Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's Officially Fall!

 Hi.  It's me again.  Already!
We've had our morning shower.
 Completed our paper work.
 Lily is napping.
 Price is Right is noise in the background.
 The golf cart is parked outside the window.
 With the beautiful rains God blessed us with last weekend, we felt the hope we needed and hit the Lowe's clearance section and brought home another trailer of trees.
 I love this time of year.
 Most of these pics were taken when things were still brown and crunchy.
It was hot but we still had so much to be happy about-like Daddy's home!
 And Grandparents' Day visits and celebrations.

 Yep, that's my daughter snooping through old stuff :)

 She loves music and dancing...and dogs.
Rocking in the chair, watching TV and I'll think she is asleep when a catchy tune plays and I get a final shoulder shake before she drifts off to sleep.
Or a little "dayday" when a dog, puppy or any animal for that matter flashes on the screen.
 Still digging and now fixing her hair.
 And having her hair fixed and leaving it in sometimes.

 Staying with Grammie while mom and dad go to the dentist.
 Showing her aunt some of her favorite recipes.
 Taking BIG steps with Granny.
 Dancing the night away at Brandon's 30th Birthday party!

We're missing the kitties today while they are at their appointments.
I am sure Daisy will love the extra attention.
We hope your week is going great.
Happy hump day.

Friday, September 20, 2013

In No Particular Order...

 So it seems I will never get back in my consistent blogging groove.
Life has just been so full of so much goodness.
Here is an attempt to wrap up the end of July through August and even a little into September.
More recently, we spent the day at our annual family reunion.
 Fun games and sitting in the prizes!

 Dancing the night away (and stealing blankets)

 Riding any and everything
 Climbing on any and everything
 We definitely have daredevil on our hands.

 Swimming country style!
Lily loved it for the first time on her daddy's birthday (bottom right)-a good gift!
 She still hasn't loved her floating swimsuit or any floating device for that matter.
 Digging and getting into things is still her number one love.
 Helping Mommy
 Dressing up
 Bird watching (in the house!)
 Celebrating Daddy's Birthday

 New Kitties!
 Loving old doggies
Wondering who leaves that much ice cream in the carton!
And reading with the perpetrator
 Back to the cats
New cat #1.
Don given to us from Don
Was very stand offish but has warmed up tons.
 And Fred given to us from Fred.
Has been crazy and into everything from day one.
 They have an appointment to be neutered next week.
 Lily loves them both.
No surprise.
 Catching grasshoppers
 And playing some more
 Visiting and being visited
 Playing some more
 Climbing into every chair and only flipping them over every once in a while.
 Painting, crafting, woodburning, sanding, garage saling
 Because Bee Angels expanded!
As you can see, we've been living it up.
Enjoying each and every day, all of God's blessings.
We hope you've all been doing the same.
Hope to chat again soon but I can't make any promises :)