Thursday, December 30, 2010

Are You Trying to Blow me Out of the Den?

Wednesday, Mr. Welder finished up a few more loose ends. He caulked the areas where the wood floor meets rock. You can also see the cedar baseboards he added along the tin wall.
He added chicken wire to the lower entertainment center doors. (Thanks, for the wire, Chester!) We still need hardware and may add another set of doors...eventually. After he removes the ugly speakers up top, I hope to add a few decorative items before the housewarming party. I am not sure what, but will try to find some things...most anything would be an improvement. Like the TV, the speakers do blend in better than I thought, but I just think something cute needs to live there instead. The middle is for the ugly electronic stuff and the sides are for something else. I think that's what the contract said. And besides, he already has another big speaker deal on the bottom section that is really loud...I can get crabby when you mess with my peace and quiet. Isn't that one of the reasons you live in the country? As it is, I can already hear the TV while in the shower...another place that should be peaceful. And he also wants to add speakers in the ceiling where we have lovely wires currently hanging. I know we all have our quirks. I just don't get it. But I love that man anyways...and will even more when he moves those speakers :) He makes me the happiest girl speakers, or not. Most likely this will be my last post this year. Thanks for being a part of our life during 2010.
The Welders wish you a Happy 2011!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

Yep, that's what we used the table for...a dance party. Mr. Welder's face cracks me up.
Tuesday evening it was back to business upstairs...though we did take a brief break for more dancing. Something up there just makes you want to dance. The stair well was trimmed.
So was the pumpernickel wall at the top of the stairs.
The upstairs bathroom is sinkless but trimmed.
The art room is deskless but trimmed.
And boxes of books still clutter the office, but it is also trimmed.
Trim ties it all together. Half of Mr. Welder's mom's table received a makeover. Remember when we helped them clean out their garage here?
And the six volumes of scrapbooks are displayed on my desk in case anyone wants to flip through at the party coming up. As soon as this party is over, maybe I will have time to flip through them myself.
And we do actually use the trap door for more than just violin music. The air hose for the nailer traveled right up making a little less mess this way.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Random Ramblings

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I thought I would share a few random shots from ours. Mr. Welder's turkey frying was a success. After injecting it with marinade, I put the seasoning stuff under the skin. We had no clue, but the directions said to put it under the skin...Mr. Welder did not want to cut the skin back since it would be floating in the fryer, so he poured seasoning in my hands. I closed my hands in fists, and then went under the skin, opened my hands and rubbed it on the turkey. It was rather creepy. I am sure there is a better way. After that I decided to make room on a different shelf in the fridge...and ended up spilling a whole pitcher of tea. I spent an hour taking it all apart and cleaning it...
But the turkey was delicious. I used leftovers to make homemade noodle soup, which wasn't bad either. Mr. Welder had three bowls.
Daisy acting nice so Santa would bring her presents.
Here's the family in front of the tree. We had a different group during different times of the day, but this is who was here for the photo session.
Mr. Welder played some violin music from the trap door before I made him close and lock it back up. We hide the key. I'm thinking I might need to hide it from him too.
We did some furniture shopping. We are on the lookout for a couch for the game room and an armoire for the master bedroom TV. We found a couch we liked but had to order it and it would not be here before the housewarming party anyways, so we decided to wait since we have one more place we want to look that was not open.
The tree and Christmas decor was taken down. I am usually one of those take it down the next day kind of gals. My original plan was to leave it up an extra week for the party, but it was shedding big time so I undecorated (not near as fun as decorating, especially when it's dry and pokey) and Mr. Welder hauled it out.
After the tree was out of the way, he did some work on the entertainment center (it still isn't completely finished) and put the TV in. I miss the peace and quiet we had before...
Grandma brought us a rosemary bush on Christmas. I bought this wooden bucket from Goodwill just because I thought it was cute. It was perfect for the bush.
Mr. Welder hung the towel rack in the master bathroom.
I got these cleaned up and ready for a makeover. Mr. Welder had the pair from his house before we were married and we found the other 4 at a thrift store for $25. We plan to paint them. Not sure if we will do it before or after the housewarming. Mr. Welder thought he might paint them that day (since we are off work). So if you're coming, you might ask to make sure they are dry before you take a seat. Just kidding-I told him soon or after the party. Either way, they are clean and usable.
Monday, he put together one of his Christmas gifts-this machine. He also did a bunch of cleaning out and organizing in the gym. We have quite a collection of gym equipment for sale. Spread the word, if you know of anyone with New Year's resolutions that require fixing up the ol' home gym.
The Boat Shed sign was also hung this weekend. I made it for Mr. Welder's birthday. I don't think I ever showed it on here?
We left the fishing tree up for the housewarming party since it's fake and doesn't shed...and I was tired of taking down Christmas decor.
And I will end with this photo. The Boat Shed table was actually finished for that puzzle session. Our guests helped us get it up stairs. After I get a hold of a picture my sister took, I will show you what we used it for instead.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Gift of Giving

