Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Light of my Life

Tuesday after the workday, we headed to Home Depot to return the rejects and get more of the winners. They had just enough! We got to the Weld House a little later than usual, but still had a productive night. First, Jason installed the light in the shower.
And this is how it looks.
Dad completed more electrical work, upstairs this go round.
The white or nickel color options for the game room trims were not what we really had in mind. Spray paint is great! Well, when Jason does it. I am a horrible spray painter but I did help the process by unpacking and laying them all out for the master painter.
Next, balcony light trims were installed.
And then the gym.
Dad rigged them up with this extension cord contraption so we could take a sneak peek at how it will look! What a difference real lights make!
We also did a test on the balcony lights. One step closer to party time.
Daisy could sense the excitement happening upstairs, but she just still couldn't force herself to make it to the top. She is terrified of staircases. Four or five steps are nothing and she's actually made it one step from the top at The Weld House, but gets scared and hauls hiney back down. She does the same thing at my work, which is dog friendly. I hardly bring her since carrying a Lab up the stairs in work clothes is not that fun! And chasing her around my office when she knows it is time to go back down makes me feel ridiculous. I wish I could read her mind-she is so agile-so it must just be a mental thing.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Food Pantry with all the Trimmings

Monday (the last day of our long weekend-boo!) we worked some more on the pantry. First we added the "perfect fit" pieces along the top and bottom.
Then it was time to trim. We took a trip to our lumber yard and found this thinner wood that could be cut on the table saw and made into the perfect trim. Why does it make me so happy when we are able to use some of this junk that most people would have thrown away? This wood came from the stack that was inside the barn we tore down. It makes me happy because it has a look you cannot buy, it was laying in a barn wasting away and then laying in our yard taking up space and it feels good to clean something up, it has it's own story (how many pantry trims can say that?), and it was free!
So after testing out different cuts and ways to do it, we were pleased to come up with this look.
Before adding the trim on these two corners, we decided the door should be in place first. So Jason cut out the annoying tripper.
And then set the door (from Restore!) in place and shimmed and jiggled until it worked just right.
And here is the finished product (well the door needs some serious cleaning
and the inside needs shelving, but you get the picture.) After stopping by the house where we live for some lunch, we went on a shopping trip. First, the air compressor, which is the power behind the nail/trim nail gun and is very important to finishing up the house, is having a problem. So we went on a search for a part. One is ordered and now we must just wait for it to get here. We also shopped for the trim kits for the can lights. After a nice dinner with Jason's parents, we stopped back by the Weld House to test out and decide which ones to buy more of. For the kitchen/den area, we decided on these white, eyeball lights. You can focus the light on different areas.
We chose these simple, nickel finish trims for the master bedroom.
And white for the hall/den. We have a few to return and a few more to buy before we install all 46! It will be nice to finally have some light on the subject. I am not sure what else is required to happen before these actually work, but I think we're making progress.

Three Strikes and You Win

After a trip to Home Depot (Friday evening), Jason started his Saturday painting the laundry room Crisp Linen White. With that name, it must be the perfect color.
My fun job was to take down all the paper and scrub off any sticky residue left by the tape, any sheetrock texture that happened to land in mysterious areas, and any paint that happened to overspray beyond the paper or things that just never got taped...
Jason decided to be tidy and haul all the paint buckets to the garage attic. Already coming in handy!
Then it was time to work on the pantry.
We used the wood from the barn we tore down-the demolition that took place before the A-frame-where we had all of our cow friends.
I really thought I would be finished with my job by mid-morning...but nope. I think I will vent for just a minute-hopefully in a fun and sarcastic (glad it's over) kind of way. So first, let me talk about tape. Tape-how come you were not strong enough to hold up the paper long enough for us to finish painting but you were strong and icky enough to leave little gummy patches here and there? Sheetrock guys...I could never live with you. Ok-so I am kind of picky, but I am not unrealistic. I can totally understand when there is a little texture along the edges where you just couldn't quite tape off our weird ceilings perfectly-fine that's what trim is for. But what's this business of texture in the middle of the barn wood wall in the master bedroom, texture on the barn wood ceiling in the master bath along the shower that has no sheetrock since it will be rocked...and let me just say almost every window sill was covered in the gunk...but one (in the middle of a sheetrock wall) was almost perfectly clean, so I know it's possible! Not to mention texture all over the tallest part of the gym wall that has no sheetrock near...and that is still there because I am too scared of the rickety ladder that reaches that high. So maybe I hold too much of a grudge, but after cleaning up your broken beer bottles and watching Jason fix holes you poked and sliced in our's hard to be positive about the experience. Have you ever tried to clean texture from barn wood? (And in case you're wondering-we did not hire some cuckoos off the street-this was from a reputable company that probably sheetrocked many of your houses...I am not sure what happened.) Then overspray...this was really minimal and an easy cleanup. Those non-taped areas-that's a different story. No, holding up a shield (not sure this actually happened) is not good enough. Taping it off is the only answer. I can't gripe much here since I know the culprit, Jason, will read this-ha. But I will just say I am glad that "I want to kill you" feeling wears off after the mess is cleaned up...and really the only room that could have used more taping was the office, which was one of the last rooms I cleaned and my neck and back were really aching from looking up all day by this point. Jason really did do an awesome job of painting practically our entire house and he's my hubby so I have grown to accept cleaning up his messes. And plus he painted my laundry room three times for me...I admit we both put up with one another's "annoying-ness." It is definitely not one-sided :) So enough of my whining...just wanted to keep it real.
And at least the crew was getting things done while I cleaned and cleaned all day. Dad worked on more electrical plugs and switches and finished the majority of the first floor.
Mom and Jason pressure washed more barn wood after running out.
Jason and his happy helper continued covering the pantry.
And here's how it looked at the end of Saturday.

