Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Table For Your Coffee

Welcome to the Welder's Wood shop.  As Mr. Welder has been diligently working on the coffee table, I've been spying and taking pictures.
And every once in a while I get to help hold something.
For the tabletop, he decided to use Pecan wood.
First, he uses the table saw to rip the boards to the correct width.
Then he moved over to the joiner, which planes the edges you can join the boards together.  Get it??
(See that big, green vacuum deal?  That's one of Mr. Welder's Christmas gifts.  I think that's a sign he's a serious woodworker...or on his way to becoming one after we get the hoses to put it into action.  It's a dust collector so we can be spiffy.)
The next step is deciding on the order and direction of the boards.
Marking the boards.
A biscuit joiner is used to make slots for the biscuits.
Biscuits inserted and wood glue applied.
And the next board is joined by sliding the biscuits into its slots.
After repeating the process a few times, the tabletop is clamped to dry overnight.
 When I caught back up with woodworker, he had already attached the top to the base.  I did learn that he does this in a fancy way where no screws are visible.  It's not top secret or anything, I'm just not always available to be the paparazzi.  The final step before staining and sealing the top was sanding.  Next time I mention this table, it should be finished and it will probably have its own photo shoot for the etsy shop.
 Progress is also being made on the greenhouse.  It was too dark for photos, but a couple more posts were cemented in the ground.  And we worked on building the first truss.  As in Mr. Welder worked and I took pictures.
 Making it sturdy...Mr. Welder style.
Here's the first one.
Glad you could hang out in the wood shop with us.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Two Whittled Pegs and a Funny-Looking Barkless Tree

 What the heck is this, you ask?  It's my Christmas present.  I know you're jealous. 
 I know you're also jealous that your gift did not result in you standing in the frigid weather, holding up a pole, freezing your hiney off, running back and forth to the house, taking off boots, hat, scarf, and jacket to check on your Chex mix (did you know you have to bake it for 1 hour and 15 minutes and stir at every 15 min. interval!) while your hubby measured, leveled, and cemented. 
Merry Christmas to me.
I am completely picking on Mr. Welder...and since I've started, I might as well go on a tad bit more.  His mom has always been known as not being that great at keeping gifts a secret.  For example, you'll be tearing into the package and it's like she can't take it any longer and you'll end up knowing what you're getting right before you open it.  As I wrote that though...I think she might be improving...and it's worn off on Mr. Welder. 
It was a couple days before Christmas and he already had the holes dug and the posts standing upright-similar to the first picture in this post.  I looked out the backdoor one morning (without my glasses) and just noticed the different color "tree" in our little mini forest.  I asked Mr. Welder if that tree looked weird to him, like the bark was gone.  I left it at that.  Later he took me out to have a closer look and he asked me what I thought it was going to be.  I really had no clue, but guessed a deal to put our picnic table under.  He told me that wasn't right and then went on to tell me what it was going to be.  He just couldn't keep the secret until Christmas.  He is building me a greenhouse/potting shed!  On Christmas morning he did draw a picture and give more details...and that afternoon his gift arrived by mail on the back patio with a big sticker letting him know what it I guess we both could use improvement on the surprise factor. 
In summary, I think my gift is going to be really cool and cute and of course, I'll show you progress along the way.
 Here's a picture of Mr. Welder's gifts to make the men readers out there jealous...not sure there are any men readers-my dad doesn't do the internet-ha.  We have everything we want and get spoiled by our parents in the gift department, so we agreed this year not to buy each other gifts. I wanted something under the tree so bought a few snacks that we'll share.  He had a few things marked in a woodworking catalog so that's what arrived by mail the day before.  And he needs clothes, but is hard to shop for, so that can be a date night.  Oh, I also got him some Bubba teeth...and silly putty to hold them in.  I guess he was already playing with those when I took this picture.
My stocking had a sweet card, 2 pegs, and my ornament.  We give each other an ornament every year.  You'll have to wait to see Mr. Welder's.  This year while making items for Bee Angels, he helped spray paint the tops of a bag of ornaments for a project I was doing.  This one ended up in his pocket...and then as my yearly ornament.  He was proud that he did not have to spend any money on it.  Yes, we are cheap, and so I was proud of him.  The pegs...well, you may remember he stole them from me a while back.  They were for this project that I never finished.  The ironic thing is, the project was for my "potting shack."  Remember when we moved that little shed for my birthday a few years ago?  Well, Jason's tractors always ended up in the shed.  I did keep pots in it, but never fixed it up how I wanted.  So, (if I can find all the other pieces), maybe I'll finally be able to finish the peg project for my potting shed in progress.
After opening all those gifts, I was exhausted.  Make yourself comfy, Herman.
I hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours.
Did you get everything you wanted?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Down the Right Path

 Mr. Welder mentioned he started working on a path to the shop.  When I got home and looked out the bathroom window, I was shocked at how cute it was.  Not because I don't have faith in my hubby (heck, the flowerbed wall he did was impressive) but it was just different than I was expecting.  We did a simpler one from the back porch to the driveway, which I like, so I guess that is what I thought this one would be similar to.  I like when he tries to show off his skills.

