Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One Less Booby Trap

Monday night while I worked on my favorite door project of all time, the guys framed the "box" around the top of the stairs. This will allow us to close off the top section of the house so we do not have to heat and cool it as often.
Don't step back, dad!
I think an old window in the back wall of the "box" would look really cute...hint, hint. I can also picture a library nook lined with book shelves to the right of the stairs (where Jason is.)
So there will be at door at the top of the stairs and the door to the left will be to get into the office.
Daisy found a nice warm tarp to cuddle with :) Tonight we are meeting a/c and heating guys so hopefully they can give us a plan for something a little warmer than a tarp!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Work up a Sweat

Saturday framing of the upstairs walls began. The back section will be a workout room. This is the door opening for the workout room.
Here the guys are building the wall for a closet.And here it is standing up. Yes, this closet is shorter than most and we will have to build or find a shorter door for it.
The Welding Wife worked really hard and so did Daisy. I have been a little under the weather so decided to take a nap in the warm sun. Door work was completed by mom and I on Saturday though.
And this is how it looked when we left on Saturday to go home to a tasty fish fry. It was so good!
Sunday after church the crew did more work. Mom and I continued working on this kids' closet door. It has been somewhat a pain...but we are getting there.
The guys did another closet in the workout room on the opposite side. Because of the angle of the ceiling, these areas are too short to walk so we thought we might as well use the area for storage and having walls there may help us not bang our heads :)
Then the guys built the office wall. It has two doors-one at the landing and another when you walk in to the right that lets you into the office.
Dad had to saw a notch in the wood for it to fit around the purlin and sit level.
Here they are connecting the office wall to the workout room wall.
A view from the stairs.
To end the day, the guys added the boards that will be part of the wall that will close off the first floor from the second. This may be partially built but for a while. We are keeping this open since we still have to get sheet metal and other materials to the second floor-big items that will not fit up the stairs. Walls are exciting! It really helps me visualize things easier.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Closing Up Shop

Sunday the guys sheeted and closed in the wall that the house and garage share. This is the door that goes from the garage into the kitchen.
Doesn't it look nice!?! Eventually the remaining garage walls will be covered with the same sheet metal to match.
Next, Jason and dad wired the garage loft for lights.
The guys also worked on the electrical for the balcony.
Then a scary looking woman with wild hair showed up, so we left. Hopefully she finished scraping this door :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Homes for the Holidays

Jason stumbled upon an opportunity to do a little house snooping, so Sunday we enjoyed a little adventure. We are very grateful to the super nice owners for opening their homes, letting us pick their brains, take pictures, and interrupt their day. We had such a fun time! Both homes are similar to the Weld House as they have steel frames, sheet metal and rock exteriors, with wooden interior walls.Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the exteriors of the homes...but here are some shots of the interiors. I apologize for the darkness as the sun was setting and my camera (or the operator) does not work well without a little natural light, but hopefully you can get the idea.As you can see in the background of these two pictures, the owners used sheet metal (maybe it's U-panel? Sorry the expert is not available to inquire) and attached cedar boards in the low sections of the tin. They had the cedar milled from trees off the property. I love this idea and think it added so much to the originality of the house.
Next, we have a few shots of the kitchen. More cedar was used for the cabinets and for a door that leads to the laundry room. I love the contrast of the black island against the cedar cabinets and the white farm house sink. I was also very impressed with the tin ceiling tiles...which were actually something else. I hope I get this right...they are actually tin sheets used for underpinning on mobile homes. It looks great and way to think outside the box! One of my favorite features...the island with the perfect place to keep all those cookbooks! Another idea we may have to steal (if we decide to put electricity to our island) is they ran the electrical wire up the pipes which also make a nice place to hang pots and pans.
Open shelving and glass cabinet doors add a nice touch to the oak butcher block style counter top and white, bead board back splash.
A close up of the cedar barn door.
Stocking holders placed on the edge of the stairs are a unique way to display stockings. Love, love, love the bench that was handcrafted by the owners' grandfather.
A shadow box of antique fishing lures "caught" Jason's eye.
Another one of my favorite aspects of the house-the hall light fixture, which came from the owners' grandmother's house. She had it rewired but the picture does not do it justice. It is very pretty and I wish you could all see it better!
A big cedar beam adds character to the corner while the dog wanders who are these weirdos flashing pictures...
Same area-different angle. Framing doors with cedar boards an idea I definitely want to incorporate in our house.
Another favorite...I know, I have a lot! The owners built this table, and I like it! Another picture that does not do the object justice...the old wooden tabletop has lots of character and is secured to the metal frame with over sized screws that add the perfect touch.

House #2-We did not know that we would get to go on two tours, but the owners' brother, who lives right up the hill, just recently finished building a steel framed house too! Boy did we feel privileged to get such royal treatment!
Hallway with old barn tin roof. You can kind of see how each door is framed with rugged wood-I like!
The living room incorporated barn tin walls that contrasts nicely with a wooden ceiling and wooden window frames.
Next, we have a few shots of the Coca-Cola kitchen/museum. Chicken wire pantry-very cute!
Coca-Cola stools look perfect against the wooden island with open shelving.
A Coca-Cola cooler (minus the Coke!) keeps drinks handy for loungers of the nearby Coca-Cola table.
A red sink complements the red and white tile back splash.This picture is looking from the living room with the kitchen to the left and up the stairs to the right. The owners' also used cedar milled from the property in different areas like the stairs.A view of the jukebox and side of the stairs.
This was a tricky photo to take, but this is one huge, upstairs room for one lucky daughter. The wooden ceiling is beautiful.
The only exterior picture...wish I would have taken more, but aren't those lights perfect? And the owner designed the beautiful wreath herself!
So I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as we did. Both of these homes were full of character, personal touches, and hard work that really make a house a home. We had a blast snooping around and listening to tales of other house builders' experiences. It was truly inspiration and motivation to keep on building.

Safety First

Saturday, Jason finished the safety rail for the garage loft.
A muscle woman assisted him in loading it on the trailer and then up on the scissor lift.
Jason took down a sheet of tin to get it up there.
All bolted in place and ready to save lives and it looks nice too. From this angle you cannot tell, but Jason also attached an electrical box for easy access to the light switch that will be installed in the future.