Monday, February 28, 2011

Home Body

I would say that the Welders have been taking some time to enjoy the Weld House...and we have, but we've mainly been busy away from home lately. I miss home so am hoping this week will include more time there. I had the nickname Romeo when I was younger. My dad called me that because I never wanted to stay home and always wanted to roam around. How things change...I never thought I'd become a home body. Friday night we did enjoy a nice evening at home. Mr. Welder spread grass seed.
Daisy played with a new toy.
She ran and galloped and tossed her new prize. Those pictures are blurry so you get a posed, serious photo.
This girl loves vegetables and was soon chomping on it.
Nutritious and delicious!
We grilled skewers of shrimp, bell pepper, onion and mushrooms outside. Speaking of my roaming days, I grew a pepper plant on my balcony of the apartment I lived in during college. It never grew an actual pepper. The plant was in a tin can and pretty, but I would guess it would need more room to grow roots to make a pepper. Mr. Welder decided to try his luck and planted a few seeds in an egg carton. If they sprout, we'll transplant the plants outside to the garden.
The gals steamed the other end of Daisy's toy.
And then it was time to pig out!
These nights are my favorite.
Laid back, low key, good food, cheap wine and being at home!
Have any of you dramatically changed when it comes to roaming or staying home?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bloom: A State or Time of Beauty, Freshness, and Vigor

Granny's Daffodils are blooming.
They make me happy. I want to share some happiness with you.
May blooming be in your near future.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Stack of Shop

Monday, Mr. Welder drove this truckload down the new section of driveway at the Weld House. I am not sure how he did it, but he unloaded the stack of steel for the shop all alone with the help of his tractor.
Though he's been doing a good job of cleaning the junk from the yard by having a sale on Craigslist, it will be nice to have a place to keep the rest of the yard ornaments tucked away one of these days.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Future Farmers of America

Friday after the work day, Mr. Welder put in a little bit more work before it got dark.
He moved topsoil around the slab for the shop.
Mrs. Welder added a soap dispenser to the laundry room and the kids' bathroom. Both are made from recycled glass and are replicas of old jars. Very cute and available at Bee Angels in a variety of styles. If you want one, you better go quick. They were new Friday and have been best sellers.
Saturday another last trip was made to our Grandparents' place. The closing date was pushed back, which gave us time to get a few bulbs from Granny's garden. She mentioned a few times that I should get some started at my house and we just never got around to it.
Mr. Welder got in another last fish, as well.
And when we got back home, I planted two kinds of bulbs around this big tree.
And Irises around this tree. I will always think of Granny and how she had tons of these around her house. I hope I can just keep mine alive!
Mr. Welder completed more work around the shop slab.
A prowling panther almost got me.
Sunday afternoon, dad came over and spread the gravel for the extra section of driveway to the shop.
This angle gives you a better idea of where it all connects.
And mom helped me strip the locker. Almost finished with the first one, so a better sneak peek picture may make it on here before too long.
Oh, and we added to our onion garden. We planted a row and a half of potatoes. Yep, we are the future farmers of America.
P.S. Did you notice a new link at the top? I took updated pictures of the Weld House so we can have a fancy blog with a house tour :) I had fun trying to get decent pictures. Enjoy!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pizza Party

Since I'm is a shot of our delicious pizza before. Except you know I'm lying because if you're a detective like me, you can see evidence in the background.
And here is how it was looking about the time I wondered why I did not put on my stretchy sweat pants before diving in ;)
Since the pizza delivery person was cool, we decided to let her stay and join us.
We had a fun evening of conversation, eating, drinking, and a tour.
Thanks for the fun evening and for being our #1 blog fan, Glenda ;)
Yes, that will always be weird but it's easier to type than say out loud.
Do any of you call any of your former teachers by his or her first name?
Or have you had a drink with one of them? That's not really weird, it's more like fun :)
Happy Friday.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fishing in the Den