Paint the Town

Friday (the first day of our long weekend!) we arrived at the Weld House to see this ferocious mountain lion. Or maybe Herman finally got to join us and he did not look to ferocious meowing, wondering how to get down from here. I was a little worried he would be too mischievous by wet walls and paint buckets, but he was actually very well behaved. Good boy.
After Jason painted the master bathroom (he's in the closet, that's the toilet closet to the left), he taped off the ceiling in the master closet to keep it the painted white sheetrock. Both the bathroom and closet were painted Natural Linen. This is a tad darker than the off-white in the other parts of the house.
Following, he painted the gym Natural Linen too. To remind you, we bought a five gallon bucket of this color thinking we would use it down the hall, in the know the bigger main area downstairs. At the last minute, we changed our mind to a lighter choice. I really like this color so am glad we were able to use it in other areas. It was just a little darker than I was wanting for that one particular area that will have lots of dark wood accents that I want to "pop" against the light background...ha-like I really know what I want.
While Jason basically painted the entire house, I painted (with a roller!) the small kids' bathroom. It was tedious but I've learned I am better at the take your time, be nice and neat jobs, while Jason is better at the let's get things done in a flash kind of jobs. I guess that's how we get things done and how I keep from scenarios like him covering the bathtub with paint which would lead to me wanting to knock his lights out-not something you want for you marriage. The tub in this room had lots of caked on mud from the sheetrock. I chiseled it away, wiped it down, tapped it off and then painted a pretty straight line if I do say so myself. The color in this room is Forest Khaki and has a much prettier greenish, brownish tint than the picture shows. I really think the dark brown vanity with white sink/tub are really going to complement one another.
Jason blowing and a going, made it to the office where he painted the walls Stone White.
Right after he put in the paint for the wall that is at the top of the stairs (far wall of the game room), the air pump went out. Boo! He bought the red machine as a back up after the yellow guy started making a knocking noise at the beginning of our painting. After the knocking started, he read online and discovered that our little machine did not receive great reviews so lost faith that it would hang on. (We bought the yellow guy a while back when we primed the main steel frame of the house, so it was out of warranty.) With only two more areas to paint it seemed like a big bummer. After a little debating and discussion, we decided we could stain all those doors I've already spent way too much time on (along with several other projects) with the red machine...and plus Jason just likes tools so it was not that hard of a decision.
So back in business, Jason painted this upstairs wall Fresh Baked Pumpernickel. I really like this colors name and how it ended up looking. We talked about a color for this room off and on for a long time when finally this choice seeped into my mind. After seeing it finished and dry, I can't believe it took me so long to think of that.
Since I finally finished the kids' bathroom, I moved on to another big room, the pantry. It's painted (with a roller!) the main color Cappuccino White.
Jason fixed a crack we already have in the sheetrock. There are reasons we are not huge fans of this stuff. Basically it looks like the sheetrock was cut with a knife to be broken in half at one time. (I think how it works is they slice it with a blade and then crack it in half.) Well, they changed their mind after the cut so it was never cracked but installed in the middle of the wall. You would have never been able to tell if it would have been taped and mudded, then textured. We considered having them come back and redo it but figured it would make more of a mess than it was worth especially since cabinets and the refrigerator will cover it. And after Jason touched it up and I painted over, you could hardly tell, even if you knew it was there. That's what happens when you just don't do something yourself :)
Last room to be painted was the laundry room...three times. So remember that color I mentioned the other day that was green but it wasn't...well it was. And let's just say the green did not go with the green I've already used for the cabinet for that room or it may not have mattered. So after Jason had about a wall and a half painted I told he we might want to move in the cabinet to see how it looks. So after tugging, pushing, tripping, and dragging (and maybe a little cussing-Jason-not me!), we finally got the cabinet in the room. As I write this I wonder if we should have let the paint dry a little more before making a final decision, but we didn't and went with the thought that "the greens did not go." We had some of the Stone White left from the office so decided that might be a better choice...
So after Jason sprayed the White Sage (aka mysterious green) in the art room (we really do try to work with what we have with minimal waste),...and I do like this color just not with the other color,
He went back to the laundry room with the Stone White, which basically looked white in the bright (big window) office. But in in here it looked I should have stuck with my original plan of white walls in this room. Your first thought is usually right. Sorry the colors in this post are not a good representation. Some of these rooms have no windows and no lights besides our worklight. Hopefully after lights are installed, I can get some better pictures.

FLAT Prairies

Thursday night we were back at the Weld House. Jason repainted the ceiling in the breakfast nook, den, and hallway area. As always, we learn as we go, and realized afterwards that flat is a much better look on ceilings than the eggshell finish, which has just a tad too much shine. I was surprised at how much difference this made. It really breaks up the wall from the ceiling-especially since they are painted the same color.
Good thing Jason has his mask on! Here he is painting the other kids' bedroom. This was a surprise color he chose without the Welding Wife's consent. It is called Prairie Sage. At first it was seeming quite green, but I am getting used to it (and as it has dried I think it has toned down) and have started dreaming about its future. Watch-it will probably end up being my favorite room :)
Dad also joined us for some electrical fun. He started installing the outlets in the rooms that were painted. I started rolling the kids' bathroom. I only got started-we decided before heading out to The Weld House to leave around 9:00. The Welders took Friday and Monday off from their real jobs for a long weekend, so needed to get some shut eye. Sleep is needed for the type of productivity for which they hoped!


Remember us? Here we are before the Welding Wife got ahold of us.
Here we are a little more than half way through the transformation.
And here we are with our new look!

A secret drawer, that is not so secret anymore.
And here we are just waiting for our bed.
So glad to be given a second chance to live on...and we're kind of diggin' our new look too.