Friday, February 27, 2015

You Know Fun Times are Coming When Granny Packs a Big Box of Snacks

 As I sit here with cabin fever during the coldest week of the year, I thought it would be a good time to share pictures from our trip to Port Aransas that we took this past October.
 We had a full load.
 Lily was a good girl.
 I won't ramble since I want to go sit by the fire!
But our trip was fantastic and I wish we were there now!

 Boardwalk to the beach

 Nice and clean park.
Nice surprise since I had nightmares of uncontrollable sand everywhere.

 Family photo time for our Christmas card.
 The winner
 Though most were of this sort, we did get some good shots especially considering we used a tripod dangling from the golf cart with a timer.

 We celebrated our 8th anniversary.
 Lily got dressed all by herself.
 A few swimming pools/hot tubs on the property were enjoyed.
 One stormy night

 Playground fun

 My little wild child
 Delicious fried fish Daddy caught
 Yep, we broke the rules but Lily was all about the warm water.
 Collecting sea shells

 Outdoor concert

 A few snacks left for the ride home.
It took her a while to get to this point.  She was not happy to be in the truck but we made it home with many beautiful memories.