Mr. Welder has been working on the final steps of completing the front door. Yes, this has probably been the longest project of the Weld House, but also one of my favorites. After a little fishing...(for the second may remember a similar scene way back when.) And catching the catch, a few adjustments, and adding weather stripping, we now have a sealed tight, weather proof front door. Mrs. Welder is crossing her fingers that this was the culprit behind the layers of dust that accumulate almost immediately after the mop is put back in the closet. When the side or back doors are opened it creates a strong vacuum. Before these last few additions, the front door had some fair sized gaps that looked the perfect size for a dust storm to make its way inside...only time will tell, but I won't be sad if the mop doesn't feel the urge to come out and play quite so often.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Sorry us Welders have been so dooring...I mean boring lately! Just in case you're worried that we're finished and there's nothing else to talk about, I assure you we will never be finished and one of my goals in life is to always find something to ramble about on here. To give you a quick Weld House update, Mr. Welder's been working on more door knobs along with other door related projects. Though each door knob is old, unique and cute, I have held myself back from overdoing it with door knob pictures. I realize not everyone is as easily entertained as I. To update you on another project I've mentioned before...Mrs. Welder has decided to completely strip the paint from the mud area lockers. This is a very time consuming, tedious task but stripping is addicting and since this is her main project besides daily chores at this time, she thought why not? I might give you a peak of the progress before the finished product, but I will at least wait until I have one of the two set of lockers completely paint free. Showing it off to you will be my reward.
Tomorrow we have a fun night planned with our biggest blog fan...she also happens to be our third grade teacher...well, my teacher, since Mr. Welder started that school in the fourth grade, but he did get to start her car in the winter. If he wasn't a mature fourth grader he probably wouldn't have been allowed that privilege. Anyhow, maybe I'll share a few details from our mini party...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Prom Date

Happy Valentine's Day from the Welders.
Here is short, sweet, random post of a few weekend highlights.
High school prom may have never been in the stars for us, but a Valentine Banquet our church held, sure made a memory that felt quite similar. The warm weekend was delightful.
Thrift store planters and free aloe plants are a thrifty addition that give hope of the arrival of Spring.
Last time fishing at my Grandparents' place. Mr. Welder caught two bass on the first two casts! This place holds so many dear memories for our family. May the new owners be as blessed as we've been.
May your day be sweet.
With love,
The Welders

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mi Amor and a Door

More door knobs and latches and whatever all those parts are called are in place! We may actually finish the doors before next year :)
Now our guests can close their door and not have to use the coat hanger trick to exit!
I stopped by mom's to get my box of Golden Books. Surprise! How about 5 boxes of kid/teen books. Oh, and three lizards that scared me silly.
Before enlarging the kid book section and going down memory lane, I worked on a few things for my shop, Bee Angels...a busy bee told me it's a great place to do your Valentine's Day shopping ;) Head on over for perfect gifts to give wives, guys, friends, pets (fancy pets...that like to eat from crystal platters)! Just holler at me if I can help. if you want some pictures to look at before heading over.
It's only a sample though, so enjoy the warmer weather this weekend and buzz on by. I'm a happy gal, but it will make me happier to have you visit :) Just ignore the dust. I need to get by and clean!
Happy Weekend!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cuddle Up with a Good Book

Want a peek of the book nook?
I've been busy unloading box after box of books, magazines, scrap books and photo albums.
A nice, warm, inside job.
The kid section. I might teach Daisy and Herman to read. Babysitter, Little Sister books for Daisy and Goosebumps collection for Herman. An entire stack of joke books. Watch out, Mr. Welder might have some new ones for you soon. I love kid books. Would it be strange to sit on the beach with a pina colada and Dr. Seuss? No plans for a beach trip yet but maybe this summer.
I filled them up pretty good, huh? The top triangle shelf in the kid section is reserved for my Golden Books, which I hope to get from my mom soon. She used to buy me one on our weekly shopping trips when I was a little gal.
Mr. Welder's inside, warm job was working on finishing up the few door knobs that were already in place.
And he also added a new one to the laundry room door.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wintry Weld House

After being home from our snowy vacation for a day, we woke up, looked out the window and saw this.
Living in Texas there aren't many times in my memory of seeing snow while at home. I put my freshly laundered ski clothes back on and headed out to take more pictures than anyone would ever care to look at. As the drill has been, I've looked through them and chose way more than you're likely to be interested in.
Mr. Welder waiting for the snow to melt off his truck before going into work. I got to stay home and dream about finding a way to have more one-day work weeks. Sad to say that I did not come up with an answer that made financial sense :)
Daisy trying to entice her dad to come play.
Of course, he gave in.
A break for a sno cone.
Snow makes everything picture worthy in my book.
Mr. Welder started a fire before he left and gave me a quick lesson on how to keep it going. Since we did not have much dry wood, he hauled this box of stud board scraps that was stowed away for this type situation.
Wonder if our onions will make it?
If not, will have to knock the snow off the tractor and plant some more.
Yippee! A picture of my tractor made it on the blog!
As I was busily snapping away, others were ready to go back inside.
Mom, are you coming?
Fine, after the family photo can we go back in?
We're waiting.
Lady, if you don't stop taking pictures, I'm going to take that camera away from you.
So, Mr. Welder went to work, we went back inside, but when the sun came out, it was time for a few more pictures.
Blues skies and interesting shadows
Who cares if it's sunny? I'm staying right here.
I don't care if there is a bird to catch out there.
I stole your spot, Herman.
Sounds like more wintry weather may be on the way.
Stay warm!