Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bait & Tackle Shop Opening Soon!

Monday evening, Jason checked out the handrail that mom snuck over this weekend. According to my Grandpa (some other family members have conflicting ideas), the rail came from the old Cox's building. I will just believe my Grandpa and take his word, as he was a very wise man.
After the preview and discussions on how we would make the handrail work, we got to work. I passed dad the long pieces of A-frame wood that have been living on our back patio.Then we cut them and cleaned them.
In the meantime, Jason did a some plumbing tweaks.
And then got busy attaching the wood.
Moving right along.
The last piece for the first wall needed notches for a perfect fit. Jason was proud to use his new chisel.
Getting it situated.
This last board was stubborn and took a while, but the end result was perfect-o.
On to the next wall.
And here is how it looked at the end of the night. Ignore the ugly speaker wires hanging. I tried to tell Jason, old bait & tackle shops do not have speakers, but he did not listen.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

Sunday was a special day. Mr. Welder turned 32, and it was also The Weld House's two year anniversary. The slab was poured two years ago. At first, Mr. Welder felt bad for taking the day off with so many projects on the to-do list. But I think by the end of the day he was happy he did. After church and lunch, we headed to the lake. Jason did some fishing. Right off he headed to a spot called Lacy's Point that was suggested by one of Jason's older pals. When I heard the excitement in his voice, I looked just in time to see a big bass jump out of the water and spit out the hook. A day at the lake is not complete without the one that got away. The girls hung out in the shade.
After fishing the point, determined to trick Mr. Fishy again, we moved spots and Jason caught a few small bass. This was one of those pictures he took in protest. My thoughts were a small fish picture is better than a no fish picture.
But I guess Mr. Welder knew a better picture was in the near future. Back to Lacy's Point for a nice catch, which was the icing on his Birthday cake.
A little on the hot side, but a beautiful, relaxing day.
We ended the evening with a nice dinner at Jason's parents' house.
The Welders hope you are enjoying these last dog days of summer :)

The Weld House Has a Fan

Saturday the rockers were already hard at work when we arrived. I've said this before, but we love these guys. They always do such a good job and treat our house like it's their own home.
Jason started in the stair closet. He added the bottom board, so there is no longer a gap.
Dad installed the fan in the kitchen. He joked that after the hours he spent on this, it was worth thousands of dollars in labor. I think I mentioned before that it's really old and used to only blow air up. But now it works even better than a brand new one.
Jason trimmed the inside of the stair closet door.
And then along the stairs.
The Welding Wife was a tad distracted during the morning hours. She worked on pricing items for her shop, Bee Angels.
Here is a small sampling of some of the new items. Yes, I am trying to entice you to go shop! Is it working? (Ha! Notice the dropped screw hiding in the background of my photo shoot.)
Mom arrived and gave the fan blades a good cleaning.
The guys buried the water line stuff.
After the blades were clean, dad attached them.
And then added the globe.
Now it was time to install the old windows. Mom and I cleaned them.
Dad caulked the panes. We decided this was easier than glazing and a job for dad opposed to me.
The trim was added in the peak of the gym.
Mom and dad worked on the windows.
Here is a shot of the finished game room wall.
Window in the game room
Window in the stairwell/office. The next step will be to trim them.
Jason and I worked on trimming the gym.
Dad helped too.
The ladders came to check out the finished product.
And here is how the upstairs A-frame wall looked at the end of the day.
And one final project, mom and I washed off this Highway Patrol door that we hope to use in the gym for the A/C closet. We found it in my Granpa's barn, but we have no idea why they had it. It's not exactly the right size...and people wonder why this project is taking so long :)

Rocking in the Game Room

Friday the Welders went to check out the game room rock progress.
Friday evenings are almost always our day off. Our ritual is to hang out with Daisy and Herman (and usually Lola and sometimes Bud, the dogs that live with my mom and dad next door) while BBQing something good to eat. We enjoy this so much we are known to do this rain, sleet, snow, or shine.
We decided to dine al fresco, which is something we should do more often. When food ends up all around Mr. Welder's plate, it is so easy to knock it on the ground, which the dogs always think is the best idea yet.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Two Burning Bulbs and a Copperhead in an Oak Tree

Thursday the rockers came and filled the wall with cement. Friday they will be back to lay the rock.
Dad finished up the plumbing in the master bath. We were missing a piece of pipe to complete the drain.
Jason enjoyed the cooler weather and did some yard work.
Mom and I finished staining the remaining four kitchen cabinet doors. I think I might have lied yesterday and said we only had three left. I am such a liar!
Dad also worked on the light for the stairwell.
First he added some Romex. Yes, I am a very technical electrician speaker (and hope I spelled that right!)
I sanded over the nail holes in the kitchen cabinets that were filled with putty.
Mom cleaned the chandelier.
Then assisted dad in wiring it. She is electrical too.
Dad busted out his acrobatic moves to hang the light while I held my breath.
Jason cut out all the trippers upstairs. That should be the end of those.
Next, dad did all the wire work on top of the stairwell.
Looks cute even with only two burning bulbs.
And I lied again. We really did not have a Copperhead in an Oak Tree (well, there was probably one hiding), it just fit The Weld House better for my Twelve Days of Christmas remix than a Partridge in a Pear Tree. I bet my new song will be stuck in your head all day. It's quite catchy, if I do say so myself. (I know it will at least get Kimberly singing.)