Monday, November 12, 2012

Days Go By

We had a family outing to have lunch and stroll around Homestead Heritage.  I had the Falafel, which was delicious even though it featured chickpeas...not chicken pieces-ha-like Mr. Welder thought the menu said.
Another week has come and gone.
I can't believe how fast time flies.
First time to sit in a cart-Home Depot, of course.
You're growing and learning so much every day.
You were grumpy so we put you down for a nap while we finished dinner.  This is what daddy found when he came to check on you.
You definitely keep life interesting.
He called you destructive.
You make me laugh.
I knew that was my gal, hungry, trying to eat the bumper pads.
And make even the every day moments special.
I love having you as my tiny helper.
Always curious.

Always precious.
Always looking for something to get into.
You still fight those dreadful naps on most days.
No matter how many times I hear you cry-I still hate it-and it will always break my heart.
Daisy taught you how to sleep prissy.
But if a restful nap follows, it makes it easier to swallow and makes me feel less cruel.
But she did not let me get a pic of her cuddled on the hay.
Your naps are usually short but when they aren't,
I miss you and keep wondering when you will wake up anyways.
Yesterday I gave you a taste of one of my favorite vegetables, green beans.
I think today you are starting to acquire a taste for them.
And green drool never looked better on anyone.

You always love it outside.
The temperatures dramatically changed yesterday, so we'll have to bundle up when we go outside after you wake up from your nap.
After you eat, of course.
I don't care what the books say.
Another night while we finished dinner, daddy put you on your carpet to play.  When he came to check on you, he gasped and could not find you because you were hiding under the bed.
I have completed some highly scientific research,

You've always liked Cookie Monster but have just now started to like hanging out in your swing.
And sometimes you are just hungry even before the 2-2.5 hour mark-when your usual mark is 3-3.5 (except during the night when you usually sleep at least 9!)-and nothing can change that or get your mind off of it.
That really does not shock me.
Your parents are two hungry hippos too.
 And your strict exercise regime is bound to keep you from becoming obese.
 We celebrated your cousin's fourth birthday this weekend.
 I can't believe how fast your cousins are growing.
 And how determined you are to keep up.
 If only I could keep you little.
 But it's also so fun to watch you grow.
 One day you'll be big enough to play in the jump house
 with your friends.
 And you might actually smile or take a nap during church :)
 But I really just like the way things are now and try to cherish every moment.
I love you, Lily.
And even though by the time you are old enough to read this, you won't remember when I made you cry yourself to sleep, just know that my heart was crying in the next room while chopping vegetables or editing pictures to keep my mind off of it.
And that you woke up happy and we had fun after that.
Miss you right now, sleeping beauty.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Nutty Scarecrows

 There are scarecrows such as this one.
 And others such as these.
 Waterproof sound system to scare away those crows.
 Cone heads and others that at first glimpse might be mistaken for my dad standing chopping in the yard.
 Lola enjoys the extra company.
 My dad cracks me up with his artistic work.
 But hey, it's working.
Along with shaking the tree to get the pecans before the birds do.
 Lily is mesmerized by the procedure.
 And wishes she could jump down and help with the hunt.
 A beautiful crop this year.
 Beautiful memories.
Just enjoying the beauty of the season.
(Don't the flip flops just scream beautiful?)
Happy Friday!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Fall Yall

 I sit here in shorts and a tank top as I write this.
Texas weather.
I am really not a fan of cold weather, but I do hope we get to light the wood stove more often than we did last year.
 We definitely enjoyed the cooler temps while they were here.
 Homemade chicken noodle soup.
I made myself quit after three bowls.
 You know, to save room for the coffee and apple pie.
 The fall weather stayed around just long enough for our hayride too.
 Lily had a great time at her first Halloween bash.
 I've done enough rambling lately so am going to give you a break and just show off some photos from our Halloween/fall activities we've been enjoying this year.
 I did catch Mr. Welder trying Lily's life jacket on her yesterday.
 Maybe next year, Lily will participate in a little fall fishing.
 But for now, we'll just enjoy our little scarecrow on dry land.
 Ok...I am shutting up now.

Yes, Daisy was included in the hayride.

I did a little decorating.  See my new jar for wine corks?  I got it at a cute shop in Mart called, Stuff.  You should check it out.  They have fun finds at great prices.

Lily crafted Halloween cards for a few of her friends.

On Halloween, we visited Great Granny.

And Grandma at work.

We started rice cereal this last week.  Lily likes to help.

Aunt Heather spoiled Lily with a fancy Halloween dress to wear to her Birthday celebration.

Just a little kicking in the corner at Olive Garden.

Nap time in John Robert's bed after a little garage saling.

And after rice cereal, we moved right on to Dr. Pepper.

We hope you had a fun Halloween.
Excuse me while I find the "Wet Floor" sign for a little pile of drool.