Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!
Have a safe trick or treat day!
We'll be back with more Halloween pics soon.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Joining the 21st Century

First, a quick story to tell on myself.
Several weeks ago we had our neighbor over for dinner.
Classy as I am, I had the vacuum cleaner out sitting in the den.
She noticed it.
She said, "Well, I finally joined the 21st century and got a new Dyson (or whatever brand) vacuum cleaner."
I seriously asked her, "What's the 21st Century?"
As if it were some club I should consider joining so I also could keep up with the latest on vacuum cleaners.
She did not know what to say and when I saw the look on her face, it dawned on me what she was saying.
This was all before the glass of wine I would have...
Moving on.
So my mom and dad recently joined the 21st century as well.
The club also knows a thing or two about televisions.
Pictured above is the "before" setup-complete with lovely senior portraits of my sister and me.
Television sets used to be a piece of furniture.
All in one.
(Notice the small mark on the bottom left?  That is a war wound when this TV appeared on a movie set in the taping of the film Old Fogies.  I starred as the moo moo wearing, Agnes, who accidentally scuffed the TV with her rocking chair during a fierce game of BINGO at the nursing home.  Good times."
When mom and dad bought their new TV, it did not come with a built in stand like their one previous.
That is when Mr. Welder was hired to build an entertainment center.
Strangely, I do not have any more "in the works" photos.
After it was constructed, we loaded it up and took it on over.
Doesn't it look great?
Frame to the right also built by Mr. Welder.
I know.
He is quite the handy man.
The side doors slide across-I should have taken a picture of it like that.
But it offers lots of storage.
The top is made of beautiful pecan wood.
Too bad the senior portraits no longer fit in the area.
So sad.
I did the fancy wood burning inside the drawer.
I know.
I'm such a show off.
And Grandma now has a place to keep her movies for Lily.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Cramming for the Motherhood Exam

Lily shows off her talking (and tummy) while we enjoy a dinner out.
 I've written this post in my head several times over the past week to two weeks.
Someone let her know what he thought of her new trick. 
It has changed on a daily basis-parts of it anyways.
 One day I hope to look back at this and laugh and realize how silly I was.
I already laugh and realize now but think it will be funnier as time goes on and I am not still in the moment.
Herman hangs out on our borrowed hay for an event this weekend.
So a few weeks ago, I decided I really needed to figure out naps.
I knew babies took them, but I really wasn't sure how many, how long, and how to make more of them happen.
I just felt lost about where to start.
Daisy on the prowl.
 So I had a book that I had not looked at yet and thought it might have something about naps.
It's a pretty thick book.
Not what you call a quick read.
For me anyways.
 I felt like I was cramming for an exam in college.
As I read, I became disappointed in myself.
(I did not necessarily realize that then.)
 I was doing it all wrong.
I did not have a set wake up time.
I had never put Lily in the bed and let her cry herself to sleep.
I rocked her, sang to her, let her swing.
This book said all the opposite things than the one I read earlier!
Babies without structure often struggled in school later.
Oh my, what had I done?!
 I was not feeding her at the correct time intervals.
I was creating a chaotic environment for my baby by not having a flexible schedule, much less a strict one.
 So I did what any caring mother would do and I laid that schedule out.
I wrote it down on a piece of scratch paper.
We had some catching up to do.
Mr. Welder assists with Bee Angels projects.
 I woke us up at 6:30 to start our day.
(That is probably the funniest part of it.  What was I thinking?!)
We had to get things on track!
 I knew it would be hard and not just happen over night.
I was determined to stick to it for a week to get things going smoothly.
We had to get things right.
 Oh my, we were miserable.
I was tired.
Lily was tired.
We were both stressed.
(Yes, I can tell when my baby is stressed.-ha)
  Daddy thought I had gone off my rocker but was trying to play along.
 My mom was trying to be supportive and understanding...though I am not sure what she really thought.
 We did not quite make it a week.
And of that I am proud.
I am hard headed but knew there needed to be a change of plans.
Looking back, I was trying way too hard.
(For the wrong things.)
The family loaded up for a nightly cruise around the place.
 I have nothing against schedules.
I am jealous of those who have them figured out.
And if I ever have another baby, I might start things out differently.
