Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We've Been...

 Meeting babies smaller than Lily
 Hanging out with Grandpa
 Playing with kitties and wondering where they disappeared to.
 Shooting some hoops with Granny.
 Checking out a cute boy.
 Getting his attention
 And playing hard to get.
 Visiting friends
 Riding in big girl car seats.
 Sitting in interesting places
 Going on nature walks
 Bathing and washing the dishes at the same time
 Sharing blankets and copy catting
 Hanging out with Daisy
 Playing with cousins

 Riding with Papa and Grammie
 Trying to get a bite
 Walking in brown crunchy grass that just got a good rain.

 Playing in Granny's rain water buckets

 With a little guy that took his job of keeping Lily in the seat very seriously
 Drooling and getting dirty
 Working out
 Celebrating Grandpa's 60th Bday
 Helping him open his gifts.
 And enjoying Birthday ice cream!
And filling up the truck with goodies to work on for Bee Angels.
So that's the last new picture on this post so head over to Bee Angels blog to see a few of the things we've worked on so far by clicking here.
And I've also been working on Bee Angels' Facebook page.
I am probably one of the worst Facebook people ever so am really proud of my new header and for actually posting some of the pics I've been taking of stuff :)
Hope your week is off to a great start.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mommy's Helper

 Hi, it's me, Lily.
I thought since I help mommy with so many other things, I might as well help with a blog post too.
As you can see we've been pretty busy organizing our closets, cabinets, and shelves.
 I also help Mommy by feeding myself.
I love Granny's zucchini bread so I try really hard to only get a small amount on the floor.
Though sometimes Mommy wonders if I had any at all when she wipes down my chair and the floor.
 Helping Mommy put away leftovers is a real chore.
I know she doesn't like when I throw her glass containers on the floor, so today I handed her the glass ones so she could put them on the counter.
It was kind of fun and she said "thank you" so I might try that again next time or I might throw them on the floor again.
 At Granny's house I helped wipe things down while Mommy did the dishes.
 I noticed Mommy doesn't put anything in this dishwasher basket anymore so I thought I would move it out of her way.
 Packing for a camping trip is a lot of work.
 I've also decided to help with the recycling.
 And boy was Daddy surprised when I snuck in the shower to help wash his feet.
I really am not sure why Mommy does not have time for blogging...
With all my help, she should have loads of time.
Well, I have some important things to get back to so I'll blog at ya later.

Friday, July 12, 2013


 June was a busy month.
This post should wrap it up.
Three birthday parties and Father's Day plus all the other things I've forgotten.
But this post is to celebrate the wonderful men in Lily's life.
 First, Lily's daddy.
Lily is definitely a Daddy's Girl.
She loves him so much-and so do I.
We are two lucky gals.

Two wonderful Grandpas.

And a Great Grandpa.
 Yea!!  Happy Father's Day.
 And since this is a manly Father's Day post and men love boats, I'll also throw in a few pics from a boating trip we took with some friends.
 Lily had a fun time.
 Exploring the beaches while the others swam was her favorite part.

 Though a game of peek-a-boo was also really fun.
 Daddy liked the fishing.
And Mommy liked when Lily took a nap :)