I inherited this trait from my mom where your mind just never stops thinking of stuff to do. Sometimes it results in lots of things being accomplished, sometimes it results in disaster and/or an argument, and sometimes it just results in a sleepless night or headache. The older I become, the more like her I get. (I know Mr. Welder is nodding his head agreeing right about now.) One day while working at the Weld House on a project that is now a fuzzy memory, I had this idea of building all of Great Grandpa's descendants a memento from leftover A-frame wood and giving them as Christmas gifts. Remember when we tore down his old house here? And how we used it all over the Weld House like here and here? So I had ideas for certain family members-a birdhouse for Granny and Grandpa who enjoy feeding and watching birds, a plant stand similar to the one Mr. Welder built me a few birthdays ago for my aunt, a picture frame with something special wood burned for my cousins who are new parents, a bread box for my cousin who just started his bread man career (ha, just kidding about that one-the breadbox, not being a bread man)...and I was thinking and dreaming and building in my mind. And like all of these projects that appear like a light bulb, they usually require a lot of work from Mr. Welder. I finally snapped out of La La Land and realized I did not have to totally dismiss my idea, just tweak it a tad. I presented the idea to Mr. Welder telling him my initial thoughts, so when I presented my "that's more like it" idea, it would seem easy breezy. (Not to mention, we did not end up with much wood leftover!) Mr. Welder cut out tree shapes that I traced on a scrap A-frame board and drilled a hole through the top. I wanted to leave them rustic and simple like the A-frame was. And I like how the tree is shaped like the A-frame too. Kind of like an A-frame on a stand...or not.
I made little boxes out of recycled Christmas cards, lined them with a scrap of paper sack to cover up the "Love, Uncle Bob and Aunt Sue", placed a picture of the A-frame in the bottom, and enclosed the tree ornament and a scroll with a little poem/explanation. The poem is below.

A-Frame Lives On
There once stood an A-frame on TP & L Lake
A cozy home for Great Grandpa it truly did make
Demolition of an old, dairy barn on my Grandpa’s new place
Provided lumber to construct a home for his father to grace
Down the hill from my Grandpa and Granny’s home it once stood
Lots of hard work by my Grandpa nailing together all that wood
Rustic and simple, something I’ve always looked at with awe
Snooping and stories to help me know my Great Grandpa
Warm in the winter by the pot belly stove
Refreshing summertime baths in the cool, lake cove
Big ol’ catfish hanging in the tree
The biggest catfish they ever did see
The ending of the A-frame’s story is somewhat sad
But doesn’t the ending of most things make you miss what you had?
Demolition again occurred in the summer of 2010
Can you believe that this wood could be used again?
Holey and weathered each board has had many duties
Now it adorns our house and those spaces are beauties
I can’t help but be happy that Great Grandpa’s house lives on
It may no longer stand but may the memories never be gone
We hope this small tree ornament makes you smile
That would make our endeavor even more worthwhile
We made nine in all and here they are all wrapped up ready to give. Thanks hubby for making my dreams come true.
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Birthday Party Preparations

Wednesday my mom and sister were holder uppers to assist Mr. Welder in installing the stair handrail. This item had a star by it on our to-do list in hopes we would have it crossed off before our guests arrive on Christmas day.
And it is officially crossed off the list and it looks and works great. (Yes, we are going to trim where the floor meets the wall-it's on the list but doesn't have a star.)
This handrail came from my Grandpa. He believed and told us that it came from the old Cox's building. Others think he may not have his facts straight, but no matter where it originally came from, I am proud it came from my Grandpa and wish he was still here to see it.
It is the perfect size and look for our house, rust and all. I am sure my dad would have painted it if he would have gotten the chance. Mr. Welder did a fine job of constructing this doo-dad to attach it to the wall. It is so cute.
I spent my evening setting the tables for Christmas lunch. Between Christmas parties and cooking I decided this task could be one crossed off the list a little early since everything can't be done at the last minute. Our guests would probably prefer fresher food than fresher greenery :) (Besides this will give the greenery a chance to match our crunchy Christmas tree.) Actually, most will probably wonder why I put weeds in their coffee cups.
The majority of the china came from my Granny. She and my grandpa received the set as a wedding gift from his mother. My grandpa won the silverware somewhere, somehow before he was married, but that is all he remembers. That is why I write this stuff down ;)
We are expecting twelve people for lunch and at least that many more visitors throughout the rest of the day.
We aren't normally a formal family but I like to use the fancy stuff (why not?) but in a laid back way. And I am not trying to be bossy and tell people where to sit but doesn't a place card make you feel special? Someone prepared a place especially for you to sit...weeds and all.
The only other time I've hosted a dinner similar to this was on Valentine's weekend our first married year. We had fourteen guests all at one long table (three tables put together) in our little trailer house. It was a special day I will never forget. We had our parents and their parents all there. When we were married, we were fortunate to have our parents and grandparents all living and still together. I am so happy we did not wait to move to our bigger house to celebrate the generations of love that provide an example for our marriage. If we would have, three spots would now be unoccupied. This was the first time I used the china and silverware and was the beginning of the table cloth you may have noticed on the breakfast nook table. The guests at the Valentine dinner signed the cloth and my mom embroidered their signatures. Through the years, I plan to add signatures of guests that take part in special dinners at our home.
My mom bought this china for me at an estate sale. It complements my Granny's china, which works out nicely.
The second time I used the china was for my cousin's bridal shower. This will be the third occasion.
Sorry, I took so many pictures. I have a bad memory and wanted to document and remember our first Christmas in the Weld House.
On Christmas, our family divides the menu to help the hosts out. It really keeps the stress at a minimum. I am baking a cake and making a meat & cheese snack tray. Mr. Welder is frying the turkey. I am proud of him for taking this on (my mom was going to cook it before he decided he wanted to) and can't wait to see how it turns out.
I also thought I'd share a sample of my gift wrapping this year. To go with the vintage theme (I guess this goes with that?), I wrapped gifts in newspaper and used Granny's old ribbons. This worked out nicely since I don't actually have any wrapping paper anyways. And you know I am always up for reusing and recycling.
Mr. Welder (aka the Hoodlum) must want to do a Christmas puzzle too (ha) because he got busy on the game room table. We ended up not having enough long flooring scraps either, so he removed them all, and used wood he had left from the first house he bought...was that over 10 years ago, now? Wow.
Now he just needs to nail the boards down so I can lay out the puzzle pieces. That way my sister won't have to act like she is busy during that part :)
The Welders wish you a Merry Christmas!
Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Smiling While Filing