But maybe not.
I grab a blanket and join in.
 At times I was mad at the book.
At other times I went to it like it was the Bible and had all the right answers.
But I am finished being crazy.
Or am at least taking a break. Ha.
Daddy's lap is big enough for two.
 I am happy I read the book.
 Parts of it over and over-trying to figure it out.
I learned some tricks that are working as we speak.
Miss Lily has been napping for over an hour and 15 minutes-without me holding her.
Our garden that came up from fruit scraps.  None of the seeds I actually planted came up.  Go figure.
 Do I still hold her when she sleeps?
Yes, sometimes.
Lots of feet action these days.
 Do I still rock her?
Yes, sometimes.
And I enjoy it.
Do I let her cry herself to sleep?
Yes, sometimes.
And I enjoy the good rest she gets while allowing me to get things done around the house.
 Do I still sing to her?
Yes, even though so probably prefers I did not.
 Do we have a wake up time?
Yes, whenever Lily wakes up.
(Which surprisingly is close to the same time everyday and much better than my initiated 6:30.)
 Do I feed her at the correct time intervals?
Sometimes, not always, but we are much better.
(And this has made the biggest difference and "the book" helped me figure this part out.  So I forgive you and thank you, book.)
A couple of pinterest ideas meshed together for an auction item for our family reunion.
 Do I realize I most likely took the book out of context, took it way too seriously, and even had quite a few things confused since I read it so fast?
 Is it ironic how life is more on track and scheduled now that I quit trying to make it happen?!
(This probably has a lot to do with getting the feeding intervals more in tune.  And really, we had more of a scheduled day than I even realized-until I tried to throw it off with my irrational behavior.)
 Am I back to enjoying my family?
 I mean, I did not take pictures for a few days there because I was so stressed.
(I know you noticed the lack of photos that were missing.)
 Reading is one of those tricky things.
Constructing another item for the reunion auction.
 There are so many opinions and methods out there.
And it is so easy to get caught up.
All ready for an outing to the park.  The pants and headband were both too big.  The headband went back to the drawer and the pants stayed on...sort of.
 For me, I find myself looking for THE answer.
Cute friend at the park.
 Something to tell me how to get that happy, laid back, easy baby.
 No book can tell me exactly what to do.
 Wouldn't that be nice if it did?
(I've always needed someone to tell me what to do.
  Ex: "Kimberly, what kind of salad do I want?")
Hmmm...I think I like picnics.
 We had our morning and evening routines that worked out nicely.
 We struggled some with the time in the middle.
 But it's getting better.  Way better.
We had Lily's four month dr. visit this week. 
 The dr. said three, at least 45 minute naps a day plus an extra catnap at night if bedtime was later was a good goal.
 That was much closer than the three 1.5-2.5 hour naps I sought after reading the book.
She was also at the age where the naps would transition to twice a day in longer intervals.
 A routine that felt very far away from what we had going on.
 Isn't it funny how that little thing the dr. said made so much difference from me feeling like we were on track or had a long ways to go?
 Now instead of me thinking Lily takes too short of naps, I can rest easy knowing they are actually good ones!  The doctor said so!
 Why am I writing all of this?
 Why do I feel like my nutso thinking deserves a post?
 I think moms beat themselves up too much trying to do things just right.
(At least this mom... and here I am now beating myself up for beating myself up.)
 "Just right" looks different for every family.
 I will no longer let it bother me when people ask if we have a schedule yet.
 And not only because we kind of do on accident.
 But because no matter what our day looks like,
 We are doing our best.
Finished planter for the auction.  May later be available in our Etsy shop.
 And isn't that all anyone can do?
And life is GOOD.
New friends at the reunion.
 I am finished wasting time worrying about what I am doing wrong.
 I will focus on what I am doing right.
 I feel so happy to be back to enjoying life, enjoying Lily.
 I can't think of many new mothers that read my little ol rambling blog, but I encourage you to do the same.
Join me in enjoying our little ones instead of trying to get it all perfect.
If you like, read a little, it can be helpful...but be careful in getting caught up in it.
I know my dad read to figure out this magic sleep hold :)
As one of my friends said~
Do what works for you and makes you and your family happy.
Cheers to you and happy families.