Friday, April 30, 2010

To-Do List

Thursday, Jason took a day off from his real job with a to-do list in hand.
1. Plumbing in Kids' Bathroom
He completed more plumbing work, which included the addition of the drain and other pieces (that I do not know the names) in the bronze color that will match the fixtures for this room. I guess cleaning the tub was not on the list...
2. Master Bath Shower
More drain work complete.
3. Get balcony ready for cement
The edge was painted and a million or more screws and a few more pieces of tin were added to the balcony floor. Now it is all ready for cement, which we hope to have poured soon before the hot, summer months.
4. Medicine Cabinets for Master Bathroom
And more work was completed on the master bath medicine cabinets. (I realize it doesn't look much different, but it has sturdier boards on the outside and shallower boards for the shelves.) He has one more piece of wood to add to the front door that has the mirror before putting it all together.
Then, since you can never get enough of The Weld House, dad and I joined him after supper. I started on the last side of the last door!! They worked on getting the art room/bathroom ready for the tin roof and walls. First a few pieces of wood were added to the end wall.
And then the door openings were framed...that should be the last of the door framing-now if I just had the doors ready! Hopefully I will by the time we actually need them. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rub A Dub Dub

Wednesday, construction began on the bathtubs and showers. To begin, Jason grinded the cement down flat in the master shower. After gluing the pipes, setting the drain, replacing some of the dirt, he mixed some cement to add around the drain to hold it in place.
After gluing the pipes for the master bath tub, he moved to the kids' bathroom and completed the same steps.
And just when we thought we were safe, Jason spotted this Copperhead roaming right in the path of the passenger side door of the truck where Daisy and I would enter shortly! Wish these guys would just live somewhere else-even just out in the field opposed to right by the house. I guess this was our sign to never put our guard down and to invest in boots to supply our guests when we have backyard gatherings! The balcony might get used even more than we thought.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Rust Bust

Sunday Jason plowed and did clean up at The Weld House while I continued working on a door. That evening we visited two barns to gather materials that have been waiting on us. First, we got a few more wide boards that are similar to the ones we gained from our latest barn demolition. Though we are not sure where these boards will be used for sure at this point, we felt obligated to do our part in helping clean up our grandparents' place :)
Then we went to gather the tin we planned to use on our balcony ceiling...noticed I said planned.
After further inspection, we realized that the majority of the tin was rusted way beyond the "good rust" stage. We loaded it up anyhow, as we may be able to use a few pieces and will recycle the rest to help clean up for our other set of grandparents. Aren't they so lucky to have junk loving grandchildren :)
You win some, you lose some. Though we were a little disappointed in the tin outcome, we know something else will work out even better. And we always appreciate those who allow us to help get rid of their junk to give it a second life.

Pee Wee's Playhouse

Saturday the guys worked upstairs framing the walls for the bathroom and art room. Several components from the barn we tore down a few weeks ago were incorporated into the plan.
We hope to use a few cedar posts for our inside porch-think you may just have to wait to see pictures to make sense of that statement.
The old barn rafters were slightly reconfigured to be used for the ceiling.
And here they are after they were made the perfect fit!
Old boards from the barn were used as lathing for the roof.

And at the end of the day we had this playhouse that will house a half bathroom and art room.
In case you have not heard or seen any photos from the great door project, here is another. This should be the last door that is (now, was) still completely covered in paint. The light at the end of the tunnel!
And I have no idea why this is sideways but the guys sit and admire their hard work from down below on our newest seat.

Friday, April 23, 2010

You Say Pea, I Say Pee...

Thursday night after some yard work, Jason did a little prep work for the master bathroom shower. First, he chipped out the cement around the drain and dug down to the pea-trap. That is what he calls the bended piece of pipe that you can see in the first picture. I guess that is how you spell it? I don't see it trapping pee but maybe a pea...or maybe it's "P" which stands for something more technical? Anyhow, this piece of pipe will be glued to the straight piece of pipe and then several more steps will take place. Jason has been learning about all of this and explained it, but I will spare you for now, but may give more details if I end up with pictures to go along to help it make sense.
Then he busted out the wooden form boards.
Yours truly worked on removing paint from the huge door that will live at the top of the stairs one of these days. I know mom is glad to hear that since it means less stripping for her...yep, my mom is a stripper. Guess I am too. Have any plans for the weekend?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hey, Where Did You Go?

