged, cleaned up, and ready to return to its owner. Great friends, just one of the many things for which we are thankful. (Oh, and there is a sneak of a new house addition-ha, yes, it is the bench that you would probably leave outside...or burn, like my dad suggested.) More on that later...
While Mr. Welder witnessed the blast of cold air that came through the area, Mrs. Welder was warm inside the Weld House baking a Thanksgiving dish, Sweet Potato Casserole. I made it by request and the recipe was compliments of Simply Good Eatery in Spice Village, which in my opinion has the best lunch special in town. $5 for lunch, drink, and dessert! The cafe is under new management and I sense that the newbies in charge have a passion to feed patrons creative, tasty meals. If the casserole is any indication of what is now being offered, I believe you will be in for a treat. Oh, and the casserole plus the batch of chocolate chip cookies that were both a success in the new oven on Thursday, made my record 3 to 2. Getting better!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Purge: To Cleanse or Purify By Separating and Carrying Off Whatever is Impure, Heterogeneous, or Superfluous

This post is embarrassing. The mess I am about to show you is a result of a few factors/excuses. When I first moved to this house, I had no hubby and therefore helped myself to all three closets and fit fine. Add another person's clothes and not so roomy anymore. Closets in a trailer house are small. I have too much clothes and put off cleaning out the things I no longer wear for WAY too long. And my main excuse, we were building a house for over two years...I let it go! It really wasn't always this bad...
The top two pics are scenes from the master closet. Yikes.
The majority of Mr. Welder's clothes lived in the laundry room. Jeans and shorts stacked above the washer and dryer.
Portable closet (he built so his new wife could still have all her closets...I don't know anything that says love more) opposite side of the laundry room.
Work pants in extra bedroom #1 closet with Mr. Welder's t-shirts folded on the top shelf. I did fold the shirts before stacking them, but Mr. Welder had a habit of messing up the nice stacks on a regular basis. This room also included a chest of drawers for folded sweaters.
Extra closet #2 being fully utilized inside and out.
PJs, sheets, towels, and rags in cabinet above master bathroom toilet.
Tank tops to the left with undergarments and socks in the drawers below. Skirts above the TV with scarves and mittens stuffed underneath. Mr. Welder had a smaller but similar cabinet for his socks and stuff too on the wall across from the foot of our bed.
And because the coat rack did not have enough pegs, we had to get creative. If I promise to purge, can my reward be a finished closet?!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lost Finder

Monday, Mr. Welder invited two of our friends and their son who we haven't hung out with since Mr. Welder's Birthday party year before last. As you can see, the house wasn't quite ready to look its best...Mr. Welder doesn't really have a high speed, but I saw him speedy for once.
After attaching the shelves in the closets, he hung his clothes and moved the portable rack to the garage. Then we both crammed (in a nice way) all the random boxes, sacks of new socks (that Mr. Welder still has not broken into...actually I noticed him sporting gray (no longer black) socks with his slippers for our guests), and knick knacks into the stair closet and front bedroom. We wiped the sweat from our brows just as our guests pulled in the drive. The den was still quite random, but way better than it could have been ;)
Tuesday, it was back to work. We still have a long list of projects with the master closet being at the top. After looking EVERYWHERE for the stud finder so Mr. Stud himself could get started, we gave up, with "stud finder" on our newest Home Depot shopping list. Frustrated is an understatement. Add to that, I gave Daisy a bath. With the weather forecasted to get quite cold in the next couple days, I wanted to prepare her for the winter. So we were in the house looking around for the stud finder. Daisy was wet and tied up in the garage. She has a bad habit of rolling in the dirt after a bath. (She just doesn't get the point of being clean.) After still not finding the finder, we go to the garage to see that Daisy busted loose and was covered in sand from head to paw. Ugh. Giving up, Mr. Welder oiled the fans and tested this caulk that is supposed to blend with all types mortar. It is looking quite gray. Maybe I will test painting it?
Moving on to the next most important project, fixing the radio/record player. I say that sarcastically, but there is a bit more seriousness than you'd think. I found a stack of old Christmas records at the Caritas half off sale, which made them 2 for 5 cents. Mr. Welder LOVES Christmas music and his birthday was a few days away...isn't he so lucky?! And, yes, I am being sarcastic for real this time. But seriously, I have visions of decorating the tree with Christmas music playing from the record player in the background. Unfortunately, after all of Mr. Welder's tinkering, it still doesn't work.
I made more progress putting away and organizing our many belongings. We may not have the master closet started quite yet, but at least we have two of these to hold us over. For that and for all we've been blessed with, I truly am thankful. Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Last Move

Saturday, the Welders packed more belongings. I vow today that this is my last time to move EVER! Wow, we have a lot of stuff.
Mr. Welder's closet was moved. Handy and portable. We attended a wedding that afternoon, so rushed home and unloaded the trailer and arrived just in time to walk in with the bridesmaids. Ugh.
Sunday, Mrs. Welder started on a project that consisted of one can of spray paint (not pictured),one free lamp (that had to be rewired by dad...sometimes my projects are not as easy as I thought they would be), one $2 lamp from Restore and two free lamp shades from a garage sale. As soon as I picked up the lamp shades to look at them, the lady pounced over and said take them, they are yours. Makes me wonder if I was the only shopper to pay them any attention? I get this type treatment kind of often...
Mr. Welder installed this cabinet in the master bathroom. If you remember when I first told you about this cabinet, I am really impressed. If you want a reminder, here it is.
The gals did more packing and cleaning at the old house. Did I mention, I am staying at the Weld House FOREVER!
When we got back, we were excited about the progress the guys made on the kid closets!
Mom worked in the extra bathroom.
Mrs. Welder displayed the madeover lamps.
It was dark so hard to get a good picture. Or maybe I am just not a very good photographer.
Or baker for that matter. Heather enjoyed some burnt cookies. I guess I spoke too soon when I said I getting better with the new oven.
I painted the shelves for the closets.
The glass was installed in the medicine cabinet. Dad got it so clean, you can hardly tell it's there. The mirror in the cabinet was old and not very reflective anymore. Since it was flaking, we scratched it off and decided to leave it clear, especially after learning the price to get it redone. I also had this old, round mirror that still gives a good reflection, so used it to the side instead.
Mom hung (with twine) the shower curtain that she made. So cute!
And here are some fresh Hydrangeas from the wedding we attended. I thought I better take a picture before they kick the bucket.
And as soon as this frog turns around, maybe he will turn into a Princess, so he and Herman can be buddies.