Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Planting

It's me, Lily.

We've been doing some yard work at the Weld House.
Mommy planted pumpkin seeds about a week prior to our planting.  She forgot to water them but they looked like this the next time she checked on them.  She put them in the garden where the grasshoppers ate the plants.  I am pretty sure they were planted too late anyways.
One day we'll have a pumpkin patch.
Mommy also had two boxwood bushes that she planted when she moved back after college pictured on the left.  I think daddy forgot to water one of them so we replanted it.
We added lots of pretty things to the flowerbeds.

Herman supervised the work.
Mommy and daddy love to experiment with different plants.
I mainly like to rock on the front porch.
But sometimes I get serious about planting and even bring out my sun hat.

We added mums to the front porch.
And when Grandpa and Granny came to visit,
Grandpa carried me
And Herman rode on the hood
While daddy did more planting.
Two Crape Myrtles by the gate.
We also planted three Crape Myrtles on the side of the house.
All this planting is tiresome.
And calls for a good bath.
And next thing you know, here we were again buying more plants.  This time we visited Lowe's clearance section.  We love bargains.
Daddy planted some Live Oaks...not in the Clearance Section.
 Mommy and I tried to figure out our sling.  I am thinking we had it upside down but we enjoyed walking around the yard for a little bit anyways.
Daddy was proud of his trees and me.  He is excited to watch all of us grow.
We had another day of planting and after I almost made it off the rug
I decided to take a nap with Daisy.
Daddy decided to extend the back flower bed to the side.
And we got a big pile of mulch.
The electric company used our gate to get in the field behind our house to cut trees away from the power lines.  Daddy had the great idea of letting them dump their mulch for us to use!
Here are the three Live Oaks planted on this side of the driveway.
We planted four in all.  (The other one is the one pictured with me and Daddy.)
So what do you think about our planting?
I think it makes me happy.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Two Questions With the Long Answers

Sunday dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's house
I often get asked the questions, "How are you liking being a stay-at-home-mom?" and "Do you ever miss your job?"  Automatically I always answer the first, "I love it." and the second, "No."  And those are the quick, easy (and honest) answers.
The swing finally worked!  She took a 45 minute nap!
It's been a little over three months since I began my new lifestyle. 
It's fun. It's hard. It's rewarding.
 And it is where I want and need to be right now-no doubt in my mind, ever. 
 Some days (these are in the minority still...and may always be?) flow easy and I make the right guesses of what Baby Welder wants.  These days I feel on top of the world-like an awesome mom that kind of has a clue-like I am actually getting the hang of it.
  Other days have speed bumps every hour and it's hard to not feel like a failure. Like when Baby Welder is screaming at the top of her lungs and I have tried every trick that has ever worked along with new tricks that do not work either.  Yes, sometimes in those moments I think to myself that she would be better with someone who has a clue what they are doing, even though deep down I know that isn't true.  She just needs me to figure it out.
We had a reason to celebrate this week.  And we did.  We'll share the news at some point.

I worry, as I imagine all mothers do.
"Why does she want to eat every 1-2 hours today? Am I doing something wrong?  The book says at this age she should eat about 5 times a day.  She's already eaten 5 times, and it's only 10:00 am!  Am I setting her eating habits for an obese future (ha-I know I am silly and probably need to stop reading so much.)  What is this crust in her ear?  Why does the skin around her eyebrows look yellow?  She feels a little warm. I wonder if she has fever. I wonder if this ear thermometer is accurate for babies her age. Does she have a milk allergy? Will she ever get to enjoy an ice cream cone?  It looks like her hair is falling out.  I wonder if I used the cradle cap shampoo too long.  She always wants to look one way.  Is this going to make her head forever flat on one side?"  (I don't recall ever thinking, "That man has a flat left side of the face.  He must have always slept and looked one way as a baby...)
I love her so much (as all mothers love their children.)
Being a father comes naturally to Mr. Welder.
He's good.
And I am blessed to have him as a partner in parenthood and a partner in life.
I would miss our visitors if at work during the day.

She changes so much everyday.
And I feel blessed to be close by as a witness.
Daisy tried the "act like there is not a cow on the porch" method to get him to leave.

I did have a great job.
Like every job, it had its moments.
It was a hard decision and scary to give it up along with the added financial stability it provided.
I still have the meetings I would be attending if still employed marked on my calendar.
I wonder how the meetings go.
I do miss the people I worked with.
And one day when Baby Welder cried most of  the day (I was definitely losing the guessing game that day), I actually yearned to have that, what seemed like long, boring (QUIET) drive home.
Something I probably never appreciated but should have...just like that crying baby.

The next time the cow came to visit the back patio, Daisy barked to let him know that was enough.  So he decided to rest in the shade.

Let me take the time to say, we all have to do what is right and best for our families.
I do not think I am better than someone that works nor am I bragging about staying home.
I know that staying home is not right for every mom...or dad.
I understand the guilt some working moms may feel.
I feel the guilt of not contributing as much financially as I used to.
We all do what works for our families.
And this looks different in each family.
For us, it often looks like a daddy driving, a mommy holding a baby and petting a dog sitting in the middle, and a cat riding on the hood of a golf cart making laps around the yard hoping baby will fall asleep.  Sometimes this works except when it doesn't ;)  But no matter the outcome~I love it.
We all love and provide for our families in the way that fits.

Mainly now I look at parents in general differently.
I understand more.
I notice more.
I see the love more clearly.

I know these baby days fly by.
Everyone tells you that.
And I can already feel it.
Grandma and Lily watching their favorite show, The Voice.

Everyday I pray (ok, most days unless I get sidetracked) to enjoy and cherish the day.
For wisdom (or lucky guesses) in giving Lily what she needs.
In thanks for all we've been blessed.
I pray for the same for you all too, our friends, family, and blog readers.
(I actually heard the sermon this Sunday-Lily decided to cry and eat after it was over-and it was about praying for others, something I aim to be better at.)
She's getting pretty serious about rolling over.
Enough rambling from me.
Time to go hang out with my gal.
Enjoy your day and your many blessings.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Cleaning

More cleaning than usual has been taking place at the Weld House lately.
I'll admit that fall cleaning did not include taking down the curtains to wash (though we really don't have many curtains so I probably could have) or washing the windows or any of those chores that I've never accomplished since living here.  Heck I did not even mop the floors after vacuuming like I planned.  Chores take a little longer now since I have to work in time to hang out with Lily, which is more tempting than mopping or window washing...
It was fun and did make me feel happy to get rid of some huge cobwebs (in plenty time to have them back for easy Halloween decor-I am sure they are already back to that point) and moving things around and getting rid of some clutter makes our home feel fresh.
I did not purchase anything new, just moved around things I already had (plus a little cotton.)
I did make two new initial pictures that are now available for custom orders in our etsy shop.
But mostly just moved stuff around and even dusted it!

The other initial picture.
For more detailed pics, visit our shop.
I almost forgot.
I did buy a new plant.
  In the top right picture I mostly cropped out the plant that was on its last leg.
After shopping the clearance section at Lowe's (we had lots of fun and will show you more soon), I decided this plant needed to be replaced with this $4-$5 fern.
I gave this old pot a quick paint job.
And this little area of the den was spruced.
Maybe this house plant will have better luck than the others.
You may have noticed I just took up close photos.
We have our office in the middle of the living room right now along with Lily's toys, craft projects "decorating" the coffee table, burp cloths draping chair arms...
So when I look around the room, I also crop the clutter and focus on the organized areas and the cute baby :)
Oh My!  All this housework is exhausting!
Herman heard things were clean.
Mr. Welder gave him a tour.
I think he was impressed.