Wednesday, we turned our attention to the breakfast nook. To get things ready for the sheet rock ceiling, a 2x6 was added to the top of the wall.
Then plywood was added. We plan to have this wall rocked with the veneer stone we were graciously given over a year ago. How time flies!
Another step closer!
Then we had a discussion session. The creative juices were flowing and we came up with several ideas for the master bathroom. I am super excited and holding my breath that we will be able to sort out all the details and see our vision take form.
Waiting and waiting for Jason to come back with the square to draw a few lines to help us imagine the layout...I found him doing a little more work to the stairs. Easily distracted :) But then we moseyed on upstairs where we kept up the momentum and squared away a few more decisions for the office (yippee-we are finally getting somewhere on the idea for this room), game room, and gym. More visions, with more details to configure. Making the plan really is half the work!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Stair Stepping our Way to More Progress

Tuesday evening more work in the stair department was completed. This big board was cut to fit over the graffiti covered (thanks, dad), screw punctured board that is in charge of making the stairs sturdy.
A little liquid nail between the two boards, and then a few screws were added from the backside to hold it in place.
And then more plywood that will eventually be covered with barn wood was nailed.
We had a cleaning session to end the night. I still wouldn't eat off our floors or anything, but it sure does look much nicer after a pick-up and sweep job...and it is probably safer without the maze of a million tangled cords, rock chips, and wood scraps too :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Resting Place for a Pot Belly

Monday evening we arrived at The Weld House to see this site. We watched the show of rock fragments flying everywhere. And chisels being swung just centimeters away from fingers and thumbs making pieces that fit the puzzle just right. All in a day's work
Sorry to tell you sis, but you are going to have to work out a little harder if you want to be able to hide behind it :)
I love how it turned out. The wood burning stove will sit on the platform with a long pipe going up the middle. On each side, are rocks that will hold blocks of wood for a double mantle.
After we finished staring at the new addition, we put up some plywood around the stairs. We will eventually cover it with wood, most likely the same style we used on the wall in the master bedroom. And the age old paint, or not to paint?
The stairs feel so much safer with this wall!
We plan to also put plywood on the small wall on the side of the stairs (closest to the photographer) and make these walls match.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Not So Cute as a Boot

Sunday Jason trusted his life to the Welding Wife when he assigned me the task of tying his safety rope to the tractor. I tied a million knots since I am not a Boy Scout and have no clue what the trick is to keep it from coming undone...He made the trek up the roof.
Put on the boot. This keeps the water from coming in the house.
He sealed it with some NP-1 and screws and now we are ready to rock!
To celebrate, we took a break and splashed in a few puddles.
We had a late night planning session to discuss the different options for the rock platform/hearth. After we had the main idea decided, we hit the sack with hopes the rockers would come save the day with the skill and experience we lack :)
The project is expected to be completed by the end of the day Monday, and I can't wait to see it!

A Good Day to Cut a Hole in Your Roof

Saturday, the girls worked on taking out the nails from the barn wood we acquired last weekend.Jason hauled rocks closer to the house since the rockers were scheduled to start Monday on the hearth/platform for the wood burning stove. To get ready for the rockers, we had to take down a couple pieces of tin.
Cut a hole in the roof.
Install the chimney pipe.
Cut a hole in the tin and then put it back in place.And then we got to watch the rain trickle in :)
Even though it poured for a good part of the night, the bucket was only about half full the next day...when we returned to finish the project since the lightening/standing on a tin roof combination did not sound like Saturday night fun.
Wood all nice and neat and organized just waiting for its fate.
And to make the day complete, a little door on the floor since the guys were using the saw horses. When your addicted to scraping doors, you will get it any way you can.