 We took a break to see a little Shepherd...
 Mr. Welder finished the path and filled it all in with sand.  Now we need a rain to wash it between the stones so you can see their cuteness again.
And speaking of rain, we started putting the gutter on the shop.  This is gutter we had leftover from when we had it installed on the house.  We had to alter it a tad but it was free.  We still only have one section completed, but eventually we plan to catch rainwater in a tank to water our garden.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

 I haven't figured out if it takes a week worth of pictures to have enough news to report or if it's due to the fact that I only find the time to sit down once a week to post...but here is another weekly update.  We've been getting ready for Christmas and enjoying the festivities.  Our very own family Frosty.
 Sometimes the hustle and bustle of the season gets to Herman...
 I finally fluffed and added bows to our window wreaths.  My plan was to make bows out of burlap but I used all I had for our tree skirt so I used this ribbon I found on clearance for 57 cents almost 57 years ago.
 The Santa collection.
Not the reason for the season...but I like the old ones so have a little collection.
 A glimpse at the table that sits by our tree.
 The stockings hung with care.
 The reason for the season...and my clock I don't think I ever showed you.
 Our Christmas card display
 And making an appearance again is the mini tree with kitchen gadget ornaments.
 Mr. Welder finished the table, so we hauled it around the yard and had a photo shoot.
 It is so beautiful, I want to keep it.
We've been leaning towards selling on etsy, so I'll let you know if/when we ever open a shop.
 Since we probably need more than one item to open a shop...Daisy hung out by the heater,
 And Mr. Welder got busy on the next item. 
 I slept walked and took the clothes off the line.  Actually, I'm asking Mr. Welder why he is about to take a picture of me.  "Because I need more pictures of you."  So, here is one of me at my finest.
 When it got dark out, I wandered outside to see how it looked.  Simple, kindy of scrawny, but sweet.
 My favorite is always the tree in the window.
I guess this is another "I need more pictures of you" pictures.  Really?  You could at least wait until I got dressed and did not have bed head. And on that note, I'll have to end this post.  You probably can't stand anymore.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What's Up With the Welders

Why has my blogging been lacking lately?! 
It's not because we've been lounging around watching TV and eating popcorn-though that sounds inviting.
Mr. Welder has been busy building this farm table...and this photo is not the most up-to-date version, but I guess it's all I've taken.  He's in between houses right now (waiting on banks, paperwork, and all of that fun stuff) so decided he needed a project to keep his handy hands busy.  The top kind of pulls it all together if you can imagine will eventually be for sale in case you're in the market for something similar...or something not similar and you want to talk to Mr. Welder about building your dream project :) 
We call this part of the business Weld House Wares.
 He also built this table he uses in conjunction with his table saw.  Is it weird that I almost like this table as much as the farmhouse one?  Push the junk off to the side and drag it into one of those fabulous Restoration Hardware photo shoots, and it's quite glam...I might have to get him to build one for our game room whenever we get around to finishing that room up.  When I daydream about that room I go in between the fishing lodge look and the industrial look.  May the cheapest option win!
 We've also been putting ornaments on the tree...and a few gifts under it since this photo was taken.  I haven't taken any pictures of the rest of our minimal decor this you'll have to hold your breath for that one.
 A little wild hog watching has been taking place.
 And more star making...
 And crafting by the fire...
 We are right in front of the fire but my sister likes wearing her hood.  Thanks to her, we had a very productive ornament session just in time to restock.
 I made three the night before when I worked alone.  I did start a couple hours later, but still, four hands are better than two!  Thanks, Seester!
And since that picture was taken before they were strung or had their toppers, and since I did not have time to take a picture before they made their journey to Bee Angels, here's an older picture that gives you a better idea of the finished products...and also shows off one of the cute stockings my mom handmade.  All available for purchase at Spice Village.  Sorry this post has turned into a commercial for Bee Angels/Weld House Wares :)
Saying that, I am so thankful for the customers and support you (along with those non-blog, they don't know what they are missing-ha) have given us this year.
Your friendship, your patronage, your advice, your referrals, and your encouragement are deeply appreciated.
So don't you forget it.
We hope your Christmas season has started off lovely.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Deck the Halls

 Well, we've already cranked up the wood stove.  I think Herman might love it even more than I do.
And we got our Christmas tree.
  Unfortunately, a few days later, it still doesn't wear any ornaments and tubs and boxes still clutter the living room.  After the tree almost fell over, leaning just enough to spill half the water,  Jason waddled around the tree with his hurt foot and the lights were strung.  I situated the tree skirt just right before we decided the tree was still on that lean, so we got it upright, but decided to call it a night.  And we haven't been home since.  Instead of blogging about it, I better get going so we can finish tonight.  It's already pretty dark out but will show you our 2011 decor eventually. Have you decorated yet?