Thursday, March 31, 2011

Get Out Of My Pants

Wednesday night I busily scratched away on the lockers. I am still not finished...but I at least got to the point where I feel like I will be done one day. Mr. Welder did more plug and electrical work. It was looking really good by the time I came in to take a shower. Wild wires everywhere! In case you haven't figured it out, I love wires and cords and things of that nature. And in case, you're not good at realizing sarcasm in the typed format, I'm being sarcastic :) Oh and my pants told me they are feeling like their space is being violated. Poor pants.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Brief Gardening Report

Tuesday when we pulled in the driveway, Mr. Welder noticed lots more rows of green in the garden. The beans, peas, and extra row of corn we planted are all coming up. Considering we've had no rain, I'm happy with how things are moving along. We have watered it with a sprinkler a couple of times, but not too much. So those are green bean plants above-ignore the weeds. Mr. Welder is not a hard core chopper like his father-in-law. The potato plants I also noticed that the dill seed I planted in a pot is coming up. I was so surprised and proud for some reason. I'm thinking I've had bad luck with potted seeds in the past-particularly herbs.
Just to give you an update, I have been sneaking in work on the lockers here and there and am moving along at a slow, tedious pace...but the end is in sight. I have another project I am really excited to start working on, but my goal is to get the lockers ready for Mr. Welder so he can get started on the mud area soon. We still have a few plugs that look like this upstairs.
Mr. Welder worked on a few of them...though with wires still hanging out everywhere, they still do not look finished. I think these boxes are for a combination of TV, phone, and speakers. And if I remember correctly the lovely wires hanging out are for those speakers that we just had to have...but probably never will! Our TV and stereo can both be heard throughout the entire house as it is. I told Mr. Welder we may finally put them in use during our golden years. We can hook up lapel mics and talk over the speaker system instead of yelling at each other when we're old and hard of hearing :) Not as glamorous a picture as jamming at dance parties and watching surround sound movies on a big screen...boy, am I fun or what?!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Fish Cakes

This weekend we decided to undo what we did last weekend. Not exactly, but a trench was dug and pipe was added to make it easier when it comes time to do electrical work in the shop before the plants get established. It was back to normal in no time. The Spring weather enticed us to take an afternoon boat ride.
And then we did some cattail cleaning for our neighbors. Mr. Welder helped our neighbor a little the weekend before but it was getting dark. I hope they like their surprise.
These guys were not too thrilled about us charging in on their homes though.
A night fishing trip ended with enough fish for a meal for Mrs. Welder!
And Sunday we celebrated my mom's birthday.
We love you, mom!

Friday, March 25, 2011


Friday morning I stopped by my mom and dad's house. Dad had a little stack of things for me including two bags of seed. We have one part of a row left in our vegetable garden so thought I'd plant a few of his extra squash seeds. I understood this first packet-yellow squash.
But this one threw me for a loop. Dad walked up and I asked, "What is 2 U Kinny?" Dad replied, "It's Snuffy Smith would do. Ha ha (in his funny laugh that is really funny.)" I laughed the whole way to work.
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The Welders have been ill with Spring Fever. We've planted a decent vegetable garden (I've shared a little of this but we've added a few more things, which I hope I can show off when it's a little more than seeds in the ground and a few plants) and have decided to focus on the backyard for the most part this year. We have visions of what we would like to eventually have in the front and may start getting the rock borders and soil ready, but we probably won't do much planting in the near future. Creeping Thyme
We also broke up two more plants this size and scattered it around the rock path. We're not sure the area gets as much sunlight as this plant likes, but for $5, we decided to give it a try. It's only been a couple days but so far it still looks good. We like that it's known for the aroma it releases when stepped I guess I don't have to scold Daisy and Herman when they walk on it, they're just helping freshen the air. Though this morning I noticed Daisy uses the rock steps. She's our little over achiever :)
(Puny) Cilantro and Parsley
I think the only things I haven't shown or mentioned are a native (so it should be easy and not require much water) bush we planted on the side of the house in front of the a/c units, a small lavender garden behind the veggie garden (seeds so I'll be really happy if they do anything), Morning Glory seeds along the fence behind the garden and an old tub we had of wildflower seeds. I'll keep you posted on the progress...I hope I have something to report! Though it's hard to quit...we've reached our spending limit for a while.
I do still have a few Aloe Vera plants I'd like to transplant-probably one in this empty bucket and we may come across more free clippings-like this Wandering Jew. Thanks mom. But no more trips to the green house because they are my weakness and I want one of everything and have to really practice self control.Another free favorite.
Grape Hyacinth from my mom's yard.
These bloom from bulbs so hopefully these cuties will visit us annually.
What does your garden grow?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Things that put a SPRING in My Step

Line dried laundry
Lazy Lounging
Outdoor projects
Blue skies
Dirt Digging
Tractor plowing
(What is different in these last two photos?)
Balcony breakfasts
Plant and seed shopping
Potted plants
Getting rid of the dried up Boxwood decor
And replacing it with fresh (and free) decor from the yard
Watching the Deciduous trees compete with the Evergreens
Brand new bright green leaves
Uncovering the hose bibs and putting the water hose to use
Rock pathways and flowerbeds with scrawny plants.
Happy Spring!

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Green Scene

Did you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Mrs. Welder had plans to work on a few items on the Weld House to-do list, but Mr. Welder distracted her with all things green...yes, she is easily distracted and easily entertained. Green salsa, green beer...
A green with envy Daisy peering from down below...
Who eventually joined the green balcony party.
We checked out the green potato plants that are sprouting
(And there's a green John Deere shot for you, Mark.)
Cute cows in the green pasture.
The Welders surveyed which green leaves were coming out, and Herman went to see if the situation was the same a little higher up. what this time of year is all about.
Green Quesadillas...
Orange you glad I'm not a banana.
That makes no sense, but remember knock knock jokes?
We hope you had a Happy St. Paddy's and didn't get pinched too many times.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Junk Yard

Thursday morning I said bye bye to the white yard ornaments on my way out the door. The multi gyms that were such a great deal, ended up not being what Mr. Welder actually wanted and getting them upstairs did not sound like much fun either. I'm happy to report they will be well loved and used at an apartment complex.
Discussions and planning have been taking place about the mud area but no final decision has been made nor has all the paint been removed, but we're making progress.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SINKing Feeling

Even after a trip to the grocery store and another stop, we still made it home before dark. That almost makes losing an hour of sleep worth it.
Here are the flowers I mentioned in my last post.
And one of the hanging baskets. They look kind of puny now, but I think they will get bushier.
The Gardenia bloomed too!
Wow, these smell sweet.
And here's the garage sink! If you knew the things Mr. Welder brings in the house to wash, you'd understand my excitement. This sink is extra special as it was my Great Grandparents'.
And a close up of the soap tray I mentioned last post. Mr. Welder discovered that this old tool tray fit perfectly and of course, I thought it was so cute.
Do you ever get a sinking feeling? Normally a shower is a relaxing experience but when you hear banging going on in the house, you never know what to expect when you get out. Yes, Mr. Welder was doing more work in his underwear...This area of flooring is where everything kind of meets since our floor plan doesn't have a dead end. With floating floors a gap is needed to allow the floor to expand and retract. Things turned out a little tighter than ideal in this area and as the warmer, humid weather has arrived, the floor was doing a little buckled up wave effect in front of this door way. I should have known every time that Mr. Welder walked by and stopped and bounced around on it that it would not stay as is...while I curled up with my new Country Living magazine, Mr. Welder provided background sawing, vacuuming, and banging. He got it all floating nice and back to normal by morning though.