Wednesday, March 31, 2010

He Screwed Up the Wall!

Tuesday evening Jason finished putting the screws in the big wall in our den.
Quick story for you: Last weekend our cousin Kayla came over to snoop around and check out our progress...and scrape on a door for a few minutes. She and her mom were walking around, scoping everything out. When she came to this wall, she gently hit it with her hand and since it was only secured in a few places at this point, it shook and gave her a startling surprise. She looked at my aunt and said, "It's kinda flimsy." Ha! Jason was watching and saw the whole thing. So I invite Kayla to come back over and check out the walls sturdiness now :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Monday we worked on the ceiling in the second kid's room. Jason parked the blue machine outside our bedroom window where I had my work station set up. I pulled the boards through the window and already got a splinter from the very first board. Good start!
I love how it turned out. It was not as easy going as the first bedroom we completed due to the difference of fence pickets. After closer inspection, there was an assortment of at least four widths. The difference was not enough for the eye to notice but we had to put them in sections so each row stayed straight. This added one more step of measuring each board. Then, these boards were wider. This meant the saw did not cut the entire board with one chop so the boards had to be cut twice-once from each side to cut the entire thing. So these were minor obstacles we were not expecting, but the main thing is the end result looks great...and we did get to the end result just shy of 11:00. A much more enjoyable (and most likely not as late-I am old now!) late nighter than college days when studying for an exam.
A closer look
And this last picture was to show the difference between the two rooms (as much as you can tell with the night lighting.) The closest is the room we did first and the farthest is the room we completed Monday night.
One more thing looking terrific.

Monday, March 29, 2010

A-Frame-ous House

Sunday we went to The Weld House but not much progress was made...well, unless you are hungry for peanuts. The Peanut Farmer planted another section of crops.
That evening we had a celebration at my grandparents' house for my mom and aunt's birthday. Many of you probably remember this A-frame that my grandpa built for my great grandpa to live in. I've always loved it. It saddens me when I think of it rotting and wasting away. But that is basically what is happening. It seems to have been going down hill quicker over these last few years. The wood that is close to the ground (holding up the place) is rotting, but the wood covered in shingles seems to still be in pretty good shape. After talking with my granny and grandpa about it, they said we were welcome to tear it down and use whatever wood from it that we could.
Jason peeled back a few shingles to get a better inspection.
Then we took the scenic route and climbed up on the rotten porch-we like living on the edge.
Mud dobers, anyone?
You can see the lake view in the distance. Wouldn't it be so cool to have this little cabin on the lake? So we will decide what to do later. It is sad to tear it down. It is just beyond the point of repair. It never had running water but did have electricity. My grandpa told us last night that the wood he used to build the A-frame came from a big, old barn that was on their property when they moved here. Tearing it down would also be a lot of work. I would like to think my Great Grandpa would be proud to have his house live on in ours, but the fate of his cute abode is still unknown.

Drive Thru Restaurant

Saturday the girls celebrated Mom's birthday by going to garage sales-WILD! We concluded around lunch and brought the guys something to eat and then had a party with lots of gifts.
Before getting back to work, the Peanut Farmer had to take a look at his crops.
After digging up half the peanuts to make sure that is what was growing, we got to work. So to confirm, the peanuts are sprouting! (Just look at the Peanut Farmer in deep thought!)
So here you can (kind of) see what the guys worked on that morning-the wall that will close the upstairs from the downstairs. So far they had framed for a small window in the office and a door. Jason and I discussed where we decided the bathroom and art room would be.
And then the guys got back to it.
The girls did some cleaning in the garage.
Dad sticks his head through the window that will be in the art room. We joked that dad looked like a fast food worker at a drive thru window for the scissor lift.
Then it was discussion time for placement of the window in the game room. The big window we bought at the Restore sale a few months back, was just a little too big for what we ended up having in mind. With the angle of the wall and us wanting to have it high enough for safety reasons, we opted to use half of it. After that was decided, we debated on different placement options.
We decided on placing it upright instead of sideways like the other two windows on this wall.
After that decision, the guys were able to finish up the wall.
Mom and I worked on our favorite door project.

And then dad showed off the game room window. I am really excited to see this entire wall complete.
Guess we did not get a picture of the entire wall, but until we put the windows, door, and covering it is probably hard to tell. I am so glad to have this wall framed. It makes it feel much safer than before.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Plywood Applied

More plywood was transported to The Weld House Thursday evening.
The guys put it in the second kid's bedroom ceiling to eventually be covered with more fence pickets.Ready to go.
And plywood was also put on one wall in the master bedroom, which will also be covered...stay tuned.
The wall of potential waits patiently.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rain on a Tin Roof

Wednesday evening the guys finished installing the tin ceiling in the master bedroom. And whoever posts a guess of what I was doing and gets it correct first, wins a free tour of The Weld House :)
Looking good.
We ran to the truck in the rain. We've had plenty or too much rain lately, but I always love the sound of it.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day at the Sawmill

Tuesday evening we disassembled a few old fences.
We did not quite beat nightfall, but did not let that stop us. I had no idea our light could get that tall-how handy! After the wood was free of nails, we ran it through the planer.Another stack of wood ready to go. We plan to use this in the ceiling of the other kid's bedroom. This fence wood is quite different than the last. The boards are a tad wider and it is has a different look-different color and it seems to have more knots. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Liked When I Got to Saw that Wood...

Monday evening the Welders continued with their Spring Fever and sprinkled a few wildflower seeds along the back fence and around a random tree located at the back, left side of the house. Now we are just waiting to have a flower garden like the one on the seed can.
My farmer just keeps amazing me :)
Then it was back to work on the kid's bedroom ceiling.
This is probably more pictures of me sawing wood than you are interested in, but since my hubby took them I thought I would show off. Measuring the length.
Lining it up so precisely.
And sawing it in half.
When we made it to the electrical box for the ceiling fan, Jason did a little work with the jig saw.
Perfect fit!
The last board
Another...thought the color turned out ok considering it was pitch black outside.
A look from the side...a view you will not get to see one day when we have wall coverings.
One more project before calling it a night. The insulation was added to the master bedroom.
Now it is all ready to finish putting the sheet metal up for the ceiling.
Daisy did a little of her own insulation work.
Now a quick reminiscing story to give some background on the title of this post. This memory comes from a video tape of a vacation to Houston (I think...) when I was younger (maybe 5th-7th grade?) Anyhow, for those of you who have ever watched a tape of any of our family vacations, you know that at the end of each trip we have a survey. What was your favorite thing we did/saw, favorite restaurant, where do you want to go next year, etc. Well, my answer to what was your favorite thing that particular trip was, "I liked when I got to saw that wood with that bicycle," in a very country voice. "Oh, and I liked the NASA." So to explain: We went to a village that had lots of antiques and memorabilia, and when we got to the wood shop, there was a bicycle that when you pedaled, the saw blade went up and down to cut a piece of wood. I was probably just happy I was actually allowed to touch the artifacts (sorry, inside joke that I will spare you the details.) The thought of that bicycle still thrills me. Maybe after all of our house building projects are complete, my honey can construct one for our gym. I am quite the multi-tasker.