Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween from The Welders

We wish you a fun, safe Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2009

House Warming Fare...Now We Just Need the House

Earlier this month I asked Jason if we might be in our house by next Halloween...he thought there was a chance but I just asked to ask...we really have no clue. If we are in the Weld House by then, we will host the annual Halloween party that has been at my sister's the last two years. Here are the treats I mentioned would be taking up my Thursday night opposed to getting any house building accomplished. Above is my jack-o-lantern cheese ball.
And here are my witch finger cookies...
Let's just say these took a little practice. My first batch of fingers came from a group of obese witches! I just put those at the bottom of the tray...maybe by the time people get to those they will have had a mixed drink and not notice :) Jason taste tested last night and gave a thumbs up so at least they passed the most important test. Now this weekend we will be back to house building so maybe I will have a Weld House style post soon!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shop Till You Drop

So far this week we have been shopping a little each day. Monday night we went to the big box home improvement stores to check prices and offerings. And at about 9:30 that night we left Home Depot with a few exciting purchases...any time we actually find something we like and get to buy it, I get excited! It blows my mind how you can be in a store looking at the same things over and over until finally it just comes to you... so far, for most of the house, I have bought or been given old, used lights. Some I have redone, plan to redo, or just clean. For the master bathroom we wanted to do sconce lighting by the mirrors. We need to know mirror size and lights so we can get the electrical boxes installed this weekend. So with those pressing factors, we decided to buy new since we needed four matching lights and sooner rather than later. So one of the purchases Monday were sconces for the master bathroom and a light for the kids' bathroom. Sorry I do not have any pictures yet. We also bought mirrors for the master bathroom at Lowe's (which we visited before Home Depot...being 9:30 on a work night, Home Depot was the last stop of the night, not counting the gas station.) Jason is going to build frames for the mirrors out of old barn wood. If I can keep him from procrastinating, maybe I will be able to show you these soon...with the purchased lights if I remember to take a picture!
Tuesday we visited the Restore and bought 8 cans for some of the recessed lighting. We bought all they had, since they were a bargain and the money goes to a good cause. Then at Dealer's Electric we bought the cans for the recessed lighting that will be in the kitchen and den. Since the ceilings are vaulted in these areas we needed a shallower can for these lights. This will allow the spray foam insulation to work properly. Jason also surprised me with an adorable $10 closeout special light. Though I love the look (color, style) for the kitchen, I do not think the way it mounts will work for that at this point, I am thinking I like it better than the light we bought for the kids' bathroom at Home Depot...wouldn't pictures make this post so much better!?! Sorry.
Wednesday during our lunch break we rushed to Home Depot to buy more electrical wire, boxes, pipes (long ones and some bendy ones...not sure what these are for), and staples.
I am not sure what is in store for Thursday...I know I will be making scary witch finger cookies and a jack-o-lantern cheese ball for my sister's Halloween party that will be Friday evening. If they turn out cute, maybe I will break up all the house building with some pictures for a Halloween is kind of house related-Things I will have more time to do when we are finally living in the Weld House!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Prep Work

Sunday we went out to the Weld House. To start, we did a little cleaning up. Sometimes it just gets to that point to where you have to do that to move forward.
Then, we popped a few chalk lines to start figuring the layout of the kitchen...and then we did a lot of discussing and planning and other things that make my head hurt.

Dad worked on knocking down this big pile of dirt and brush we burned a few weeks ago.

A Little Wired...

Long time, no progress! I know, I know. As Joe said, "If you don't work on it, you'll never get it's not like you're going to hire anybody to do any of it!" Life has just been a little more hectic than normal... Saturday, we did get a little wiring done, and I think the Welder made a good journeyman for the day :) He nailed the electrical boxes to the stud boards.
Here he is securing the wire with a staple...not your ordinary staple. No stapler involved-these staples are hammered.
Dad drilled the holes for the wire's path.Jason used the cutting torch to make way for the wire in the areas that ran into iron.
Then Uncle Pete pulled the wire.
Guess we are lucky to have electricians in our family...this is only half of them too! Really helps, since as usual, we have no plan and are figuring things out as we go along...not a good method if you are paying someone by the hour!
The Welding Wife had the important job of pulling the wire to keep it from getting hung on this corner.
And then winding up the cut wires to fit inside the boxes.
I also marked the "home run" wires that ended up at this box-I know, I'm very electrically technical.
Mom and I also made our way through the exercise equipment maze to decide where some of the different light fixtures will be used. So many decisions!
Then, to wrap up the day, we worked on the HVAC door.
We are finally learning some tips to make things go a little get all the help you can find! Thanks Kristi and Kayla! (I won't even mention that Kayla broke more tools than the amount of paint she scrapped...hehe)

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Little Work, But Mostly Party...

