Thursday, January 24, 2013

January Journal

 January is already more than half way over.
I got around to formatting a collection of our pics during one of Lily's 45 minute naps today.
Yes, 45 minute ones count.
The Dr. said.
 So we are still struggling with the naps, but it is getting better.
And now I am giving up "hang out on the couch time" to write a few ramblings.
Daddy is on dancing duty.
 And Grandpa was on pool patrol.
 Sunday gatherings have continued to be an interesting part of the week.
 Family, fun, and food.
Yes, that is my dad helping in the kitchen.
 January brought us a nice five inch rain and a warm day here and there to hold us over to spring.
 Lily loves, loves, loves it outside.
 The yard is overtaken by squirrels.  Open the back door and they disperse to every corner of the place.
 On one of the warmer days, we decided to try our luck at the lake.  Lily was nervous but held her baby doll's hand to help her be brave.
 She was definitely excited.
 Mostly just happy to be outside.
 And with her favorite person.
 The life jacket was not the most fun part.
 But the warm sun rays
 Beautiful sights
 And wildlife
 Made this brief moment of crying and jacket string comforting
Worth the staring straight ahead
 And then nap.
 Sweet, sweet baby in her straight life jacket.
 We did not catch any fish so we ate corn on the cob instead.
 Not fish, but quite tasty.
 Fun cousin time
 And hiding under the couch.
 Mr. Welder has been working on his Christmas present.
 While Lily and I have been working on items for Bee Angels.
 It's taken many coats and strippings to get the perfect finish.  It no longer has this "Lily" but another.
Speaking of guitars, dancing with daddy time just turned into jamming in our jammies time.
That's what happens when daddy's in charge of bedtime :)
 A new toy.
If I remember correctly, these were banned.
But Great Grandma had one.
And Lily loves it.
She caught on quickly and she can get everywhere and into everything.
 Have I mentioned that Lily loves it outside and loves to stroll?
Oh, and she loves her Daisy and Herman too.
Squeals of delight and then grabs at tails and handfuls of fur.
 Lily isn't crawling just yet but she can scooch and roll.  I left her playing in the middle of her carpet and came back to this.  She pulled her bear off the bike seat, laid on it and then played with the streamers.
 I've been busy in the kitchen experimenting with making Lily's baby food.  My first efforts were chunky carrots floating in water.  Looked like carrot soup, not exactly like Gerber's smooth pudding.
Next batch I whipped out the blender and this food looked just like Gerber's.
Lily wasn't convinced or wasn't hungry but eventually gave in and ate them.
Today was the first attempt at apples.
She gagged.
I checked out the ingredients on Gerber's and I think it was citric acid that was added instead of water as in the carrot ingredients.
Not sure what that is but I guess it helps with the gagging.
 "Um, are you gonna get me out of here?"
Not sure what she is looking at, but this is her newest thing.
The end to another beautiful day.
Well, the crew is back to the couch.
Time to join them :)
Good night.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Not So Funky Friday

It's Friday.
  I should be finishing cleaning the house for our visitors that are coming in the morning to look at a floor plan Mr. Welder drafted for them.  As most projects these days, it takes multiple attempts to get something crossed off the list.  I was in a funk and letting that get to me earlier this week.
Have you ever been in one of those funks?
Where you wake up every day and say you are going to enjoy the day whatever it brings?
And then before you even brush your teeth (even if that is finally happening right before you eat lunch-but we are not dwelling on things like that, right!!), you are already back in your funk.
Well I am proud to say I am out of it.
And I give the credit to the man that lots of times does not get the credit he deserves.
He knew I was in a funk.
So we talked and I can't even remember what was said or what made me feel better now.
But I do.
I usually get kind of funky right after the holidays.
The weather is usually cold, which is not my favorite.
It's time to take down all the decorations, which is sad that it's all over but is often refreshing.
It feels good to get everything put away and clean again.
Life is back to normal.
Lily is fun.
She is jabbering so much and is playing more and more every day.
Christmas is put away at Bee Angels and the shelves are clean and ready for orders due to arrive next week.
In mid December we took a drive to the lake to watch the sunset and a ton of deer, with warm cappuccinos.
The weather is nice out and we plan to grill outside tonight before it gets cold again.
I love how Lily loves it outside.
And I love my new outlook.
The house all of a sudden became clean enough (I'll put the vacuum cleaner in the closet later) and this post is finished.
I have a stroller, an eager baby, and a nice day waiting for me.
We hope you have a beautiful weekend.
A day out of shopping-just us girls
(New Year's Eve photos)