Friday, July 31, 2009

Driver's Ed

Mom had scissor lift driving lesson's Thursday night.
The Welding Wife gave the remaining three pairs of shutters one coat of stain front and back. The front side will need one more coat before being hung.
Jason gave the I-beam a sanding.
After getting situated, Mom gave the beam its first coat of white stone paint.
After discovering the balcony trim we ordered came back the wrong size, Dad and Jason strategized and thought of various options for the flooring. A very intense brain storming session on ladders.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Leave 'em in the Dust...

Wednesday night, Jason and I built the remaining shutters for the rest of the house.
All loaded up and ready for me to stain.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Paint the Town...

Tuesday night while dad and Jason spray painted the balcony railing black, I touched up the garage doors. See below how when the door is rolling up, raw edges that were not stained show?
So I gave the cracks a stain job :) Now it looks finished and not half complete...I like finished!
Now for a few shots of the balcony

Turned out great!
Before we left, Jason measured the three additional windows on the house that are not on the front. We have the cedar to make shutters for these, so that is on the list to happen soon.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Tortoise & The Hares

After I spent all morning priming the balcony rail by brush, the guys decided to try spray painting it. They covered the entire rail in a fraction of the time it took me to paint one side of one section! And the spray paint looks way better than the brushed paint.I did use a brush to touch up places close to the walls and rock columns. Next we are buying spray paint to cover the primer. We are somewhat undecided. We are deciding between black and white stone (which is the off-white color that is similar to the color of our rock.) We have white stone trim that will cover the purlin between the balcony and porch (you can see it in the picture below-the rusty iron piece under me that looks unfinished.) Our light fixtures will be black. The handle for the balcony door is blackish. We plan to cover the balcony ceiling with cedar, which will make it a color similar to the garage doors. I can see both colors giving it a different look, but I think we are leaning towards black. Feel free to post a comment and tell us what you think...give us the ok or change our mind before we make a mistake!

Do You Live in a Barn?

We finished the garage doors this weekend. Above Jason is angle cutting the cedar trim.Next, he pre-drills holes.
Then he attaches it to make sure it is the perfect fit.After he takes it down, I stain it.
After it dries, he puts it back up.
Start over the process for the second door.
Here Jason is adding the decorative accents.
And the finished product.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fondue Fountain

With new paint, we had a much easier time painting the balcony railing. This is one heck of a job that definitely takes patience, time, and thought. There is a method that works best to help avoid drips and to keep from going back over and clump up the partially dried areas. I will not go into detail since it is kind of hard to put into words and most of you probably do not want to read about it...but feel free to post a comment if you have a similar project and would like a few tips. I will be glad to share the results of my research and experiments. We also decided to spray paint parts that are hard to reach. After we get the entire rail primed, we will paint it black. Thanks for your help, mom! Jason worked on the trim around the garage doors. His drill started giving him problems so did not get as far along as he wished. After he gets the cedar trim pieces cut and fitting just right, he will take them back off for me to stain (since they are attached to the metal trim) and after they dry, attach them again.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chopped Liver

After cleaning Elk Hall, the plan was for mom and I to prime the balcony railing. No matter how much paint thinner we used, the paint just kept looking like chopped liver.Kayla and Kristi picked a good night to visit. They helped us hold up different hardware accent options (handles and hinges) for our garage doors. They are kind of hard to see here, but we decided and plan to pick them up today. So hopefully you can just see them installed shortly.
Another no snake night! We plan to get new primer today and paint tonight. I hope we have more luck.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Few More Finishing Touches

Tuesday evening Jason added two small trim pieces. I have been wanting these for a long time. Now it looks complete.
Tim the Toolman Taylor got something new (well new to him). He is showing it off here though it stands out a little more in some of the other pictures on this post. Do you know what it is?
I gave the overlapping boards (the border and x's) a second coat of stain.
This was Jason's idea. I like how it made the accents a hint darker to make them stand out.
While Jason was waiting for me to finish up, he added the decorative nails to the front door.
Turned out great. I think the little things are what make life special. Do you like Jason's gun by the door?!? I am not a huge fan of guns, actually afraid of them. Jason did a little snake hunting before we left for the night. Daisy was ready to go home, so he did not hunt very long...but no snakes! So maybe we either 1. Got rid of their home when the Pistache trees were demolished and they relocated. 2. Already killed the herd that lived around The Weld House (I think this is highly possible, we've killed eleven so far!) 3. A few noticed the big bad hunters last week and ran and told the others to high-tail it out of there 4. Tuesday night is Bingo night and they pulled a late night stopping at the bar to spend their winnings. Post a comment to vote for option 1-4 or give your own guess.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dozin Off...Not!

Jason did yard work on Sunday. He shredded, mowed, and used this huge weed eater deal that resembles a push mower. It ran out of string and has a crack in the gas tank, so he decided to go with Plan B.Uncle Pedro brought his bulldozer over and piled up the cute little Pistache trees lining our back fence.Jason hopes this might be the Copperhead Housing Development and that they will relocate if their homes have been demolished.
No more cute, funky trees. I will miss you guys...trees, not snakes.
Farmer Jason also did a little weed whacking with his trusty hoe to wind up the weekend's progress.

Big Bad Garage Doors

Saturday and Sunday I worked on giving the garage doors a coat of sealer/stain. These bad boys are larger than I thought!

I am not sure exactly what Jason does to roll the garage doors up and down (plugs something in and stands on a chair) I just took a picture of one...they look the same anyways :) Whew! That was a big job. I am not sure the plan on giving it another coat or not...we will have to see how they look when dry.

My Favorite Post Yet

Saturday Jason wrapped the front porch posts in cedar.
I am in awe over his precise woodworking. I never knew the main welder had it in him!
I gave the posts a coat of sealer/stain.
Notice the pretty trim work at the top and bottom...and the pretty Daisy.

Lovely! I hope to give the cedar posts one more coat of stain this week.