Thursday, November 21, 2013


 This gal won't wear a bow, a clip, a hat...but she'll sport a piece of master flashing.
 Her partner in crime.
We've been getting ready for the cold weather coming this way by loading up the wood bin.
Break Time!
We hope you have time to take a break on this lovely Thursday!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Thankful the Halloween Pics are Up Before Thanksgiving!

 So here is a first...a post without words!
I have some projects to work on for Bee Angels so enjoy the pics and the silence!
And if your disappointed about my silence, click on the Bee Angels link above for a little short story to hold you over-ha.
Happy Friday!

Friday, November 8, 2013

More Life with Lily

 I know some of you are waiting on Halloween pics.  They are coming soon.  For now, just a few random photos and thoughts.
Things that melt my heart, make me proud, and put a smile on my face: (And no, most of these do not go with the pictures...)
 When Lily grabs a piece of sandpaper or anything that resembles sandpaper and starts sanding on whatever random piece of furniture is in the area.  Momma is always sanding on something for Bee Angels!
 Lily's love of pushing.
She pushes the cats in her stroller, she pushes the grocery cart, she pushes her big ol'  momma on her tricycle...
 How she sorts through old dishrags and towels as if they are fine linens-all dainty-like-until she starts throwing them everywhere.
 When she gets her way and instead of going to bed, she gets a bike ride from daddy and every time she drives by mommy she smiles big and laughs.
 How she giggles and runs through the long towels, jeans and blankets hanging on the clothes line.
 Stretching in the morning.
One morning while having breakfast, I stretched.
Lily liked this and kept groaning and stretching to get me to and now this is a random breakfast practice.
 How the toilet is perfectly positioned for banging the sitters leg with the cabinet door.
 I let Lily get into lots of stuff, but most toilet paper is out of reach, and when she finally gets a little piece she pretends to wipe herself.
 When she gives sugars.
 How much she loves her daddy.
 How strong and determined she is.
 When I catch her playing with her baby doll.  She hugs her and makes her feet walk.  One night right before bed, she had her sitting on her lap watching TV like we do together.
Lily, I love you.