Let me start off by telling on myself. My third grade teacher, who happens to be our number one blog fan, asked me to lunch a few weeks ago. Her email went something like this, "I'd like to take you to lunch soon, that is, if you can take a break from Restore..." It finally worked out to go to lunch on Tuesday. My mom is on Christmas break so it worked out for us both (along with my cousin) to meet her for lunch. We had a great time (thanks for lunch, we need to do it again!) and on the way back to work, my mom needed to drop off a few donations to it was her fault, not mine. I saw this jewel standing at the front and the $30 price tag and knew it would be making its way to the Weld House. I love the handles. It comes apart in two sections (which makes it movable for me!) and sits on a wooden stand.
The file cabinet I already had is a newer looking one (plastic handles...) and I have been thinking it doesn't really "go" with the look. This one also offers two times the storage. I am not sure if the "new" one will stay here. At 11:00, I just wanted it out of my car. Does the time just fly when you're at home like that too? I finally got the few presents we bought this year wrapped and under the tree. That was my main productivity last night.
Mr. Welder worked in the garage. The last two windows are trimmed and look great. Oh, and he started working on the game room table...I just noticed that from the picture I snapped in my sleepy stupor. A section of the table had spliced wood-the pieces were not long enough to go all the way across. Since it's the same type wood we had leftover from the flooring upstairs, Mr. Welder thought it needed to be replaced. So it appears that he got those pieces removed and most likely plans to replace them soon resulting in a happy Welding Wife ;) I have plans to have a Christmas puzzle on this table for the celebrations coming up. Yes, I know I am a nerd.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Close the Door and Tons More

This is a long post. The weekend was full of fun progress. To start, Mrs. Welder took the day off Friday to hang out with this girl.
Several hours, a day, and a seat recovering later, she looked like this.
Curtains were added the day after that when I had mom's expertise.
While cleaning out the garage, I stumbled upon this old drawer. The bottom was thick galvanized tin and the outside was painted gray so the master bedroom came to mind.
After I got him all nice and clean, up on the wall he went.
I gathered a few of my small vases, tucked in a Boxwood sprig, and now the master bedroom is a tad more interesting.
I love furniture on wheels, crusty ones that do not even work that great are the best.
Progress was made on the front bedroom where the garage sale bed I mentioned last week lives. Mom bought me the chenille bedspread-yes, it's actually new and not handmade. My mom sewed the pillow case on the decorative pillow years and years ago.
On the opposite wall we have a Salvation Army piece I bought exactly a year ago for my shop. Plans change but things always seem to work out in the end. The lamp is quite unusual. I bought it at a garage sale probably over a year ago. Mom did some major cleaning and reworking of the shade. It was a little too jazzy for our taste. And that is my Restore rocker you may remember. I call it the hippie chair?
And the next day curtains were added. These were either from a garage sale or from my sister's house. She took all those that came with her house down because they were ugly. Ha, so if these were hers, I will know what she thinks of my decor.
I addressed our Christmas cards by the warm cozy fire. Mr. Welder decided to bring in the entertainment center he has been working on.
The middle section is huge. But he was determined.
It's a work in progress, but moving along and looking great.
In the bag of old curtains and linens mom and I came across this table cloth. I thought it was pretty so needed to be used for something.
We gathered the corners and tied it with twine to nails. We only had two curtain rods and they were already hanging, so we improvised.
The weekend also included garage cleaning and organizing.
Mr. Welder built a back for his peg board.
And we hung it.
And two of the four windows were trimmed. Is it strange to think the garage is even looking cute?
My dad's project was working on door knobs. What a fun selection he had to choose from.
The guest bathroom was top priority since we have two parties taking place at The Weld House in the next two weeks.
Now our guests can use the facility in know, with the door closed.
The master bedroom door was originally a slide across kind of door, which meant quite a bit of wood chiseling.
My dad can make anything work, and I think it's beautiful.