Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Beautiful Mess

It's too late again to write anything brilliant.
As if it is ever early enough for that to happen.
This picture is a good representation of our life these days.
Messy but beautiful.
October has started off wonderfully.
She cleans up nicely.
But dirty is how she likes it best.

Early Halloween gifts.
Shoes that have been worn and worn again and others that have been hidden until little fingers do not want to rip off the flowers...if that ever happens.
Tasty Mexican food
And wonderful rains.
Swimming pools everywhere!

A little Fall photoshoot
It's been a while since we had one.
A little more challenging with a subject that does not stay in one place for longer than a couple seconds.
But it's always fun.
And always worth the prop hauling and throwing on an outfit since we usually hang out naked.
Lily...not me.
And that will probably change with the cool winds that blew in today.
My sweet girl.
My wild climber.
Yes, she stood on the wires on this toy to get up there.
She was so proud it worked.
And I was so shocked she did not bust.
I love to fix her hair.
It takes some tricks to keep grabbing hands from pulling the clips out as soon as they are put in.

Anniversary frozen yogurt 
And an anniversary family photo
 Time to brave the rain.
We're running out of new things to climb on!
Happy Fall!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Lucky Seven

 Happy Anniversary to my hubby.
My best friend.
The best daddy. 
(Well, he ties with another dad I know.)
 He keeps life interesting and adventurous.
 Does a great job at being the head of our household.
 Full of surprises.

 Goes to great heights for our family.
 And puts good food on the table (or floor).
 He's as cute as a kitty-ha just kidding.
 But he really is handsome with those blue eyes I love to see in our daughter.
 A love for the great outdoors
 I will forever hold on tight to this man I love.
 And will not let him slip through the cracks.
 I'd move mountains and climb cliffs to be by his side.
 Ok, so maybe he's a little messy.
But I'm one lucky girl to have him.
I love you, Jason.
Cheers to seven years.