Saturday, Jason worked half the day, we visited my Granny for her Birthday, did a little work at The Weld House, and then took a somewhat rushed fishing trip...we know, we know...we tried to do too many things! While at The Weld House, Jason and dad added the boards for the pantry door frames.I washed off the door I got from my Granny and Grandpa's shed a while back. It is going to be used for the closet under the stairs. I scrubbed and washed. It already had chippy paint. A little more came off when I washed, but I think it will look great as is!
After dad and Jason laid out a few electrical boxes, we had a party on the balcony with our tour participants...then, off to the windy lake...
We did not have an overly productive weekend, but really enjoyed the time with Granny and the family. Sunday I also finished a project I hinted about a while back. Well, the components are finished but it is not in place, so guess it is not really finished...but getting there. I hope to have something to show...before the end of year!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pop a Line & Ponder

Monday night, we went to the Weld House to look at different floor plan options for the second level. We popped a few chalk lines and think we know what we want. We wrote down measurements and put together a list of needed materials to start framing the walls. The rooms we have planned for upstairs are an office (front peak with the window), art room (behind the office with a window looking over the living room), workout area (big area to the left when you walk up the stairs), and game/hang out area (which will be connected to our lovely balcony of course.) We just hope our friends are not too old to make it up the stairs to come hang out by the time we get this thing finished!
Then it was time for Jason to sit and think about stuff...and good thing he did. We plan to use sheet metal for the ceiling and therefore cannot stud up the walls just yet. The sheet metal is long and awkward and the walls and doorways would be in the way. And before we can put up the ceiling, we have to have the spray foam insulation complete...and before we can get insulation, we have to have the electrical wiring in, next plan is to figure out where lights, plugs, appliances, etc. will go.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Let's Grab a Snack & Go Mud Doggin!

Sunday, Mom and I went to an out of town baby shower for my funniest, college friend, Laurie. Congrats to her and Joey! While we were gone, Jason and dad built the frame for the pantry!
I love it. The angles are perfect and I wish I would have taken a picture to show how it still keeps the open feel but also helps section the different rooms at the same time. My brain is kind of confusing but somehow the guys read it-Yippee! Can't wait to stock it with food :)
They also did a little more finishing work including framing for the stair closet door. Here we will use a chippy, crusty door I found in my Granny's shed. It is really dirty, but I am hoping to just blast it off with some water and taadaa, there you have it and my back gets a much needed scrapping and sanding this baby.
And if we had not had enough fun this weekend...let's just say I am not as good at backing up as I am at using power tools...I kind of ran off the side of the driveway which normally would be no big deal and I am sure I've done it a million times...but it has been raining almost every day and things are quite soggy. I got a little stuck, so Jason had to pull me out with his truck while dad directed me-hehe. Glad I wore my (or actually my mom's...but I use them more) cowboy boots!

No More Booby Trap

Saturday, mom and I did more door work.
We used my (I use it more than Jason so I think that makes it mine...) handy router (ha...I think that is what it's called-should have asked the real owner) to get around the beveled panels. I really think this will help when it comes time to stain...which I am getting really antsy about. I thought I should wait until we get closer to actually needing them and figuring out the entire look of our master bath...but after all of this work, I probably deserve to at least stain one to make sure I like it, right? Speaking of entire look...I actually do have a basic idea for the master bath, which is more than I can say for other rooms of the house...yea, I should probably just go for it.
Jason started framing the closet that is under the stairs.
And he also finished installing the plywood on the second floor, so no more booby trap holes!
This week, we plan to get the floor plan figured out so we can buy more stud boards and frame the walls up here soon! I think this may call for a night of sitting around thinking but not getting much else done! One of Jason's favorite past times.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Welders Celebrate Three Years

Wednesday, the Welders took the day off from their real jobs to celebrate their third anniversary. After a tasty, warm breakfast on a chilly morning, they headed to the reclaimed lumber yard they visited a while back. Since the hairline cracks in the slab drive the Welder crazy, he has decided to cover it with wood flooring...the Welding Wife thought the cracks added character...After it was all loaded up and paid for, the Welder was dirty so took a shower...
Actually, we went to look at marable. We are still in the planning phase of the master shower and vanity tops...we got a few samples but still have not decided. After a yummy lunch in a quaint cafe we stumbled upon during our trek (we had to park on the edge of town since we had the trailer), we visited Home Depot to do a little more research. Next, we took our barrel of glass to be recycled (first time and a good experience...very friendly workers) and then made a quick trip to the Restore. We stopped by our house (the one we live in) and grabbed the picnic basket before going to the Weld House to do a little work.
Yep, The Welders unloaded all 4,000+ pounds (each bundle weighed about 200 pounds) of the wood flooring. Since it will not be used for a while, we wanted to put it somewhere nice and neat. It took a while to figure out how to make this possible with the Welding Wife's scrawny arms...
But we did it!
(And the Welding Wife only got a few sore muscles, one cut (from the dang tape measure when trying to see if we could get it closer with the tractor), and several bruises.)
After working up an appetite, we relaxed and enjoyed our anniversary picnic
I have to say this was probably the simplest anniversary celebration we've had (not that there are that many to compare it to) but my favorite! Hanging out and enjoying the day with my best friend...
even though he is a big mess :)
Love you, honey.

All in a Night's Work

Tuesday evening, we began by unloading the gym. Sorry to those who inquired about the traveling gym service. My uncle needed his trailer back.Surprisingly, it all fit in the garage with walking room to spare.Then the guys got busy laying more plywood...while I sanded a door.

Just a few more holes to fill in!