Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Saturday was a day of more wires.
Uncle Pedro came and lent some of his electrical expertise. The wires were installed for phone, TV, and computer stuff.Lots and lots of wire was pulled.Dad worked on the electrical elements for my office.
After dad said he would frame the wall in the office (overlooking the stairs) for my old window, I wasted no time and cleaned it up.
Mom and I also worked on adding the hardware to the laundry cabinet. Though the new hinges looked identical to the old ones, we had a little difficulty using the original holes and making the doors shut correctly... but we did our best...and then let Jason finish.
Not sure what I am doing here...just kind of a cool pic with Daisy and I downstairs and dad and Jason up.
I don't think you can tell on any of the pictures, but the kick board on the laundry cabinet was cracked. Mom and I were determined to replace it. We measured every board laying around trying to find one that was long enough and the right width. We found a scrap of tongue and groove that needed the tongue (I think) cut off and then a little taken off the length. Jason noticed me near the saw and thought he needed to assist...does he not recall how I used this same saw to cut nearly every stud board of our house?!?!?
So after it was the correct length, mom used this little hand saw knife thing (that's what the package said) to cut off the tongue...then we went to test it and darn it was still a little too wide. I thought I would just sand it down but Jason heard this and informed me that would take before leaving that day, dad used the scroll saw to take off a little least we tried!
Then it was time not sure what we were actually doing here. All I know is we had three black wires that we soaped up and pushed up through the electrical box in the garage. Pedro was waiting (or maybe he was doing other things during this time?) at the other electrical box in the house where it eventually came out.
It made it!
Wires for my office...
I will have three lights in my office. One on this wall-you can see the box to the left of dad. My mom has an old swag light that my aunt and uncle gave her and dad for their anniversary or wedding...hum, need to clarify that. Then I will probably hang a chandelier Jason's grandma gave us in front of the window above where my desk will be. And the third will be in the little cubby where I hope to have bookshelves. I still need to shop for this one.
Sunday we did a few piddly projects...all those wires the day before put me in an electrician state of mind so I decide to reconfigure the wiring in this chandelier from my homey, was entirely too windy to spray paint so after I finally got it all back together (I hope...will have to get dad to look it over to make sure I did not totally mess it up...) I had to put the remainder of the makeover on hold for a calmer day. I am excited to see how it turns out. I bet Stacey will not even recognize it. I have plans to use it in our closet.
Jason did a little work on the front door.Mom and dad worked on the frame for the window in my office.
I love it!
Some piddly work on our master bedroom door...
And then Jason attached the finally fitting piece of cedar on the laundry cabinet.
And here it is as of now. I planned to paint the cedar board green to match, but the piece of wood was so pretty so left it for now. Since the laundry room is on the narrow side, I doubt you will see it one way or the other... Hopefully soon we will install the white marble sink top. The new sink is directly in the middle of the cabinet unlike the original. I am hoping we can save the top drawer-it's gonna be close!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Comfortable Temperatures

Monday after a long night of appliance and wire shopping, we headed out to the Weld House to check out the progress. As you can see, the HVAC guys started installing the duct work.
Jason checking it all out.
They should finish this week. I think the downstairs is complete and upstairs will be started in the next day or two.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Moving Day

Saturday was moving are probably thinking..."Did the Extreme Home Makeover people come and finish The Weld House last week?!" or more likely you are thinking "Yea Right!" But Saturday was moving day. Moving day at Bee Angels. Not really Weld House related, but we did move the furniture I was using in my shop that will one day live in the Weld House. It is now patiently waiting at mom and dad's for the real moving day... Thanks to our great family (AGAIN as ALWAYS) for chipping in and helping us get things accomplished.
This is an in between picture of the Bee Angels move...when you get a chance go check out the new location. Bee Angels is located on the opposite side of the elevator from where it used to be. Lots of new merchandise and scenery...Sunday the Weld House was back to the top of the list. The guys worked on the closet for the HVAC unit upstairs. It is in the workout room.I worked on the light for above the kitchen sink that I introduced a week or two ago. Here it is hanging in the tree after being cleaned and then spray painted with a brownish tint hammered paint. Bye bye brass.
I cleaned the caked on for ninety years dust and stinky stuff and then stripped the white paint that was on the underside of the lamp.After mom got the lamp shiny and clean, I took the new and improved light to show the guys...
As you can see, Jason was as excited and interested as I.A close up of the makeoverAnd a before picture to remind you of the brass, dirt, and galvanized look.
I also gave the laundry room cabinet two coats of paint. Now after it dries, it is ready to be distressed.
And here is the HVAC closet. The HVAC guys are scheduled to start working at the Weld House Monday. Weekly plans also include meeting the cabinet guy and shopping for appliances and wires for TV, phones, and that kind of stuff. Heck, it really will be moving day before we know it ;)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Plumbing Products

Friday we went to The Weld House to check on the progress and hand over some moo-lah to the plumbers. Though it is fun to go out and see progress happen "over night", the handing over the money part is not so fun :)
A new "old" edition: Our garage sink
Plumbing for the kitchen sink
Saturday we took a trip to IKEA. Our first time. It was a fun day...and we brought home a farm house sink like the one above!
Another view of it.Groovy KitchenJason and mom took a break
Loading it up! I think the lady said it weighs 200 pounds. We also found a cute wooden stool and knobs for the laundry room cabinet I am in the process of redoing.
On the way home we stopped by the Weld House. The plumbers were finishing up. Jason dug up the pipe that runs out of the house so we could do a water test.
I tried to stay warm by the light. Sheesh, it was cold.
Hooking up the water hose to the pipe.
And we have water!
Oops-forgot a cap on the pipe in the kids' bathroom. But after they put one on-there were no leaks!
Finally home in the nice warmth. Daisy enjoyed her new blanket mom and dad brought her back from IKEA.
And Herman enjoyed his too!